Wedding Damask Save the Date

Last Updated: May 27, 2024

Wedding Damask Save the Date

So since you are already reading this article, it’s safe to assume that he has already popped the question and that you’ve already answered “yes,” yes? Surely you have been on endless phone calls informing friends and family members that you’ve finally found The One! Well, all that sounds good but there is one task that you need to accomplish before the flurry of wedding preparations and pre-wedding events eat you up.You may also see Reunion Save the Date Invitation Designs

Distributing wedding save-the-dates are the very first task of every bride (and groom). Yes, honey, even shopping for a wedding gown only comes second to this. After you’ve cried with your parents and your best friend over this amazing news, pull yourself together and start informing other people! That is, if you want to actually have guests on your wedding.You may also see baby shower save the date designs

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously send save-the-dates right away:

1. Save-the-dates are also a more formal way of announcing your engagement.Something as big and important as this event should be announced the right way. And, no, honey, you can’t just send emails. Where’s the effort in that?

2. Save-the-dates can also introduce your wedding theme. Of course you can’t send a nautical-themed save-the-date only to send out a floral wedding invitation! The two should match. So if your husband-to-be and you have already decided on a wedding theme, use that to inspire your save-the-date. Plus, if your save-the-date already looks amazing, your guests will look forward to your wedding invites even more.

3. Show off an adorable picture of you and your fiance. Brag about that love, honey. Not everyone has what you have. Also, your family and close friends would melt seeing a photo of you and your beau radiating happiness. If you’ve had an engagement photo shoot prior to sending out save-the-dates, the better. You can use those photos as some sort of wedding teaser.You may also see Rustic Save-the-Date Designs

4. Save-the-dates can help you finalize your guest list. Of course, if you’re sending someone a save-the-date, it already means that you’re planning on inviting them to the wedding! By having a list of people to send your save-the-dates to, you already pretty much have a rough guest list. However, this may still be subject to change since not everyone you send your save-the-dates to can come to your wedding and you may change your mind about inviting some people later into the wedding preparations, but at least you have a general idea. You may also see wedding announcement designs.

5. Save-the-dates can warn your guests on future expenses. Weddings are also an expensive affair for the guests, especially those who live overseas or anywhere that will require a travel budget. By sending your save-the-dates as soon as possible, your guests can have the chance to save money, not only for the transportation but also for the wedding gifts and their wedding attire. Plus, it can give them the chance to book plane tickets ahead. You may also see bridal shower label designs

6. Save-the-dates can make your upcoming wedding more real. Sometimes, when a really good thing happens to us, it may feel surreal especially in the beginning. Getting married may be a thought, a concept, that you are still getting used to. Save-the-date cards are a tangible proof that, yes, it’s finally happening!

7. Save-the-dates can start the wedding noise. Endless talks about your upcoming wedding can be prompted by save-the-dates. Tell people the good news and let them pass it around. Your close friends are probably as excited as you are, so let them create some buzz. Let your relatives feast on you and your husband-to-be. The wedding craze will not be complete without your insane noise makers.You may also see free wedding menu designs

Black and Ivory Damask Save the Date

Black and Ivory Damask Save the Date

Handmade Damask Save the Date


Vintage Damask Wedding Save The Date Card

Vintage Damask Wedding Save The Date Card

Lace Vintage Damask Save the Date Example


Pearl Damask Save the Date Card


What Not to Do with Your Save-the-Dates

This is something that you are only going to do once in your life, so you better do it well. Here are a few things you should absolutely avoid:

1. The first thing you should avoid is not sending save-the-date cards. No one really requires you to create these things and distribute them before sending out your invitations, but you owe it to yourself and to your guests to do it anyway. Some people may tell you that these are completely unnecessary and, not to mention, impractical but you need to tell your guests ahead of time that their presence is highly wanted in your celebration. Imagine a wedding without all the important people in your life because they couldn’t come because they did not have enough time to clear out their schedules for you. Yes, your wedding is going to happen without them but they are important to you and you to them. Save everyone the pain of not seeing each other on your wedding day by sending out save-the-dates.You may also see wedding gift card ideas.

2. Do not send save-the-dates too late because it just defeats their purpose. You are supposed to send them to inform people of your upcoming wedding date so that they can have ample time to postpone all their other engagements on that day for you. If you send them too late, how can they have time to take care of the things needed to be done just so they could be available on your wedding day?

3. Do not send the save-the-dates too early either because you will have to include specific details into your card such as the date (of course) and the venue. Now, if you send your save-the-dates, say, a year early, then you probably have not finalized the details yet. You wouldn’t want to give your guests fixed details only to change them later on (unless it’s unavoidable). Before you give these away, make sure the details are already set in stone, or something even harder. This is so your guests can avoid the confusion that venue and date changing may cause.You may also see wedding thank-you greeting cards.

4. Do not send save-the-dates to people you are doubtful about inviting because once you have sent them a save-the-date, they will automatically expect that an invitation will follow. After that, they will come to your wedding and you can no longer do anything about it. So think hard about the people indispensable to your wedding ceremony and prioritize them. Those you are doubtful about can wait. Nothing about this wedding should be a half-hearted attempt at decision-making.You may also see personalized wedding designs

5. Don’t be too extravagant with your save-the-date. This is only a formality so you can inform your guests about the good news, so don’t overdo it. Your save-the-date should be at least only a quarter as grand as your wedding invitation. It should not outshine the other.You may also see wedding banner designs.

6. Don’t send purely electronic save-the-dates. In fact, if it can be helped, don’t send electronic save-the-dates at all. (However, since these are cheaper, it is completely understandable if you go with them instead. But if you do, at least include a handful of printed ones.) As aforementioned, our goal is to do this thing right and electronic anything is banned from the list. Plus, don’t you love the idea of relatives and friends turning your save-the-dates (and even invitations) into keepsake? Doesn’t the thought of it make all the effort of designing and the added expenses worth it?

7. Don’t forget to write the exact names of the invitees. For example, you are planning to invite your aunt and uncle who have six children in their name. To  avoid confusion, include the exact names of the recipients on the envelope. If you only intend to invite your aunt and uncle, minus the kids, then avoid writing “Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Family.” Instead, go for “Mr. Donald Smith & Mrs. Aubrey Smith” to show that you only intended to invite the couple and not the whole household.You may also see wedding thank-you postcard designs

8. Do not include a wedding registry on your save-the-date cards. Again, this is only to notify people about your wedding and to tell them that the wedding date should be cleared for the occasion. This is not the time to ask for gifts. That can be provided later on. You may also see invitation design.

Classic Damask Save the Date Example


Circular Damask Save the Date Example


Weddings are actually unnecessary if you really think about it. You and your groom can get married anytime, anywhere. You don’t need a fancy, expensive wedding ceremony to get married. The city hall nearest you can do that in minutes! But why do we choose to spend money on this occasion?

Because weddings are a perfect excuse to have everyone you love in the same room as you and your future husband. This is, after all, the reason why we hold big weddings. Because we want our loved ones, as many as the venue can fit, to be there, witnessing one of the most important days in our life.Save-the-dates can help us make sure that the people we want present on our big day can really come and see us take our first walk into marriage.You may also see wedding card designs.

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