8+ Weekly Sales Activity Report Examples – PDF, Excel

A weekly sales report is a reliable tool that managers can utilize to track their team’s performance in terms of sales. It is also used as a reference to guide the company toward further business development, salary increases, and even recruitment since it shows the progress that everyone is achieving in terms of profit.

This document, as unassuming as it may seem, is a prime factor for making major company decisions. So many things about an organization revolves around their sales activity, which is why it is crucial that the weekly sales report is created to deliver only the most climacteric information. Additionally, it must be written with a constant regard for conciseness and clarity, highlighting only the most relevant data and figures that can help the management steer the company toward success.

Writing and submitting weekly sales reports for the reviewing of the company’s superiors is a standard practice in most companies. It is a method of conveying the present status of a project that a department is currently working on. You may also see weekly project status report examples.

It is also a great medium that the company can refer to for the general analysis of sales trends that can be presently observed in the company’s activities during a specific time. Basically, it shows if the sales volume are decreasing or increasing, and the report will be examined by the sales managers to help them decide which course of action they will be wisest to take.

Weekly Sales Activity Report Example Design

Weekly Activity Report Example

Weekly Sales Report Example

Roles a Weekly Sales Report Plays

Here are some of the most important benefits that a company can reap by keeping track of their sales profits weekly:

1. A weekly sales report gives an overview of the present state of the sales activities within the company. If things are not looking very good in terms of revenue, the company will be informed right away so that they can cater to it. If, on the contrary, their sales are soaring, it will help them understand which aspects of their efforts are working and which aren’t.

2. It helps the management look for potential market opportunities where they can further improve their results based on the sales trends shown in the report.

3. It serves as a weekly tracker of the metrics relevant to regular company activity.

4. It can aid in monitoring the number of deals closed by a sales team and the revenue they have generated in total. This will help the company identify which teams are less productive so that they can help boost their performance for the benefit of the whole company. You may also see weekly status report examples.

5. It gives the bigger picture of the various tasks that each sales representative and the team as a whole have performed over the course of the week, thus showing their productivity rate. Preferably, the most productive team gets rewarded for their hard work. You may also like investigation report samples and examples.

6. A weekly sales report makes it easier to break down the company’s profitability against the sales goals they have set beforehand. It will show them if they are actually making progress or not.

7. This document will also show the activity of their customers such as the common purchases they make and the length of time they last as the company’s patrons. By understanding this behavior, they can make more accurate efforts on how to keep their clients loyal to them. You may also check out business report examples.

8. Weekly sales reports can also be designed to focus on the company’s individual sales representative and study their sales performances by looking at their lead generation to closing a deal.

9. A weekly sales report can help the team break down their quota in more digestible numbers.

The most important role that weekly sales reports play is how they can show a team real numbers of how productive they are being so that they can establish firm attempts to correct things or to improve them based on how they are performing on a constant basis. You might be interested in academic report examples.

Weekly Sales Activity Summary Report Template

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Weekly Sales Activity Report

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Making a Weekly Sales Report

Your company’s sales report can be created in the form of a basic memorandum or as a standard, more formalized document. Either way, it will provide you with the opportunity to track and understand your team’s sales numbers. Doing so will help you make sure that all your efforts will eventually lead you to achieve your quarterly or annual goals.

Before you start writing a weekly sales report, make sure that you have an objective in mind. As we’ve already discussed, there are many ways this document can benefit you and your team, and it will help if you recognize exactly what purpose you want it to play so that you can design your general report to compliment that intention.

After you have gone through that, start answering these critical questions to help you shape your basic report in your mind. First of all, who are you reporting for and why? Are you writing the report for yourself, or for a superior? Is this written for a weekly routine checkup, or is there a situation you need to asses with it? What is the time period of the report, and what is the message that you want to share through it?

Once these questions are answered, you can now proceed to articulating your report. Here’s how you do it:

1. Define your audience.

If you’ve answered the questions we’ve listed above, this step will already be easy for you. Acknowledge the person you are writing for and consider their background while writing. Will they understand the jargon you are using? Will they appreciate the tone of voice you have utilized? You may also see status report examples.

2. Understand the purpose of your report.

There are so many things you can include in your formal report but not all of these details may be necessary for the document’s main purpose. By understanding the message you want to convey through it, you can easily choose with data to include and which ones aren’t necessary.

3. Decide on your report’s time period.

Is your report only going to contain this week’s data, or will you have to discuss the entire last quarter’s sales performance to effectively deliver your report’s goal?

4. Gather the right data.

This is perhaps the most difficult of all the steps in creating a report since you have to make sure that your information are accurate. Once you’ve checked their faultlessness, gather all of them together and analyze them to arrive at a compelling sales report. You may also like project report examples.

5. Visualize and communicate your findings.

This is the most important part of the process of writing a report. Conveying to your audience, in a way they can easily comprehend, your findings in your data analysis. Failing this aspect of your report will render the whole document useless, so make sure you carry this part well.

6. Provide context.

This is a part of a report that many people often forget. However, numbers, percentages, and data don’t always tell the whole story successfully. You would need to provide background to elaborate on the data you have presented.

7. Get creative.

The term report in itself already sounds so boring it can make anyone fall asleep. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. When writing your content, add a little personality into it to catch the attention of your audience. Doing so will also help you enjoy the presentation and be more confident about it. You may also check out research report examples.

Weekly Sales Activity Report Template

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Weekly Sales Activity Report Example

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Writing a Sales Report to Your Boss

Although the steps provided above are enough to help you create an effective weekly sales report, there are other things that you should consider, especially when you are writing for a top-management personality.

1. Focus on what matters to your boss.

Never lose sight of your report’s main intention. Keep in mind the reason why your boss needs the simple report so that you can focus on providing information that will help him make data-driven decision as much as possible. Select metrics that matter to him, such as your sales growth, the targets you have previously set, and the sales revenue over time. Your data is the main essence of your report, so make sure that you have collected and organized it clearly.

2. Visualize the data to communicate it better.

Make your report easy to grasp since your  boss probably doesn’t have the time to mull over everything and interpret the data himself. Instead of presenting your data in graphs and tables, you can use dashboards instead. They are better at providing an overview of your data. You may also see technical report examples.

3. Don’t forget to include an executive summary.

Your executive summary is a summary found at the beginning of your report that will include the most important insights of the body of the document. Although this part comes first, it is often written last so that you already have the information you need, and would simply have to condense them into one page. This must be included in your report because your boss may not always have the time to go into detail.

Your executive summary must be written in a way that even if the person reading it doesn’t skim over the report, he will still grasp the most salient points.

Weekly Sales Activity Report in Excel

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Three Types of Weekly Sales Report

A week is arguably the best length of time to measure individual sales performance. A month is often too long to wait for a general assessment, and by then, opportunities relevant to the current situation may have already passed without you noticing them. A single day, on the other hand, is often too short to have any meaningful information that can help make big company decisions. This only emphasizes the importance of weekly sales reports.

Managing a sales organization without an effective sales report is similar to driving with your eyes closed. Not only will you fail to reach your destination, you may also be putting your life in immediate danger. Which is why there are three different types of sales reports that every well-run company needs. You may also see examples of short report.

1. The Daily Call Report

The daily call report can tell you how often your individual sales representatives are calling on the accounts they have been assigned with. The report often includes the salespeople called, who they spoke with, and whether the calls were in person or by phone, what they talked about, what the next action steps will be, and when the next scheduled calls are. However, this may vary depending on the company and industry involved. You may also like management report examples.

This type of report must be turned in and carefully analyzed at least every other day. Reviewing them every few weeks will defeat the purpose of having them in the first place, since the information can no longer be verified on a timely basis. You may also check out consulting report examples.

2. The Productivity Report

This type of report is tasked with keeping you informed about the amount of work that each one of your team members are performing, and if their efforts have reached and exceeded the professional goals you have set ahead for them. It is designed to keep track of the level of activity that is taking place in the organization.

Outbound calls, conversations, voice mails, customer meetings, and sales presentations are often the data that can be found in this document. It seeks to compare the results of the present data against the benchmarks you have set for each activity. You might be interested in marketing report examples.

It is important that productivity reports are turned in and reviewed on a weekly basis so that managers can compare and verify the data successfully.

3. The Sales Forecast

This one serves multiple purposes. For one, it helps estimate the total revenue while also determining what opportunities have arisen that needs executive attention. The accuracy of a sales forecast report is vital, since it directly affects the whole organization. It is the most important type of report that a team can generate. You may also see sample activity reports.

The document generally contains a list of prospect names, sales opportunity sizes, signs of where the opportunities are in the sales cycle, and what the customers are usually purchasing. It can help a sales representative create the most accurate estimation of which sales he can close during the next thirty, sixty, and ninety days. You may also like service report examples.

Reviewing and creating these reports can be time-consuming. But it is important to still keep on top of them to not lose touch with the sales organization. Also, by setting goals and letting your salespeople know that you are keeping track of their progress will produce a considerable increase in their productivity, which is a great benefit to the company as a whole.

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