Wedding Gift Card

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Wedding Gift Card

A wedding is such a momentous occasion. And, although being invited by the married-to-be to witness their oneness is an absolute honor, it comes with a great responsibility as well.

Unconsciously, people, especially newly weds, expect their wedding guests to shower them with presents that they can use as they start this whole new life together as a married couple. It has even become some sort of tradition! The guests leave it to themselves to purchase wedding gifts that are practical and useful such as kitchenware or house decor. You may also see vintage gift card designs and examples.

But, since the emergence and popularity of gift cards, they have become the freshest, highly wanted gift now.

Wedding Gift Card Template

Wedding Gift Card Template

Floral Wedding Sign Gift Card

Floral Wedding Sign Gift Card

Why are Gift Cards Better?

There are a lot of people who find gift-buying extremely difficult. Some of us are just not good at these things. Should you buy the newly wed a set of kitchen utensils for their new home? A cute couple shirt, maybe? A bottle of vintage wine? The list is endless! And it’s never easy to just choose one. You may also see bridal shower greeting card designs & examples.

You are not only wasting your time, you are also wasting your energy overthinking about which gift to buy. And you can’t exactly ask your recipients about what they want because that is not how gift-giving works!

Also, many people just have no time to go gift-shopping especially since these escapades could take hours and a lot of shops before you find that one, perfect gift. It already sounds tedious, right? Think of the many things you can already do with the amount of time you spend looking for a present! You may also like wedding greeting card designs & examples.

Plus, there’s always the looming chance that you give your recipient something that he already has! Can you already see the awkward, respectful smile the couple will give you once they realize they already have one exactly like your gift?

There is also that terrifying possibility that you don’t know your gift’s recipient very well. But, still wanting to be the thoughtful friend who doesn’t go the wedding empty-handed, you go ahead and buy him a gift he won’t even like. This will only make you look bad, even worse than having no gift at all. So you’ve wasted your money,  you’ve wasted your energy, and you still haven’t made anyone happy. You may also check out wedding menu card designs & examples.

There are so many things that can go wrong, right? Who knew buying a gift was so risky?

But say goodbye to these struggles because gift cards are here to save the day!

For many years, gift cards have reached great public demand and popularity. After all, they are a hassle-free, yet still effective, way of showing someone that you care. They save you many tedious hours of shopping and thinking and choosing the perfect gift and your recipient can avoid faking enthusiasm over your not very well-picked present! Look at that! It’s a win-win! You might be interested in thank-you card examples.

Gift cards also give your recipient the chance to hand-pick whatever he wants. After all, the fun is in being able to decide yourself. Aside from the gift card, you are also giving him the gift of choosing! Say there’s a product he’s been dying to buy but has never really gotten the budget for it, your gift can finally purchase that for him! You may also see wedding plan examples & samples.

Another really good thing about gift cards is that many stores and businesses have them now. You don’t have to limit yourself to purely store-bought items or meals at restaurants, you can now also purchase experience for your friend! Say you want your recipient to take a breather and relax. Then you can buy a gift card for a spa or a salon! Or if you want to give your friend the chance to try skydiving. Guess what? They have gift cards for that now! You may also like wedding guest list examples.

Gift-giving has never had these many options! And it’s never been this easy!

Floral Gold Frame Wedding Sign Gift Card

Floral Gold Frame Wedding Sign Gift Card

What are the Types of Gift Cards?

To be able to choose the perfect gift card to give as a wedding present, first, we must understand its two types

1. Cash Card

This is the most flexible type of gift card since they are accepted by most stores that accept credit cards as well, since cash cards are also sponsored by major bank companies. Cash cards offer a quick, cashless mode of payment that makes every consumer’s shopping experience easier.

Unfortunately, cash cards are not a very ideal gift option since they are basically considered as a substitute for cash. Although your recipient will appreciate the gesture, cash cards are not the most effective way to express your sentiments toward a friend.

2. Store Cards

Store cards, on the other hand, are more specific to a store brand or restaurant, which means you can only use them in the store where they were purchased. Although this offers less versatility and choices, store cards are your best buddy when you want to give your friend something thoughtful. Say your friend’s favorite brand is Victoria’s Secret. You may also see wedding menu examples.

To show that you care enough about him to know this, buy a gift card from this store. It will give him the chance to shop at his favorite shop with the expenses on you! Nothing says thoughtful like free shopping, right? This is also your chance to treat your friend to a relaxing day spent on shopping instead of just randomly picking some stuff for him. He’ll appreciate this gift more. You may also like examples of wedding logo.

Wedding Gift Card Design

Wedding Gift Card Design

GOT Purple Wedding Card Example

GOT Purple Wedding Card Example

Which Gift Card Should You Buy As A Wedding Present?

Let’s not forget our main topic for discussion: the perfect wedding gift! Since you have now been exposed to the beauty of gift cards and its types, the next step is to choose one for you.

1. Choose Which Type of Gift Card You Want.

Pick the gift card that works best for you. If you want to give the newly wed the chance to buy products from a specific store, such as IKEA, then get yourself a store card. This will give your recipient the chance to shop for the things they really need from the store of your choice. Also, by doing this, you can avoid being redundant with the gifts. You may also see personalized wedding designs.

Say you’ve decided to give the couple an entire set of cookware and pots and three other guests have chosen this gift as well, then the couple would find themselves drowning under one too many frying pans! Save them that burden and grab a gift card and let them decide what they need.

2. Choose Which Store To Purchase Your Gift Card From.

Some people are already registered to a specific store or brand. It would be more convenient for your recipient if you purchase gift cards for them from stores where they are already members or where they frequent. This can make your gift more enjoyable for them since they are shopping at a store they personally enjoy. You also have the option of checking out the bridal registry, if there is one, before choosing a gift card to give you an idea of the gift preferences of the couple. You may also like examples of wedding postcards.

3. Buy From Established Retailers.

Small retailers or start-up businesses still have the potential of being bankrupted. Yes, established companies are still susceptible to being closed down but they have a bigger chance of survival in comparison. You don’t want to purchase a gift card from a company that may close down any minute. You don’t need that kind of burden in your life. So purchase from a trusted, well-founded company to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Alabaster Floral Wedding Cards & Gifts Sign

Alabaster Floral Wedding Cards & Gifts Sign

Elegant Wedding Gift Card

Elegant Wedding Gift Card

Cards and Gifts Modern Wedding Sign

Cards and Gifts Modern Wedding Sign

Tips Before Buying a Gift Card

1. Look For Hidden Charges

Store cards don’t usually have hidden fees but some cash card brands do. You may be asked to pay monthly service fees, reload fees, activation fees, and many other payments you seriously don’t need. In order to avoid these, READ THE PRINT first. Don’t go applying for things you don’t know the ins and outs of. You may also see printable wedding menu designs & examples.

2. Look Out For Sales

Yes, cash cards are put on sale, too! So keep your eyes open for them. If you’re lucky, you can get a $120 gift card for only $100 dollar or less!

3. Exchange

What’s another great thing about gift cards is that you can swap yours with someone else’s! Say your sister wants your gift card for a fashion boutique and she has a gift card for this amazing restaurant you love. You can just trade yours for hers! Convenient, right? You may also like wedding invitation card designs & examples.

4. Re-Gift

For practicality’s sake, if you receive a gift card for a shop or an activity you don’t particularly enjoy, you can just give it to someone else! The great thing is that you recipient will never know since these things aren’t personalized or anything of the sort. You can save yourself money for a gift and the hassle of trying to use the gift card you don’t want. Although you should refrain from giving out cards that are partially used since that doesn’t do much in looking thoughtful. You may also check out best greeting card designs & examples.

5. Take Good Care Of It

A gift card is simply a substitute for cash which means that its worth is equal to physical money. Needless to say, you should take care of it. Keep it somewhere you would trust keeping your money in. Also, there are companies who let you check your balance online. But there are also fraud websites and scammers waiting for their next victim! So be as vigilant with your gift card as you would with your ATM and cash. Safe is never sorry, after all. You might be interested in photo greeting card designs & examples.


Many people would think that gift cards are a thoughtless, effortless way of gift-giving since you don’t do as much decision-making with it as you would a normal gift. But then again, with your gift card, you are basically giving a part of your hard-earned money as a way of showing you care for someone. Isn’t that worth as much as any other form of gift? Isn’t the thought behind the gesture more valuable than the gift itself? You may also see examples of creative greeting cards.

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