How to Write a Fundraising Case Statement ?

A case statement plays a significant role for every fundraising campaign. It is meant to captivate readers in order to gain supporters and donors for the given program management. A case statement should inform donors of the benefits that may be attained from the success of a cause. This may be presented in various forms, such as simple brochures, annual reports, and even websites.

Tips for Writing Your Case Statement

  • Use clear and compelling language. Your management statement for the case should answer the question why. Talk about what may be attained with the donation given.
  • Use the word “you”. This promotes individuality, in which a donor may consider it as a calling.
  • Provide statistical data. Data based on facts will help support the need statement for your cause.
  • Avoid using jargon. Your readers are composed of diverse individuals. They must be able to understand your cause without knowing much about your organization.

How to Create a Case Statement for Nonprofit Fundraising?

In writing a case statement to attract donors, it’s important to look at things from a donor’s perspective. This would involve answering possible questions that a donor may have in mind.

First, state the need for such fundraising proposal. You can’t be too broad with this. Telling your audience that you wish to “help the poor” sounds too generic. Be specific with your cause and support it by gathering statistical data, survey questionnaire, firsthand testimonies, and expert opinions. You need to let your potential donors understand the positive outcome that may be brought by your actions. All of these may be presented by giving your readers a mental image of what you’re trying to convey. The length of your case statement won’t matter, but it’s best to keep it concise.

What Should You Avoid in a Case Statement?

Keep in mind, your capability statement for the case is also written for your donors and supporters, not solely for your own internal environment. Some case statements can be too long as well, making it lose its essence. Avoid being too redundant but instead, make it straightforward and easy to understand. Additionally, try not to make a complete and set quality plan, as donors may want to be involved in the development of the plan.

The Role of the Case Statement in Fundraising

A case statement plays a significant role in the internal and external aspect of an organization.

For the internal environment, it allows members of organizations to stay focused on the vision statement, mission statement, and value statements that have been set. This will let them understand the important roles that each member plays in the development of a project plan.

For the external environment, on the other hand, the case invites the public to support a given cause in order to address a growing need. The public needs to be made aware of societal issues that exist in the world today. The organization would also need to inform potential donors how they could play a part in fulfilling a scope statement for the mission. It’s also essential to specify the entities that will benefit from such donations.

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