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Every once in a while, people like to slow down and relax in the most soothing way possible. In this day and age, everything must be done in a rush, with lots of pressure around; people tend to get frazzled once in a while. And what better way to unwind in a cheap and less hassle manner than go to spas and massages, right? You may also see examples of company brochure.

Having a spa business will guarantee you that it will stand the test of time as people would always want to go to massages to soothe their physical pain from hard work. If your business is in line with this, you need a good advertising strategy to entice your clients into keep on coming back to your spa and invite other potential clients who are looking for the perfect massage spa to soothe their needs. In this article, we will suggest ways of putting an effective business massage brochures. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples.

Tri-Fold Massage Therapy Salon Sample Brochure Example

Massage Clinic Mini Booklet Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Massage and Spa Center Brochure Example

Bi-Fold Spa Health and Wellness Center Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Fashion Spa Clinic Brochure Example

By following these given tips, you’ll save yourself time and feelings of frustration and inadequacy on what to put in your brochure. Here are some cool massage brochures that clients will love.

  1. Next, include all the needs of your potential massage therapy clients. Of course, they are not interested in looking to learn about the features of massage therapy, but more on to the benefits they will gain. One good example is to explain how their back pains or chronic headaches will be relieved through massage. When they read your brochure they will be thinking about how they can receive relief from something that ails them. Make it simple for them to determine that your massage treatments will provide them what they want. You may also see medical brochure examples.
  2. Your massage brochure must reflect professionalism and this should be present in your presentation. It is highly suggested that you will use the highest quality paper and the best printing service available. By having a brochure with good quality, you have a significantly higher chance of impressing potential massage clients through the marketing of your business. Whether you do a Trigger Point massage, Swedish massage, or a deep tissue massage; all massage therapy need to reflect professionalism and your brochure will be the first impression which makes your marketing materials important. You may also like examples of service brochures.
  3. It’s important for your massage brochure experience to be a positive one. Write down the positive experience and presentation related to your massage spa experience.
  4. Thirdly, always use language that is easy to understand to everyone. Avoid using jargons. People would only want to know if you and your therapists can relieve their bodily ailments. Example phrases or sentences can be:

Our massage treatment will give you relief from neck pain.

This treatment will allow you to move freely from pain and aches.

Regular massage treatments will give you flexibility and relieve stress and help avoid blood clots from your body.

After just a few of these massage treatments, your skin will glow.

Example of Natural Spa Center Booklet Brochure Sample

Tri-Fold Healing Spa Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Spa Center Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Spa Package Brochure Example

1. Think Like Your Customer

Don’t forget to consider one of the important things you should remember: When writing the content of a massage brochure you must put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Don’t assume that they are particularly looking for you and your services; they are looking for the best therapist who will relieve and soothe their pain. Your job is to solve their problem and let them know you are qualified and willing to help them in solving their problem. You may also see examples of bi-fold brochure design.

2. Become Your Customer

As a business person, owning a massage spa is hard to visualize yourself as a customer and so; it’s quite hard to relate what they really want. If you have the time or the resources; go out and shop around for a massage therapist from the very start and pretend that you don’t know anyone or anything about massage. What is it that you want in a massage? Do you want a massage that will ease your pain? Or just to let you relax? How will you know who can provide that best for you? How will you be able to tell that you will get the most value for your money?  That you’re being cheated of what you paid compared to the services they provided? Avoid putting too much information about the qualifications of your therapist in the brochure instead stop beating around the bush and list down the services you offer and how much it will cost them. All they want is to be out of pain, have less stress or experience a deeper awareness of themselves. Remember, your clients have needs and wants. Their needs may be different from their wants. They may need a massage but they don’t want to spend the money. They may want to feel better but they don’t have the time to take care of themselves. Consider your clients. You may also like event brochure designs & examples.

3. Your Features and the Benefits They Get from it and How to Get Them Together

However, when listing down the benefits that your clients can get in your brochure, make sure there’s a valid reason as to how important it is that they will have these benefits. To understand this better, ask yourself “So what?” question in every benefit you’ve written down. Here are some examples:

Massage increases the blood supply and nutrition to your muscles and different systems in your body.
So what’s the point? Why does your system need blood supply and nutrition? How will that help in eradicating your pain or stress?

Massage helps your muscles recover more quickly from exertion and fatigue.
So what? Why do your muscles need to recover more quickly from exertion and fatigue?

Massage relaxes your muscles by effectively reducing spasms, tension, and cramping.
So what?

Massage helps to re-establish your proper muscular tone.
So what?

Massage reduces your muscle and soft tissue pain.
So what?

Massage helps increase your work capacity and encourages your metabolism.
So what?

Massage helps to prevent muscular atrophy and dystrophy.
So what?

Other questions to consider such as:

So why should someone come to you for massage?

What is the benefit your client will receive?
(What pain does it cure? What will they get out of a massage? )

What makes you different from all the other massage therapists in your neighborhood?

While doing this, you will be able to get down to the real benefits of massage that will have more appeal to your potential clients. If you keep asking the ‘so what’ question, you will be able to write about the benefits of massage that will be most compelling to your client for making the call to schedule an appointment. You may also check out examples of business brochure design.

Bi-Fold Wellness and Spa Massage Studio Brochure Example

Bi-Fold Relax Massage Spa Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Healing Spa Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Luxury Wellness and Spa Center Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Beauty Spa Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Wellness and Spa Beauty Center Brochure Sample Example

Tri-Fold Massage, Spa, Sauna, Facial Services Brochure Sample Example

4. Massage Therapy Brochure Tips

  • Include your website address on every massage therapy brochure. Any printed marketing material is really a waste of time and money unless you have a website to provide more information. You may also see advertising brochure examples.
  • Create a new brochure for each type of massage services that you provide.
  • Unless you have a background in marketing, you will need to learn and study how to create a brochure.
  • Test your brochures and their effectiveness. Send or distribute the brochure to your target market and change it every month or so and send it again until you get your most wanted response. Change one or two things at a time like your headlines/copy and offer so you know what it is that makes people move into action. You may also like travel brochure designs & examples.
  • Hire a copywriter if necessary. You are a massage therapist. It can pay to hire people to help you do what you don’t do best!  You will then have more time to do what you do best- massage.

Tri-Fold Spa Brochure Example

Tri-Fold Revital Spa Brochure Sample

Tri-Fold Thai Massage Spa Brochure Example

Tri-fold Wellness and Spa Center Brochure Example

Just remember that with all the massage brochures you will be making, you must remember to approach it by getting into your clients head. Speak in plain and simple language. Also, avoid your qualifications up front as a strategy for attracting clients. Nobody really cares or has any idea about the craft of becoming a massage therapist. They usually don’t have any idea or care about it. Remember, your goal in preparing massage brochures is to make them easy for potential clients to make a decision whether they wish to schedule a massage, and your brochure can make that decision easy for them. You may also see examples of education brochure design.

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