Wedding Thank-You Greeting Card

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Wedding Thank-You Greeting Card

Months of wedding preparations, and parties, and stress finally over, huh? You’ve finally tied the knot! Well, guess what, your job’s not over yet.

Considered your first responsibility as a newlywed couple, sending out thank-you cards to people who graciously devoted a fraction of their time to witness your oneness, and not to mention spent money on gifts, is your marriage’s first job.

Sending sample thank you cards is more than a society-dictated norm. It’s more like a way of showing you have been thoroughly debriefed on wedding and after-wedding etiquette. Although no longer a custom, these underrated, traditional cards should still be an important detail in the wedding planning.

Modern Gold Foil Wedding Thank You Greeting Card

Modern Gold Foil Wedding Thank You Greeting Card

Folded Thank You Card Example

Folded Thank You Card Example

Why Should You Send Thank-You Cards?

On something as big as your wedding day, you probably have a really long list of people to thank for the things they have done for you on your wedding and the days leading up to it. Even in efforts as small, yet important, as actually being present, these people need to know that you acknowledge all that they have done for you and that you are grateful. Thank-you cards are a cuter, more personal method that can help you achieve this smart goal.

Saying thank you is also the polite thing to do. Some of your wedding guests probably had to postpone some plans just to be present at your wedding. Your busy friends probably didn’t have time, or extra money, for shopping for an outfit to wear on your big day but still went ahead to do it for you! Your families were all knee-deep on wedding preparations but they did all their jobs gracefully because it’s for you.

These simple acts are one of the things in life you just can’t overlook. And after the love, support, and well-wishes these people have showered upon you, the least you could do is tell them that you have seen their efforts and that you are grateful.

Gold Wedding Thank You Greeting Card Example

Gold Wedding Thank You Card Example

Gold Foil Calligraphy Wedding Thank You Greeting Card

Gold Foil Calligraphy Wedding Thank You Greeting Card

To Whom Should You Send Thank-You Cards To?

You don’t send thank-you cards only to people who sent you gifts. Although gifts are great, they are not the most important thing that you can receive for your wedding. To whom are you grateful toward? The people who come to mind when you ask yourself this question are the people who should receive a thank-you card from you.

Your parents should be on top of this list since you don’t only owe them their help in your wedding, you owe them your entire life! Although a long, warm hug and a kiss are better at expressing how grateful you are to them, throwing in a thank-you card for good measure is never a bad thing.

The members of the wedding party are next on the list. This group probably makes up most of your closest friends since you chose them as your wedding party. Tell them how grateful you are for the support and time they have exerted on the wedding and on you by sending out a thank-you card. You may also see best greeting card designs & examples.

The wedding planner, the officer who presided over your ceremony, even the musicians, if you were satisfied by their service, should receive a thank-you card. Even if they are not friends or family members and, in fact, are payed professionals, they still have contributed to the success of your wedding.

Friends and families who have helped you in the wedding in any way should be recognized for their efforts as well. Those who hosted or took part in your pre-wedding parties, those who pitched in ideas for your wedding planning and who is probably the reason why you chose peonies for your bouquet, and those who helped in any way they can.

Guests who came should receive a thank-you card for their time, and guests who could not come but sent a gift anyway should still be thanked for their generosity.

Pastel Colored Wedding Thank You Card

Pastel Colored Wedding Thank You Card

Illustrated Wedding Thank You Greeting Card Example

Illustrated Wedding Thank You Card Example

Dos and Don’ts in Sending Thank-You Cards


1. Purchase thank-you cards before the wedding.

As mentioned above, thank-you cards should be a part of your wedding planning, which means that you should already have these prepared. In the flurry that will come after your wedding (because, honey, it’s not going to end after your ceremony), you may be too busy to have the time to buy, or design, thank-you cards. So save yourself the hassle by preparing ahead. If you’re planning on attaching a photo of you and your husband on your simple card, prepare these as well. The point is that your thank-you cards should already be prepared for a whole lot of thanking to do!

2. Start sending thank-you cards.

For every gift that you receive, send out a thank-you card for the sender. For your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner, send a thank-you card for the guests. Don’t wait until your gifts are stacking up and your thank-you card list is getting longer before you actually start sending them. Send these cards little by little so you won’t have to find yourself surrounded by hundreds of thank-you cards you need to sign one by one. Save your writing hand the unnecessary pain.

3. Send the rest after your wedding.

But not too long after. You don’t want a wedding in May only to send a thank-you card in December. People have probably put your wedding on the back of their minds and your thank-you card has already lost its appeal. Send thank-you cards while the frenzy is still fresh and your guests are still excited about you getting married. A good three months is enough allowance for you to deal with the thank-you cards you need to send. You may also check out wedding thank-you cards.

4. Mention their gifts in your card.

Your guests will absolutely love hearing you gushing about their present on your thank-you card. Thank them for it and tell them how much you loved it. This way, they can also know that you really took the time and effort to write a thank-you card for each one of them.

5. Thank them.

It is a thank you card, after all, so expressing your gratitude is the main objective. Tell them how much you loved seeing them in your wedding and how much it meant to you that they took the time to witness one of the most important days of your life. Be genuine, be sincere. Let these people feel your appreciation in your words. You might be interested in what to write in a thank-you card.

Flower Girl Thank You Greeting Card Example

Flower Girl Thank You Card Example

Beautiful Wedding Thank You Greeting Card Example

Beautiful Wedding Thank You Card Example


1. Don’t be too formal.

This is not a business transaction. You are talking to a dear friend who has given you the biggest gift of all: his time. So make your thank-you note sounds like you. Make it conversational. Being too formal will make you seem unfriendly and that’s the last thing you want to be while trying to say thank you. You may also see greeting card designs & examples.

2. Don’t spell your guest’s name incorrectly.

Even if you’re not particularly close, it is still your job to write his name properly. It’s insulting to your guest and embarrassing on your part. Save both parties these unwanted emotions by being careful with spelling.

3. Don’t be rude about the gift they gave you.

Yes, you may not have liked it. Yes, you may never, ever find the need for it. Yes, it may be a little too cheap. But it is a gift, something they were never asked to give but they still did. For you. So don’t tell your friend how much you dislike the tacky fake china he gave you. That is a secret you can keep between yourself and your husband. You may also like stunning photo thank-you cards.

4. Don’t mention money!

Some of your more generous aunts may have given you gift certificates for some fancy spa. Thank them for it but don’t mention the amount. First of all, it’s unnecessary. Second, it’s completely inappropriate. These are things you don’t have to discuss. Express a heartfelt thank-you and let it end there. You may also check out photo greeting card designs & examples.

5. Don’t send out virtual thank-you cards. 

It just defeats the purpose of being personal. Plus, your guests were physically present on your wedding day, bringing concrete gifts for you. Return the favor. It’s not that hard.

Polaroid Styled Wedding Thank You Card Example

Polaroid Styled Wedding Thank You Card Example

Adorable Wedding Thank You Greeting Card Example

Adorable Wedding Thank You Card Example


As much as you love your husband (you must have married him for a reason, right?), an official, legal wedding cannot happen with only the two of you. There are people who are indispensable to your wedding’s success and these people, although they are not asking for it, should be thanked for constantly being by your side especially on such an important day as this. You may also see examples of creative greeting cards.

However, let’s stop looking at your wedding ceremony for a second and start seeing the aspect of your wedding that truly matters: the marriage that comes after. Thank the people closest to you for helping you understand the intricate mess you are about to get yourself into. Thank these people for helping you shut your own whiny voice whenever it starts spilling doubt. You may also like thank-you note cards designs and examples.

Thank these people for their patience, for their kindness, and for caring enough about you to want help make your big day exactly how you want it to be. Special. Perfect. A day to remember.

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