Restaurant Logo

Last Updated: March 11, 2024

Restaurant Logo

A restaurant logo is one of the most important factors for memory retention among current and prospective customers, branding, and effective market exposure in the field of food services. Different kinds of restaurants have various takes on the kind of logo designs that they would like to represent their establishments.

It is very essential for a restaurant logo to provide information not only about the food establishment but the background on the kind of food that it serves as well. To help you create a restaurant logo that will suit on the needs of your business, we have gathered different examples of restaurant flat logos to serve as your references.

Fast Food Restaurant Logos

Creative Fast Food Restaurant Logo

Examples of Restaurant Logo

Minimal Fast Food Restaurant Logo

-Minimal Fast Food Restaurant Logo

Fast Food Restaurant PSD Logo

-Fast Food Restaurant PSD Logo

Pizza Restaurant Logos

Free Pizza Restaurant Logo

-Free Pizza Restaurant Logo

Pizza Restaurant Cartoon Logo

-Pizza Restaurant Cartoon Logo

Chicken Restaurant Logos

Black and White Chicken Restaurant Logo

-Black and White Chicken Restaurant Logo

Free Chicken Restaurant Logo

-Free Chicken Restaurant Logo

How to Make a Restaurant Logo

Creating a business logo used by restaurants should follow a process that will allow you to clearly decide on how you want your logo to present the restaurant business. Here are the steps that you may follow in creating a restaurant logo:

  • Browse through the items that we have presented in this post so you may have samples and guides in making your restaurant’s corporate logo. Being able to see existing restaurant logos will allow you to have inspirations and design ideas which you can incorporate to the restaurant logo that you would like to create.
  • Decide on the visuals that you would like your logo to have. The following items shall be planned out accordingly:
    • The colors that you want your logo to have
    • The combination of the colors of the restaurant logo and how it can represent your brand
    • The font style and color that you want to put in the logo, if you want to have text elements in it
    • The shape of the logo
    • Other design items which you think can help your logo stand out and be remembered easily
  • Once all the visual factors are identified, the next thing that you need to do is to draft the information that you would like these visuals to symbolize. You need to make sure that the modern logo combination of the materials that you will place in the logo has something to do with the restaurant’s offers and operations.
  • Open a software where you can design the logo. More so, you can also select to hire graphic artists which can help you create the design that you would like to have. Put together all the design materials and information that have been discussed above.
  • Decide on whether the initial design of the  vintage logo is already fine. You can ask the stakeholders of the business if there are some improvements that they would like to see or if there are items that are needed to be removed. Being able to know the opinion of important people in the restaurant operations can help you a lot in assuring that you will create a logo that can represent your restaurant business the best way possible.

Burger Restaurant Logos

Burger Restaurant Chalkboard Logo

Burger Restaurant Chalkboard Logo

Cafe Restaurant Logos

Editable Cafe Restaurant Logo

Editable Cafe Restaurant Logo

Free Cafe Restaurant Logo

Free Cafe Restaurant Logo

Creative Cafe Restaurant Logo

Creative Cafe Restaurant Logo

Family Restaurant Logos

Negative Space Family Restaurant Logo

Negative Space Family Restaurant Logo

Modern Family Restaurant Logo

Modern Family Restaurant Logo

Luxury Restaurant Logos

Luxury Food Restaurant Logo Example

Luxury Food Restaurant Logo Example

Luxury Coffee Restaurant Logo

Luxury Coffee Restaurant Logo

Modern Restaurant Logos

Black Modern Restaurant Logo

Black Modern Restaurant Logo

Modern Restaurant PNG Logo

Modern Restaurant PNG Logo

Modern Coffee Restaurant Logo


Modern Coffee Restaurant Logos

New Restaurant Logos

New Food Restaurant Logo

New Food Restaurant Logo

New Restaurant Business Logo

New Restaurant Business Logo

Common Restaurant Logo Design Items

Using common restaurant logo design items can showcase the entire restaurant and the brand that it would like to present to its customers.

Design items which company’s use in their own unique ways to make their logo stand out is an effective method to identify the business as a food-centered establishment while veering away from being connected or similarly compared to other restaurants.

Some of these items used in creating restaurants’ logo designs are as follows:

  • Kitchen utensils. It has been popular for restaurants to use kitchen utensils as a design of their company logos. Some of these items include knives, spoons, forks, plates and other kitchen wears. More so, there are restaurants who also use chef uniforms, spatula, and other cooking utensils as designs of their logo. Specific symbols can also imply to particular food establishments. As an example, a rolling pin can symbolize that a restaurant specialized in pizza, breads, and other bakery goods.
  • Flags. Restaurants use flags as a design of their logo to provide information about the country where their food offers either originates or are inspired from. Using a flag is presented as a background of the logo, within the name of the restaurant, or as small design details on specific areas of the  business logo. Having a flag in the restaurant logo will allow customers to easily identify the cuisine that a restaurant can provide to them.
  • Food items. If you want to be direct with offering the food product that you have for your customers, then using food items or food-inspired icons will help you do just that. This kind of design incorporation is helpful if your restaurant specializes on a particular food like burgers, pasta dishes, ice cream and the likes.
  • Icons related to food. Subtle design touches can also be applied to restaurant logos. As an example, food smokes can be placed on top of the restaurant’s name to relay details that their establishment serves freshly cooked foods.
  • Branding statement. Some logos does not only contain images and designs. Aside from the name of the restaurant, a branding statement may be added to the  photography logo to make it more informational. A few restaurants use quotations while some place information about their food or when the restaurant started serving the public. Make sure that the branding statement that you will use is short and precise so to create a logo that is not awkwardly done or text-heavy.

Round Burger Restaurant Logo

Free Burger Restaurant Logo

Free Burger Restaurant Logo

Rustic Restaurant Logos

Rustic Cafe Restaurant Logo

Rustic Cafe Restaurant Logo

Round Restaurant Logos

Round Fast Food Restaurant Logo

Round Fast Food Restaurant Logo

Round Cafe Restaurant Logo

Round Cafe Restaurant Logo

Round Burger Restaurant Logo

Round Burger Restaurant Logo

Vintage Restaurant Logos

Vintage Pizza Restaurant Logo

Vintage Pizza Restaurant Logo

Vintage Restaurant Bar Logo

Vintage Restaurant Bar Logo

Vector Restaurant Logos

Free Vector Restaurant Logo

Free Vector Restaurant Logo

Black and White Restaurant Vector Logo

Black and White Restaurant Vector Logo

Creative Restaurant Logos

Sample Creative Restaurant Logo

Sample Creative Restaurant Logo

Things to Consider When Creating a Restaurant Logo

Having an appealing and well-thought restaurant logo can provide a lot of advantages to the business in terms of how the market will perceive the brand. Creating a wedding logo should be based on the following factors:

  • The nature of operations of the restaurant where the modern logo will be used.
  • The menu or the type of food that the restaurant offers to its customers.
  • The theme of the restaurant.
  • The target market of the restaurant.
  • The relevance of the logo to the overall branding of the restaurant.
  • The representation of a restaurant or food establishment.
  • The symbol of what the customers can expect with the restaurant’s services and food offers.

Guidelines in Creating a Restaurant Logo

If you want to make the logo of your restaurant, here are some items that you should always remember:

  • Trends in logo creation may be considered but you need to keep in mind that trends come and go. Make sure that the restaurant logo that you will create has a classic design which the restaurant may use for a long period of time. May it be a three dimension logo or a flat logo design that you will use, make sure that the final output will showcase the company’s image the best way possible.
  • Your restaurant logo must be related and relevant to your restaurant. Do not make a restaurant logo just for the sake of creating one. A restaurant logo must be aligned with the restaurant operations, the overall feel  event invitation of the restaurant, and other items that have been discussed above. Again, your restaurant logo is one of your branding tools. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you will find time and place efforts to create it accordingly.
  • Be aware of the design that you will put together in the logo. Your restaurant logo must be created precisely so design items will not be all over the place. Design items should be organized and well placed within the logo format so it can bring the maximum potential of the logo’s visuals.

Restaurant logos may be just small details that make up a restaurant’s brand. However, having one that can truly strike and grab the attention of current and prospective markets can be the strength of a business in terms of sales, marketing, and new market acquisition.

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