Blank Greeting Card

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Blank Greeting Card

Greeting cards, even after the advent of technology, had not lost its significance and have almost become our tradition during celebrations and holidays or even just to express sentiments. Although cards nowadays are being replaced with online greetings, the traditional, tangible cards are still far off from the point of its extinction. Many people are still and will still continue to use and to choose tangible greeting cards as there is a personal touch when a greeting card is received.

It is particularly true that it is easy to send messages online than to hand over tangible cards personally. Through online, you can send greetings in a snap and you can send them to everyone you wanted to greet including those that you can’t approach in person. That is the advantage and at the same time disadvantage of online greetings. You can utilize the internet as your avenue to extend your greetings to person or persons you are shy to approach personally. However, you will forever not be confident to do it unless you will try to do it. And, although other persons may send your greeting card on your behalf, tangible greeting cards have a sense of personal touch. You may also like the thank-you greeting cards.

Even today, commercialized greeting cards are still in the spotlight, with templates specifically designed to fit into different occasions and celebrations. While most cards are somewhat related to these, many are also looking for a blank greeting card so they themselves will have the freedom to write and do anything on its surface. Aside from that, blank greeting cards have several disadvantages over those that have already templated with them. You may also like the business cards.

Below are the advantages of blank greeting cards. You can also find different examples of blank greeting cards as you go further in your reading.

Advantages of Blank Greeting Cards

1. Freedom in Words

As blank greeting cards’ nature evolves having a blank space where you can pour out your soul through your message, you have the freedom in constructing your sentence appropriate for your purpose while creating the greeting card. It is like you are the writer of your own book where you are free to write anything you want for an audience, in this case, your recipient, or to express your thoughts. You may also like the congratulations greeting cards.

Additionally, unlike those cards that already contain with them pre-printed messages or greetings, in blank greeting cards, you must gather your own thoughts and arrange them all in a limited-sized paper. Some may take this as a disadvantage as not everybody can put their ideas smoothly on a paper; some may run out of words or just don’t know where to start. You may also like the graduation thank-you cards.

2. Freedom in Design

Aside from the text, there are some greeting cards that are of little to minimal design. These calls for an edit or an additional design by the sender. In these types of cards, you are free to design whatever you want and nobody will stop you from adding heavy and intricate details. But, note that too much design can sometimes result in the design overpowering the entire greeting card including the text. Thus, you must also be sensitive in your design. You may also like anniversary greeting cards.

Another point to consider is the relevance of your design to your message. Although we usually see in commercialized greeting cards that the designs seem to be a one-size-fits-all design, there are some instances where you find that some design does not go along with your message, and you have to be mindful of it.

3. Personal

Lastly, having a blank greeting card is like having a personal freedom—freedom from all those ready-made designs and templates. Moreover, you get to keep a personal touch on your card, and this personal touch will extend to your recipient. And we all love personalized things, don’t we? You may also like the graduation greeting cards.

Blank Greeting Card Examples

Blank Flower Greeting Card

Thanksgiving Printable Greeting Bundle

Thanksgiving Printables Bundle

Blank Greeting Card Example

Blank Greeting Card Template

Easter Blank Greeting Card

Blank Greeting Card in Fabric

Blank Greeting Card with Florals

Blank Floral Greeting Card

Christmas Greeting Card Template

Christmas Greeting Card Template

Christmas Ornament Greeting Card

Abstract Greetings Card

Blank Greeting Card with Flowers

Christmas Card with Blank Paper

Christmas Card with Blank Paper

Blank Greeting Card and Envelope Mock-Up

Watercolor Blank Greeting Card

Romantic Greeting Card

Romantic greeting card

Greeting Card Photoshop Mock-Up

Single Black Greeting Card with White Envelope

Blue Greeting Card with Teddy Bear

Blue Greeting Card with Teddy Bear

Important Points to Take Note of while Creating Greeting Cards

If you are considering to personalize your greeting cards, here are some pointers that you might want to consider. These can be applied to all types of greeting cards that you are planning to create.

1. Be Clear on your Purpose

Your purpose in creating your greeting card must be clear to the recipient especially when you are giving a card to show your sentiment. As mentioned above, greeting cards have several purposes. One of its purposes is for celebrations like birthday, graduation, promotion, retirement, and other events. You might think that greeting cards are already outdated when it comes to these, but most certainly, a person whom you give your card will surely appreciate your effort. You can also send greeting cards along with your gift, birthday gift for example. You may also like the Christmas greeting cards.

Another purpose is for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. Greeting cards sent on these days are not only for greetings but also to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them and you are someone who still cares even if you are apart and distance and time may hinder your meeting. You may also like the printable thank-you cards.

Lastly, greeting cards are also used for expressing sentiments like apologizing, thanking someone, saying someone you miss him or her, expressing your sympathy, and even just wanting to greet a simple hello. Whatever your reason may be, make sure that the design is appropriate for the event or occasion or the purpose of the card as some people might be sensitive to this. You may also see the birthday greeting cards.

2. Substance over Form

This simply means that the content is more precious than the design. If you are a third person reading someone’s greeting card sent by another person and have no personal connection with them, reading the greeting card can be mere plain for you as you are just looking at the tip of the iceberg. You don’t know what is beneath the surface as you can’t read between the lines. You may also like the holiday greeting cards.

The form may mean the design of the card. It could also mean the font or even the overall layout of your greeting card. These things, although are necessary for visual enhancement, cannot equate the depth of feelings expressed through the content or the substance of the card. What is a great design if your words are empty? Therefore, the top priority in making greeting cards should not only revolve around the designs but on the content as well. You may also like the personal business cards.

3. Give not Merely to Impress but to Express

While sending a greeting card, it is unavoidable that we sometimes want the sender to note a memorable impression on us, the sender. However, that is not the true purpose of greeting cards as greeting cards are made so that we can extend our expression of greetings to the recipient for, harsh as it may seem, it is the recipient that is the subject of this matter, not you. Greeting cards can also be an avenue to express someone your appreciation for their achievement or the positive changes that have come in their lives. It also can be used to show that you are supporting them even in the smallest way you can. You may also like the funny greeting cards.

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