Wedding Banner

Last Updated: June 18, 2024

Wedding Banner

Who needs a fairy godmother when you can whip up your own dream wedding with the right attitude and mind-set in place? Using several types of wedding banners is a great way to make your event look organized (and polished) for guests to appreciate. You may also see event banner examples.

With the right design tips and ideas, you’re sure to come up with the perfect wedding banner design in no time!

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Banner Example

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Banner

Wedding Roll-Up Banner Example

Wedding Roll-Up Banner

3-Set Wedding Banner Example

3-Set Wedding Banner

How Beautiful Banners Are Taking the Wedding World by Storm

Weddings are a time of celebration for both the bride and groom, eating and dancing the night away surrounded by the utmost love and support from family and friends. Given how this special day can only come once in a lifetime for the loving couple, every single detail must be taken into account.

For most soon-to-be-married couples, browsing through the Internet and various Pinterest boards is a great way to gain inspiration for the event. Apart from floral arrangements, table settings, and wedding invitations, there’s one staple piece that every wedding ceremony and reception should never go without: the wedding banners.

Using attractive banners and signs during special occasions is a helpful way to welcome guests, guide them through the venue, clue them in on event details, and keep them informed on even the smallest details that they might need to know about. And while basic paper banners and signs are enough to get the job done, seeing this as an opportunity to get creative will definitely add to the overall ambiance of your event.

So if you’re looking for some banner designs to spice up your wedding, try one of these fantastic banner design ideas to create the perfect displays for your special day.

1. Bachelorette Banner Display

The bride-to-be experience would never be complete without a bridal shower or a bachelorette party planned out by the bride’s honorable bridesmaids and girl friends. You can get creative (and silly) with suggestive catchphrases and wild illustrations that are enough to get people wiping tears from their eyes caused by excessive laughter. You may also see pop-up banner designs & examples.

For quirky parties like these, a sturdy vinyl banner works wonders both indoors and outdoors, surviving even the most high-spirited guests and their pops of champagne.

You could also use these banners as a backdrop for your stage, or perhaps even your photo booth. You can print classic album shots of the bride and groom to create colorful backdrops that would look great on those tagged photos and videos. Not only will this make a wonderful decor, but it will also highlight the essence of the event for everyone to remember. You may also like roll up banner examples.

2. Welcome Banner

Often considered as one of the first things that guests are likely to see, setting up a welcome banner is a thoughtful way to greet guests at the entrance of your wedding venue. This will give friends and family a tiny peek at what’s in store, leaving a lasting impression that’s sure to be remembered. And since first impressions can greatly impact the whole mood of the event, crafting a sophisticated welcome banner will definitely give the eyes something to look at. You may also check out sale banner designs and examples.

Just Married Wedding Banner Example

Just Married Wedding Banner

3. Directional Banner

Many wedding ceremonies and receptions are held at larger locations that guests might not be familiar with. For instance, extravagant weddings usually accommodate a huge number of people at rented mansions and beach resorts. So imagine being stuck inside a maze of a 40-acre estate. Surely, people who arrived half an hour before the ceremony starts are bound to be late for the wedding after getting lost while finding their way through the venue. You may also see examples of anniversary banner designs.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem with a simple directional banner. Adding a few banners to your locales will guide guests to your event without a hitch. Medium-sized banners with the words “Ceremony This Way” or “This Way to the Restroom” will surely be appreciated by confused guests. You may also like company banner examples.

This can also come in handy for venues that accommodate more than a single event, as you wouldn’t want to find your aunts and uncles at somebody else’s ceremony. Directional signs and banners ensure that guests are directed to the right party.

4. Bar Menu Banner

In most cases, cocktail drinks and other alcoholic beverages are listed separately from a table menu. But if you don’t have much to display on your menu card, then using a bar menu banner to showcase the couple’s signature offerings may be used as an alternative. You can hang the sign from the cocktail bar so people from a short distance away could easily see it.

Along with your cocktail offers, you could also include an illustration of the drink for the sake of those who aren’t quite familiar with its name. This will also provide guests with enough time to decide what they want to order while waiting in line for their turn.

Beautiful Roller Wedding Banner Example

Beautiful Roller Wedding Banner

He’s Her Lobster Wedding Banner Example

He's Her Lobster Wedding Banner

5. Menu Banner

Why not do your part for the environment by skipping the traditional wedding menu cards and opting for a larger banner menu display instead? Not only can you save on paper, but this also a cheaper option that can pull a little weight off your wedding budget. You can put up the simple menu banner right along the food tables for buffet-styled dinners, or you can put it at the most visible locations of your reception.

As for larger venues, having multiple banners scattered along different areas of your venue might be necessary for everyone to see it.

6. Seating Banner

Rather than using a standard escort card to guide guests to their assigned seats, why not take a more unique approach with a seating chart banners?

Using a large banner to display the proposed seating arrangement will make it easier for guests to visualize where their seats will be. This can also prevent people from crowding in one area hoping to find where they’re seated. The banner should also display the exact floor map of the venue along with a list of each table number. Anyone who passes through the entrance could easily scan through the banner to find out where they are positioned. You may also see examples of superb birthday banners.

7. Table Number Banner

Along with your seating chart, you’ll also need a crafty table number banner to match it. Elevating these signs a little bit with the help of a copper pipe and a stand will make it a lot easier for guests to spot from a few feet away. This can add a little glitz and glamour to your table arrangement, and people will definitely find it useful when looking for their assigned tables. You may also like simple billboard designs and examples.

8. Reception Hall Decor

Instead of spending a hefty sum of money on wedding ornaments and an interior decorator, various DIY banner designs can do the job just as well.

Dedicate your time and money on creating various craft materials that can pass up as a wedding decor. This includes banners showcasing photographs of the loving couple, letter banners that convey a given message, and a few abstract banners that complement the theme of the wedding. This is the perfect way to personalize the decorations and embellishments that surround your wedding for a more intimate approach. You may also check out corporate billboard designs and examples.

Oh Happy Day Wedding Banner Example

Oh Happy Day Wedding Banner

Tips for Creating a Memorable Banner Design

If you haven’t had much experience with arts and crafts, then creating a banner that’s worth remembering might come as a challenge for you. Understanding what you need the banner to do is the easiest part, but visualizing a design that can carry out its intended purpose? Not so much. You may also see examples of billboard designs & examples.

To help you in your quest to create the perfect banner design, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Know your purpose.

The word banner can refer to different things.

There are party banners that people use as decorations, and there are also banner ads that are used for promotional purposes in company websites and social pages.

Do you want to attract attention with your banner? Or will it be used to relay information? Whatever your reason for creating the banner may be, whether this is for a wedding celebration or a marketing campaign, you must identify what your main objectives are with this banner design.

2. Establish a theme.

For advertising banners, themes are essential for developing consistency among every marketing medium ever made. You need to follow a theme that is relevant to your brand, whether this is through your color selection or visual graphics.

3. Get technical.

If hiring a professional artist goes way over your budget, then it wouldn’t hurt to create your own design.

However, you need to make sure you possess sufficient knowledge in handling these software tools to guarantee positive results. This is especially important for digital banners, as one wrong move can ruin the whole look and feel of the banner. Say for example, HTML banners that move like ordinary GIF displays. It’s impossible to create this type of banner if you don’t know how they work, so seeking help from a professional is highly advisable. You may also like billboard mock-up designs and examples.

4. Design the banner.

Once you have all your resources ready, it’s now time to begin designing your banner. Start off with a rough draft of your design to visualize whether the outcome you expected can be achieved. After which, see if the layout matches the theme of your event (or brand, if it’s meant to advertise). Be sure to proofread your content before having it printed, or you may be forced to compensate for these errors. Finally, have the design checked by a friend or colleague for further review to ensure that the banner is ready to go.

Wedding banners are a popular decorative, and often informative, ornamental piece that may be utilized for different event purposes. From stylish backdrop banners to lavish table number designs, paying attention to even the tiniest details of your wedding can help make your big day even more special for you and your future spouse, along with the individuals present to make your day worth remembering. You may also check out personalized wedding designs.

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