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In the business world, it is not just money that matters— relationships as well! We all hold different positions in our respective companies and each of us play a different role in achieving goals for the company we work for. And it is a fact that we don’t only work for salary alone, but for growth as a professional.

It is also a fact that we can never survive corporate life alone. We can’t only limit our relationships to mainly our immediate supervisors or managers. Yes, focusing on your work is important and you don’t want to be distracted when in doing your daily tasks, but there always comes a time where your social skills help you become more effective and productive in the workplace. You may also see wedding greeting cards.

Here is where greeting cards come into play. Greeting cards are helpful when you will be giving it to a new employee as he/she starts his tenure with your company, to a colleague as he gets promoted, to a manager as he plans on to entire retirement, to fellow co-workers as they get married, etc. Listed below are some attractive yet very affordable business card designs and examples you can use for your own company. Check them out!

Holiday Business Greeting Card Example

Holiday Business Greeting Card

Secret Women’s Business Greeting Card Example

Secret Women's Business Greeting Card

Christmas Greeting Business Card Example

Christmas Greeting Business Card

Fun Modern Business Greeting Card Example

Fun Modern Business Greeting Card

Reasons For Giving Out Business Greeting Cards

Business greeting cards have different purposes but they play a very significant role in building and strengthening relationships. As a CEO, manager, or even a rank-and-file employee, you must maintain a healthy relationship not only with your colleagues but your clients and other stakeholders as well. Sending greeting cards is one way to ensure that the relationships last and are not only limited inside the confines of the office. Listed below are other reasons for sending out business greeting cards. You may also see creative greeting cards

1. Strengthen current business relationships

As stated above, you can enhance your relationships with colleagues by giving out business greeting card. Although it is not common to give greeting cards in this digital age as people can reach or contact each to other online (i.e. Gmail, Messenger, Skype, Viber, etc.). But the great thing about greeting cards is that they exude a nostalgic vibe, as if they are sent back to the 90’s and the decades before that. You can take this opportunity and give your card recipient a vintage experience.

2. Attract new customers or clients

When you have a prospect or client, you can give him business greeting cards as well. This is to show that you acknowledge your client and that you value the time he spent or currently spends with you. This will, in effect lead the client into thinking that you are serious in whatever you dealings or transactions you both are currently involved in. Don’t worry if other people within your company thinks that you are only doing it to close the deal. It is one way to build a relationship with individuals who will play a part in your company’s long-term success. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

3. Show appreciation

When you are handing out business greeting cards, make sure that you are showing appreciation to your recipient. For example, if your recipient is a co-worker who received a promotion, you may acknowledge that promotion in the greeting card. The recipient will certainly feel appreciative that you took time in acknowledging his achievement. You may also see vacation greeting cards.

Customized Business Greeting Card Example

Customized Business Greeting Cards

Printable Funny Business Greeting Card Example

Printable Funny Business Greeting Card

Business Greeting Card Mockup Example

Business Greeting Card Mockup

Metal Business Holiday Greeting Card Example

Metal Business Holiday Greeting Card

Business Valentine’s Card Example

Business Valentine's Card

Business Greeting Card Etiquette

Why do we conform to etiquette in giving out business cards? This is because you don’t want your actions to be misunderstood by the card’s recipient. Even if you have the best intentions in giving out the card, the recipient might still be offended in some of the card’s details. The next section will give you tips on how to devise a greeting card that observes proper etiquette in terms of text and design. You may also see floral greeting cards.

1. Greeting cards have to be of quality

Let your card recipients (either co-works or clients) feel that they are special. It does not matter if they are handmade or bought, a little customization goes a long way and won’t feel like that the card was picked from a card store and given directly to the recipient. You may also see disney greeting cards.

2. Customize your cards

When you opt for pre-printed greeting cards, make sure you add a short handwritten text (including the recipient’s address in card’s envelope) and affix your signature at the end. Try calligraphy for this even if you are not adept in using calligraphy. This adds to the overall professionalism and elegance of the greeting card. Similar to the statement above, it will not look like the card was hurriedly bought from a local greeting card store and given immediately to the recipient. For handmade cards meanwhile, there is no limit on the customization you can apply in these types of cards. You may also see anniversary greeting cards.

3. Be polite and use name titles

You must address your recipient by his or her title. It will sound more polite and professional. For example, use “Ms. Mary Lim” instead of “Mary Lim” or, for couples, use “Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lim” instead of “Mary Lim and Mark Lim”. Note that when addressing a couple, it is customary for people to disregard the name of the wife and only include the name of the husband along with their surname (as seen in the example above). You may also see birthday greeting cards.

4. Observe tradition and culture

You have to ensure the content is appropriate for your recipient. For example, observe if your recipient is celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa. You definitely don’t want to be giving a “Happy Hanukah” greeting card when your recipient is celebrating Christmas every year with his/her family. You may also see photo greeting cards.

5. Deliver cards on time

Make sure you deliver your cards on time, every time. If you are sending out cards during the holidays, avoid the holiday rush as there are sure to be delays during those seasons. Additionally, you want to be prompt when the cards are given to the recipient as they should coincide with the purpose on why you are giving the card. For example, don’t give out a birthday card to a colleague after he celebrated his birthday a week before. You may also see pokemon greeting cards.

In Brief

Know that your business greeting card is not just a mere sheet of paper with decorations. It helps builds relationships with colleagues as well as clients. To help you on what business greeting card designs to choose and purchase, check out our collection above. They maybe pre-designed, but you can always add a little spin to them and customize to your own purpose or event.

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