42+ Business Flyer Designs in Word, PSD, AI, Publisher

In the world of advertising brochure, agencies are now leaning on to digital marketing and everything seems to be being bombarded to people online. Everyday, millions of advertisements, marketing campaigns, and the like are being thrown like rocks to the people. Among those are many and different kinds of online flyers in the internet, which sometimes can even distract a user from maximizing the usability and what could have been a very god user experience of a website. For others, this might be okay, but for other people, this might be too annoying. That’s why they refrain from using the internet as much either on their smartphones, laptops, or computers.

Though online ads or flyers are the new thing and every advertiser is looking for even a tiny bit of space in the web for an advertisement, print media still is not dead, in fact, it is still booming. Millions of people are on the streets everyday and to be able to spread out a Corporate Business Flyer Examples and flyers is not bad at all. The only thing lacking is you downloading an example, editing it, producing it and distributing it. Here are examples of corporate business flyers that are available to use, and in excellent quality. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and download some!

Moving Company Flyer Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4


Modern Business Flyer Template

File Format
  • AI
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: (US)(A4)


Business Promotional Flyer

File Format
  • AI
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: (US)(A4)


Corporate Business Indesign Flyer

Creative Corporate Business Flyer

Modern Business Flyers

Modern Clean Business Flyer

Modern Business Event Flyer

Modern Photography Business Flyer

Multipurpose Business Flyers

Multipurpose Business PSD Flyer

Multipurpose Real Estate Business Flyer

Car Business Flyers

Automotive Car Business Flyer

Car Insurance Business Flyer

Health Business Flyers

Multipurpose Health Business Flyer

Health Business PSD Flyer

A4 Health Business Flyer

Clean Business Flyer Examples

Professional Clean Business Flyer

A4 Clean Business Flyer

Clean Indesign Business Flyer

Clean Business Corporate Flyer

What Are the Advantages of Corporate Flyers?

Print ads still and will always have their advantages. first and foremost, it is very inexpensive and there is the fact that the material can be easily available to be spread out to a lot of people in a very fast manner, but apart from those very obvious benefits, here are some more advantages physical corporate flyer examples have on its digital counterparts:

  • They can be mass produced at a discount with the help of partnerships. Ever since the invention of the printing press a couple hundred years ago, print media has been the choice of businesses for word to get out on the streets or spread out to the community. Because of the fact that print ad materials can be mass produced, all the more has it been the choice for a marketing campaign. The better thing is that mass production of the physical corporate brochures can be discounted if one has partnerships. It is very important to have a partner business that provides solutions that could help your company or cause be realized at a discount without diminished quality. Though partnership agreements, mass production of corporate flyers will be made at a discount, without taking out printing quality an the like.
  • Have a Physical Presence in a Digital World. People now live in a fast-paced, digital world. Even you are reading this though the internet. And while the trend now is get anything and everything to Social Media and the internet so that brands have an online presence, having a physical presence is still of utmost importance. Millions of people are on the streets everyday walking around towns and cities, commuting in the subways, driving in their cars, and the like. There is a need to have a physical presence in a digital world, because a lot of people are still wandering about in the physical world, and a lot of these people are a part of the target market of a company that is thinking about the digital world now. Do not count these people off, they are still part of the primary market that a corporate invitation flyer should cater to.
  • They can be misplaced, which is a good thing. Remember trying to find some old thing in your attic and from out of nowhere, you come across a certain object you have not seen in years? The same thing happens to print advertising materials, especially flyers. If not thrown out and simply placed somewhere, these flyers can be re-discovered and bring about renewed interest in a brand, company, or a certain service that was forgotten  already. Event invitations in the form of flyers and the like from years ago may even bring back memories to a customer, bringing a smile to their faces in the least expected places. Now is that not a good thing?

Salon Business Flyers

Fitness Salon Business Flyer

Beauty Salon Business Flyer

Creative Business Flyers

Creative Studio Business Flyer

Creative Multipurpose Business Flyer

Photography Business Flyers

Modern Photography Business Flyer

Promo Photography Business Flyer

Photography Promo Business Flyer

Real Estate Business Flyer Samples

Real Estate Agency Business Flyer

Real Estate Business A4 Flyer

Luxury Real Estate Business Flyer

Female Business Flyers

Creative Female Business Flyer

Transport Business Flyer Examples

Transport Business Corporate Flyer

Transport Agency Business Flyer

Transport Business PSD Flyer

How to Maximize the Presence of a Corporate Flyer

Being able to distribute a corporate business flyer in a mass produced way is one thing, but being able to distribute them in a strategic, researched way that is very persuasive to the possible viewers of the content is better. Strategic places, the right time, and a short but concise message are keys of a flyer having maximized its presence in the area. Here are some tips to be able to maximize the presence of a corporate flyer.

  • Research strategic places for distribution. Corporate flyers are as good as trash when they are distributed just for the sake of distributing them without even having to research on where and when should they be distributed. It is highly useless to distribute flyers of a thank you note of a politician who just won an election to children about to enter their local kindergarten to learn their ABC’s, right?
  • There is a perfect time and a perfect place for everything. If the flyer is about a restaurant, distribute them at noon in a mall where is probably tired and hungry from walking all around the area, shopping all day long, instead of distributing them in a farm where people can live on their own harvest. If a flyer is about a job opening for people living near the north pole, don’t distribute the  advertising flyers on the other end of the world. If its about car repair services in California, don’t distribute them in New York. Remember, there is a perfect time and a perfect place for everything.
  • KISS or Keep It Short and Simple. don’t distribute flyers that seem to imitate a novel due to the very long copy of such print ad. It is a waste of effort on all parties may it be the copywriter, the advertising materials shop on which it was printed, and the ground people who distributed them. For added insult, a reader would not even mind to read half or even a third of the copy. Keeping the copy short and simple is essential to any advertising material because people in the streets are busy and have only about a couple of seconds to read what’s in the marketing flyers. Not only would one have to keep it short and simple, he must also make the message of the flyer straight forward of else the reader will not bother to read at all.
  • Be Ahead of Competition Operating in the Same Place. So ready the best people who can distribute the flyers because they will be very much needed. Adding an extra bit of marketing magic is one way to gain a step ahead of the competition and to get that advertising brochure material delivered to the hands and eyes of the viewer. Models will surely catch the eyes of the viewers on this one.

Business Event Flyers

Startup Business Event Flyer

Multipurpose Business Event Flyers

Seminar Business Event Flyer

Indesign Business Flyer

Modern Indesign Business Flyer

Professional Business Flyers

Creative Professional Business Flyer

Professional Corporate Business Flyer

Business Conference Flyers

A4 Business Conference Flyer

Modern Business Conference flyer

Business Open House Flyers

Business Open House PSD Flyer

Creative Business Open House Flyer

Business Grand Opening Flyer Examples

Business Grand Opening PSD Flyer

Small Business Grand Opening Flyer

Types of Places Where a Corporate Flyer Can Be

  • Go for crowded areas. Crowded areas are the best place to distribute corporate flyers, provided that the people in such crowded areas are part of the target market of the company or service distributing the flyers. If a company wants to spread out word that they are in existence and they want to spread it out fast, a crowded area is the best place to do it. Malls, subways during the rush hour, other terminals where people are waiting for cabs or taxis, city centers and other crowded areas are the perfect place to distribute flyers that will guarantee a company that their message will be read.
  • Keep it Within Eye-Level of the Viewer. When distributing the product, another overlooked but important thing to do is to make the viewer see the flyer even before offering it to them. In this way, people who are not interested in receiving the flyer may make their way far from it, whereas people who would like to have one may actually have one. In this way, the flyers will be going to the right hands each time, and there wont be any wasted ones that are going to the trash bin in the process. Another possibility is that a viewer might not think of a flyer at all while walking but may be interested once they see a flyer nearby. This is another method of persuasion that may be used to get the attention of possible viewers of the travel brochure or flyer for that matter.

There are still many ways to get the attention of people who do not go browse the internet everyday, and corporate flyers is one of the many ways to get their attention. With the right copy, the perfect time and place, and with the right viewer, a possible client of customer is always in reach. So what are you waiting for? Browse the wide selection of corporate brochure examples here, select a few or rather select all, hit download and enjoy your new corporate brochure examples to tell the world of your existence!

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