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People tend to forget. You may also like examples of invitation design. People come and go in most people’s lives but that doesn’t mean their relationship will be truly gone with the wind after they separate from each other.

Classmates from elementary years to high school years all come and go, but after many years or so, they come back again together on reunions. Aside from schoolmates, sometimes families must need to come together and celebrate their diversity and love for each other. If you’re planning for a reunion of any type, find out how making a save-the-date invitation is useful and efficient for your reunion. You may also see invitation email examples & samples.

Sample Reunion Invitation

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Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Save the Date Party Invitation Template

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Get Together Invitation

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Size: 6×4 inches ,5×7 inches + Bleed


What are Save-the-Dates?

Usually, save the dates are a simple card. But these kind of cards should not be boring; it must be unique and memorable. The more memorable it is the better.  One of the clever things people have started to do is making a customized family reunion save the date magnets. These serve multiple functions:

  • They are cool looking decorations for the refrigerator.
  • They provide a constant reminder of your reunion because everyone visits the fridge frequently during the day and night.
  • They serve as a souvenir to remember the event.

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When Do You Send Save-the-Date Invitations?

Sending invites to people should be done when the event is near. The reason for this is because if you send invitations months before the actual event, people might think of excuses not to attend, especially when many people plan vacations months ahead. So, the perfect thing to do is to send it as soon as possible. Also there are factors you need to address, such as:

  • How many people are attending
  • How far away family members are
  • The time of year your reunion is occurring

However, if you have a lot of out-of-stat or out-of-the-country family, then you may want to get save the dates sent between 6 months to 1 year. Don’t forget that when you send your save-the-date announcements this far before, then we suggest you follow up with everyone every couple of months to keep it on their radar.

Colorful Save the Date Reunion Example

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Class Reunion Invitation Design Example

1. Save the date cards can also create nostalgia

Use the save the date cards to remind people what’s special about your batch. Make a list of significant people and events from your graduation year: A sports team that won a regional or state championship, or any achievement in the academic field or extra-curricular activities, or any off the wall experiences happened during your final year in high school or college.

A simple trip down memory lane can stir memories and make people want to reconnect with the classmates who shared those memories. You may also see examples of graduation invitation design.

Another strategy you can do is to get your classmates’ interest with a simple teaser message, such as: “Remember who was voted Most Likely to Succeed? Most Popular? Best Athlete? Let’s see if you can still remember them.”

You can even accompany your message with photos scanned from the yearbook and arranged it on your save-the-date card. Be sure to include everyone in the photo: A class picture is highly suggested for you to use.

2. Brings back lots of memories

Pop culture is a unifying theme you can use to create nostalgia for your graduation year. Gather facts about what happened in the world that year: some trends that were so popular but died out quickly in the following years, some pop artist who was big at that time.

A social or cultural phenomenon, or anything that happened at that time that can be identified during the year you were together with your batch mates. This kind of tactic will surely entice your batch mates to join the reunion. You may also check out event invitation examples.

3. Send a Clear Message

In addition to the reunion date, your save-the-date card tells people what they will expect and give the appropriate contact information. Save-the-date cards are usually a simple information of the date and telling the recipient to expect further communication.

If possible, include information on all social networking media devoted to reunion planning such as your reunion website URL (if any), a Facebook events page or group chat in Messenger. Don’t forget to include a contact name, email address and phone number, followed by a request to update outdated or incorrect mailing and contact information. You might be interested in invitation flyer designs & examples.

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Reunions in Real Life

Although reunion are supposed to be an enjoyable and memorable experience, there are problems that may come up; both in high school and in families. Such examples are:

  • Ambivalence about attending a reunion
  • Difficulties in attending a reunion
  • Lack of commitment to organize or implement a reunion

And sometimes, attending reunions can present psychological, financial, and logistical problems. Although that is not the intention of such reunions; these problems can happen. This is due because of everyone being busy with their own lives. Some, unfortunately have issues from their past high school experiences that they have not yet resolved.

Reunions often bring up memories that people have already forgot and some of them don’t want to bring it up anymore. Some may be even feeling self-conscious of themselves since it is highly likely that there will be comparisons of their batch mates. You may also see examples of wedding invitation design.

On the other hand, high school reunions can be eye-opening. People usually develop wisdom and maturity as they age. Encountering  former classmates and recalling old memories, both good and bad, help them gain better insight into who they are now and how they got there.

School reunions can also be fun. It is the perfect time to revisit the past times; or as many people would like to refer as the good, simpler times. They reminiscence about people they knew as well as their mutual history in such things like music and historical events. Sometimes, people attend reunions to renew old friendships and relive the fun and feelings they had in high school.

Another kind of reunions are family reunions. This type of reunion can also be psychologically and educationally fulfilling because:

  1. They bring together relatives who have never met and demonstrate the extensiveness of one’s realm of relatives.
  2. They encourage communication among extended family members after the reunion period.
  3. They provide educational opportunities for the various generations to learn about the members of their clan and pass on historical information and lessons they obtained in their experiences. You may also like holiday invitation examples.
  4. They celebrate the meaning of family by sharing memories and family rituals as well as encouraging a sense of belonging to something greater than your nuclear family.

Another type of reunion is one where long-time friends physically get together and reconnect. Even though we live in an era where connecting with someone digitally is easy and cheap as ever, there is no substitute for the physical presence and the period they spend together.

The opportunity to engage in conversations that are not time restricted and the person being physically present encourage deeper communication. Even mundane activities, like going for a walk or taking a long drive, can stimulate the friends to reminisce or discuss their feelings and thoughts beyond a much superficial level. You may also check out birthday invitation designs & examples.

Reunions with old friends will bring up people and issues of their past. Such friends may recall memories of you, your family members, and other people you knew, as well as events that happened to you. A reunion with friends is different than high school or family reunions.

This reunion involves friends who have known you for a long time and have seen you through an entirely different perspective compared to your former classmates or relatives. You might be interested in baby shower invitation examples.

The perspective of long-time friends can be very enlightening. They may not only reveal information about you and how you all have changed, but also similar information about your friends. Discussing and knowing this can lead to greater intimacy and respect for one another.

Tips for a Successful Reunion

Reunions of any kind are not always easy to arrange because of the cost and managing details. In order to increase attendance, try to do the following:

  • Keep costs low to accommodate most people’s budget.
  • Encourage people to submit ideas and preferences for activities.
  • Look for convenient places and times where as many people as possible can attend.
  • Devote most of the time to activities that promote connection among the attendees especially, those that focus on sharing old and making new memories.
  • Attend with the plan to not come up unpleasant events or topics.
  • Find people you like and care about.

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Reunions can be highly valuable to everyone’s own well-being. For those who want to learn more about themselves and make stronger connections with others, reunions can be a powerful channel for accomplishing this.

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