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Oftentimes, when we are planning to have a gathering or celebration, in most cases a wedding ceremony and celebration, it is our hope that the people who are dear to us would be informed and attend to our special day. Prior to sending invitations, it is an etiquette to have a formal announcement be sent to them first—save-the-date.

A save-the-date is usually in the form of a simple card sent to families and friends announcing the important event that happened in the life of the host. We commonly see save-the-date as a notice for someone’s upcoming wedding celebration, but there are other uses of save-the-date as well such as when inviting someone for a date, dinner, or movie.

Save the Date Party Invitation Template

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Rustic Save the Date Template Example

Rustic Wedding Invitation Set Example

Common Questions Regarding Save-the-Dates Answered

Before starting to grab a pen and drafting your save-the-date design, you might have already numerous questions lingering in your mind. Along with the other things that you still need to prepare in your wedding or any other celebration, it is a drag that you find those questions in your head left unanswered.

Hence, in this section, we tackle the different questions that are commonly asked with regarding save-the-dates. You may also see party invitation examples.

The answers are also presented after each question. There are more questions that you can think of but the ones presented below are most commonly asked questions.

1. What should we include in the save-the-date?

At this point, the details of your event might not yet be specified and you might be worrying what to include in your notice. That is definitely fine. It is normal for save-the-dates to include only the common and basic information such as the couple’s names, wedding date, and the location of the ceremony.

It is not even recommended that you include the venue of the reception as this is to be placed on the proper attractive invitation. Lastly, you must make sure to clearly state that there is a formal invitation to follow.

2. To whom should we send them?

There is no definite answer to this question, but the general idea is that you must send them to anyone you want to attend to your wedding. Do not be half-hearted in your notice as well as in your invitation as there is no turning back the moment that you already send those announcements.

You must specify on your announcement who are the invited guest including their names so nobody will assume or doubt if he or she is invited or not in the celebration. You may also like lunch invitation designs & examples.

Furthermore, even if you already receive verbal confirmation, if pays to send them a save-the-date for them to be reminded of the date.

3. When should we send them?

As a rule of thumb, save-the-dates are to be sent around six and eight months prior to the wedding. This will give your invited guests enough time to prepare for their attire, file work leave, book tickets, and plan other things while they are away.

If you will send earlier than those dates, they might have already thrown your save-the-date and entirely forget the whole thing. You may also check out event invitation examples.

On the other hand, if you will send your announcement later than the suggested period, you are not giving your guests the ample time necessary for their personal preparations.

4. Do we need to add “and guest” or can that wait for the invitation?

In sending the announcement, you must already be clear in this stage on who are the invited guests of your wedding. You must be specific and write their names on the envelopes.

If you want them to bring any other guests, you may state that as well in your announcement. You might be interested in examples of graduation invitation design.

Communicating up-front will give the parents enough time to plan for child care of the uninvited kids while they are away.

For those who are free to bring someone with them, this will also give them enough time to think on who should they bring in the celebration.

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5. Can we change the details in the save-the-date?

Although this situation is very unlikely unless you send out the information first before confirming everything, many people would still ask on what to do if there is a change to the details in the save-the -date and what can they do about it.

Unexpected things do happen, so if this rare situation will happen to you, you must communicate immediately to the people who received your announcement. You may also see invitation card designs and examples.

Communicating through phone is okay, but that would not suffice. It is better that you talked with them in person to avoid confusion and to clarify things for the guests.

6. Can we send electronic save-the-dates?

Traditionally, we send announcements, notices, and invitations through physical papers. Nowadays, email announcements, notices, and invitations are becoming more popular especially in informal and not-so-formal events. However, it is up to the couple to decide in what form they would send their announcement.

Either way, they must make sure that the announcement will be sent to the appropriate recipients and that they are well aware that you are sending them.

If you want to be sure on your invites, you may consider doubling up your invitation: you can send out electronic invitations and at the same time reinforce it with invitations in physical paper.

7. Do your save-the-dates have to match the theme for the proper wedding invitation?

Normally, save-the-dates are much less formal as compared to the proper wedding invitation. It is not a must to have a theme that matches your wedding invitation. After all, this is not for marketing and branding in which your theme and color scheme must be consistent for your branding.

In save-the-dates, you can decide freely on the design and you can play with colors, motifs, as well as fonts to create an announcement that will get guests excited for the celebration. This is your opportunity to unleash your and your partner’s creativity and artistic side through the announcement.

8. Does it have to be a card?

Save-the-dates are traditionally printed in cards as this is the most straightforward way to go. However, it does not really have to be a card. You can do whatever you want for your notice as long as you include the necessary and essential information in its face.

You may customize it according to your preference such as creating sticker magnets, custom comic strips, photograph, and elegant postcards. You really have the liberty to showcase your personality, creativity, and interests as a couple through your save-the-dates. Remember that some of your guests may keep your save-the-date as a keepsake, so make sure you design them well.

Rustic Wreath Save the Date Card Example

Lights and Rustic Save the Date Example

Rustic Save the Date Template Example

9. Should we share the registry info?

Some guests would likely want to know where you are registered. However, it is inappropriate to include this information on your save-the-date as well as on your invitations since gifts are technically not required. They can ask you or your family in person about registry details, so just answer them the moment they ask you. You may also see holiday invitation examples.

Furthermore, you may include them on your wedding website as that is the best place to share that information. So, make sure that your website is properly arranged for people, especially your guests, since they might be visiting your website.

10. Should we include a way to RSVP?

It might be tempting to include an RSVP to your notice; however, this is not yet the right time to send those. RSVP or “repondez s’il vous plait” simply means “please respond.” This card is usually sent along with the formal invitation of the wedding asking the recipient to confirm if he or she can come or not. It is too early to ask your guests to reply when you have just announced your wedding. You may also like examples of invitation envelope.

Your save-the-date is the correspondence that will give the guests enough time to figure out and think about their answer for the RSVP when formal wedding invitation arrives.

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Rustic and Simple Save the Date Example

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Curtain Call

A save-the-date is not an invitation but a pre-invitation. It usually contains information such as the name of the host, the date of the event, the location in which the event is to be held, and a statement clarifying that a formal invitation will follow.

There are common questions with regard to save-the-dates: What should we include in the save-the-date? To whom should we send them? When should we send them? Do we need to add “and guest” or can that wait for the invitation? Can we change the details in the save-the-date? Can we send electronic save-the-dates?

Do our save-the-dates have to match the theme for the proper wedding invitation? Does it have to be a card? Should we share the registry info? Should we include a way to RSVP? These are just some of the common questions that are answered in the above section.

By now, it is our hope that you can now start creating your own save-the-date.

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