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We keep hearing it through the various communication channels like the radio, television, newspapers, and blogs that we are living in the digital era. Relating this to the marketing side, advertisements and announcements are commonly done on social media sites. Most tend to think when you are dwelling on the traditional ways, you become outdated and you are being outsmarted by digital geeks. But, can the digital age really rule the world?

Even if there are so many reasons to stay long on the internet, not all people can stay online especially when it comes to updates and announcements. Some are busy enough working to take care of the bills while some simply does not want to get involved in social media for privacy or just don’t want to meddle other persons’ lives. You may also see the company banners.

In this regard, even if someone will say that it is effective to advertise on the internet or to invite people into venturing their business through the use of social media sites, there are really some people that cannot be relayed with this message because of the above reasons. So, how can advertisers reach these people? How can they advertise to those groups of people who are not active on the internet?

Well, marketers have found marketing strategies that are effective and efficient in reaching these people. One of these strategies is through banners. Banners serve as an advertisement and information bearer and at the same time invitation designs to the people who saw them. Although this requires skilled manpower and labor, this is still less costly compared to advertisements who are paying different sites so they can insert their ads on the internet. Also, ads on the internet can sometimes bring hassle to the people especially when they are focusing on their work and a certain pop-up advertisement suddenly pops up on their screen.

By now, you might still think that banners hanging on the corners of the streets are already outdated and cliche since they are very common and almost all advertisers want that. Well, let’s pause up until that and ponder. Why would many advertisers still use banners as an advertising tool? That is because there is something in printable banners that make it a good promotional tool. And that something is the advantages brought by making banners which will be discussed in the next section.

Now that we know that banners are good promotional tools, many advertisers influence the use of banners in other ways including having them on birthday parties. Since a birthday party is one of the important events in a person’s life, celebrants or family of the celebrants want it to be memorable enough and visually pleasing and the set must be camera-friendly. To enhance the visual presentation, banners are used. Banners can also be used as a good label to the party so that other people will not mistake it for some other parties.

Also, in this article, we are providing you examples of birthday banners that will surely satisfy your taste in banner design. There are many designs to choose from—from simple to elegant and classy design, you can find them here.

Advantages of Banners

Banners, in general, have so many advantages that we sometimes overlook because we are not paying more attention to it and because we are sometimes overwhelmed by the number of banners because banners are literally everywhere. Here are the top advantages of banners. You may also see the vertical banners.


Have you noticed that almost every banner installed on the streets lasts for a long period of time? And that even in strong winds and heavy rains, except for storms and fires, of course, banners remain to wave high and proud? That is because banners are designed to be durable and are made with materials of high quality. Hence, one of the common characteristics and advantages of a banner.

Easy to Install or Uninstall

Because banners are lightweight and are easy to fold or unfold, it is very suitable to be installed everywhere since it is easy to install or uninstall. While installing, you might need a few people but the installation time will just take a few minutes. On the other hand, while uninstalling, you will just have to fetch them down and roll it to a certain size which will not consume space in the storage area.

Easy to Create

Just like having banners everywhere, printing station is also flooding the streets. Many are already offering the services of printing banners and other similar promotional material. Thus, no need to worry where can you print your banner design. And, speaking of banner designs, it is not that hard to conceptualize what to include in your banner. All you need to have is a creative and smart mind. To help you further in creating the design for your event banner, the last section of this article will be providing quick tips for the designing of banners. Moreover, if you want an actual example, the next section will give you lots of it. Browse below for exciting banner examples.

Less Costly

Banners are available innately at low cost since your expenses will only be just for printing and if you are hiring a graphic designer, the talent fee for the designer. It is much cheaper than online advertisements where you will pay sites. So, you can post your banner ads.

Effective Marketing Tool

For centuries, banners are being used by companies as a promotional material. Because of this, we can safely conclude that banners are among the things that are effective for marketing and advertising.

Examples of Superb Birthday Banners

Abstract Birthday Banner

abstract birthday banner

Glitter Birthday Banner Design

glitter birthday banner design

Colorful Birthday Banners and Cakes

colorful birthday banners and cakes

Cursive Happy Birthday Banner

42 1024x819

Cute Vector Happy Birthday Banners

cute happy birthday banners vector

Pony Birthday Banners

pony birthday banners

Gold Birthday Banner

73 1024x538

Plain Birthday Banners

plain birthday banners

Cute Birthday Banner

cute birthday banner

Word Party Birthday Banner

103 1024x768

Sketch Birthday Banners

sketch birthday banners

Doodle Birthday Banner

doodle birthday banner

Simple Birthday Banners

simple birthday banners

Celebration Banners Set

celebration banners set

 Birthday Party Banner with Balloons

birthday party banner with balloons

Birthday Party Oragami Banner

birthday party oragami banner

Designer Tips in Creating a Banner

Still worrying on how to start designing your banner? Here are a few quick designer tips in creating an eye-catching banner.

Choose Fonts Appropriately

Fonts matter a lot in the creation of your banner. You have to keep the font size and font type at an average: not too small because it will not be readable nor not too big for it to consume a large portion of the banner; not too stylish that makes it too informal nor too plain that it becomes visually boring. You may also see the Rollup Banner.

Match the Colors

You must have the eye to match the colors of the text, background, and graphics. It is commonly practiced to use either complementary colors of analogous colors. Complementary colors are those colors in the color wheel that are opposite from each other. A very common example for this is red and green. On the other hand, analogous colors are those that are beside each other on the color wheel. An example is green, yellow, and orange.

Create a Focal Point

Design your banner in a way that there will be a point where a person’s eye will be drawn into. This does need to be so big nor so colorful; it just has to have something unique in it or have something people will be curious about, a huge amount of discount for example. You may also see the effective Banner ads.

Call to Action

Some designers might be missing this while focusing on the visual presentation of the banner. But, you have to note that when people will read your banner, you need to persuade them to start an action with regard to your offer. For instance, you may place in your banner, “visit our shop now” or any similar statement that will draw them to respond to your offer. Call to action are statements that provoke the readers to provide an immediate action or response or even to invest in your company immediately.

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