How to Write a Job Searching Personal Statement

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

How to Write a Job Searching Personal Statement

A personal statement is a written statement typically written as a requirement of an application to an educational institution or for a job. Personal statements often include a person’s achievements, qualities, interests, experiences, smart goals, etc., which gives him/her an advantage over the other participants.

Applicants typically write personal statements with the main aim of convincing the admission committee to grant his/her application. He/she basically enumerates his/her qualifications which make him/her fit for admission. In most cases, a personal statement determines the outcome of a sample application.

What to Include in a Personal Statement

So you’re writing a personal statement to include in your job application requirements. You badly want to get the job so you want to write a good composition. Here are the basic things you need to include in your personal statement:

  • Basic know-how of the company and the position you are applying at.
  • Why the position caught your attention.
  • Reasons for applying.
  • Skills, knowledge, attributes, qualities making you fit for the position (including those which give you advantage over others).
  • A few experiences qualifying you to the job.
  • Contributions you can provide the company.
  • Career goals and plans.
  • Other important details relevant to your free application.

Dos and Don’ts in Writing a Personal Statement


  • Establish a basic knowledge about the company you are applying at. State where you found out about the company and what urged you to apply for a position in such company.
  • Explain why they should hire you. State the things that make you qualified for the position, especially your advantages among other applicants. Share a few inspiring stories to inform your employers the experiences that make you qualified for the position.
  • Inform your readers about your career goals. Discuss your career plans, and how you want to make them take part in achieving such quality plan.
  • Organize your ideas and writing. You need to first organize what you want to write. You can create an outline example in word of points you want to include in your personal statement.
  • Make sure your readers understand you. Use simple words and phrases.
  • Keep your statement brief. Shorten your value statements and sentences into a few simple words.
  • Be polite, positive, and professional. From the beginning until the end, you need to keep a professional tone. And, despite some uncertainties you might have, stay polite and positive.
  • Be confident. Confidence will surely catch the attention of your readers. But do not overdo it.
  • Proofread your work. Never submit a draft.


  • Use overly vague statements. Vague statements are guaranteed to confuse your readers.
  • Overuse quotations and cliches. Using too many quotations and cliches will not impress your readers. It’s called statement example in word regarding personal for a reason: you need to share your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Write a diary entry. Avoid writing overly personal, emotional or biased statements example in pdf. Also, mind your tone and language.
  • Include negative remarks. Avoid spreading negative energy to your readers, if you feel the need to write about your flaws, write in a positive way.
  • Lie or make anything up. Employers have their way of finding out whether you are telling the truth or not, so be honest.

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