15+ Examples of Animated Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have been part of our lives for centuries now since the earliest known handmade holiday greeting card became available in the market in 1400. They have witnessed, shared, and conveyed several emotions including happiness, excitement, gratitude, love, surprise, and many others. As years passed and modernization comes, best greeting cards come in parallel with the advent of technology. Animated greeting cards, an example is the augmented reality cards, became widely available since the introduction of digital cards or ecards.

To give you examples of these cards, below are the different designs of animated greeting cards that you can choose from. You may also check on other examples of greeting card designs:

Examples of Animated Greeting Cards

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Advantages of Greeting Card Software

Most of the people would probably agree that the digital world had provided us the comfort of our life in some ways. Although there are disadvantages of digitization, the amount of advantages is significantly greater compared to the risk brought about by the digitization. You may also see DIY Greeting Card Designs.

Greeting card industries developed a way to create a greeting card in bulk but with different designs. They create a software that can make creative greeting cards more personalized in only a short period of time. As opposed to the handmade greeting cards, they require less effort and time to complete, and as opposed to the pre-printed greeting cards in stores, they can be personalized according to your preference, the reasons for greeting card software to be beneficial.

Here is the breakdown of the advantages of greeting card software:

1. Reduction of Costs

Money matters is a big issue for everyone because of the financial difficulties that most of us are facing. People constantly look for cheaper alternatives for everything. Upon the launching of greeting card software, people found this tool beneficial since it reduces the cost required for expensive handmade greeting cards. With this tool, you can create as many cards as you want for a cost lower than the pre-printed one. Hence, people can usually save by creating floral greeting cards with this software rather creating a handmade card, buying a handmade card, or buying a pre-printed one.

2. Reduction of Labor

As compared to the effort exerted in creating a handmade printable greeting card, creating a card with a greeting card software can significantly lower the labor you need to perform to the greeting card. You can save your energy and spend it on other important matters rather than dwelling on creating the greeting card just to have them personalized. Your labor will not be in vain and when you commit an error, you can immediately delete them as opposed to handmade greeting cards where there is no room for blatant mistakes. You still need to think of alternatives in dealing with errors committed to making a handmade greeting card. You may also see Photo Greeting Card Designs.

3. You Can Personalize Your Card

Pre-designed greeting cards are the usual things available in the market and you have no choice but to choose from the available designs. You may be able to modify the parts or insert your personal message in the content, but you never have the privilege of personalizing your own card. But with the help of greeting card software, you can now customize your own blank greeting card depending on the look you on the greeting card that you want to achieve. You can add designs of your choice and no one will stop you from excessively decorating your card if you want. Hence, it is more customer-friendly than the pre-designed ones.

4. Your Innovative Skills Will Be Increased

In creating a greeting card that the utilized the use of a greeting card software, your creative skills will be honed and your innovative skills will be increased. You became confident in designing your greeting card and you cannot blame anyone for not designing your thank you greeting card well. You have countless options in the symbols, clip arts, message, image, and graphics. Depending on the type of card you want to create, you can design them in that way. For those people who wanted to have freedom in their design for greeting cards, this is very suitable for them as they can have the liberty to design using their own creative skills.

5. You Can Modify the Pre-designed Card

There are also pre-designed cards that can serve as your basis in creating your own design. They are also a sort of inspiration when you are going to design your own card. They give you a hint of what you are going to design for a specific type of card. A great thing about this is you have a wide variety of options and inspirations in the design you want to achieve. Ultimately, you are not being held back to create a modification to the card, but in fact, you are encouraged to modify them and challenge yourself in creating own design. Aside from the design, you can also choose the size of the card that you wish to create. You may also see Watercolor Greeting Card Designs.

What Makes Animated Greeting Cards Cool?

Many people adopted the animated greeting card idea for decades now for they not only are cost effective and requires less hassle and effort in creating but also give a user a full control of the greeting card creation. So, what makes animated greeting cards cool? What makes them trendy in the market? What makes customers come back for more? This is because of the features that can be manipulated by the user according to his or her preference. People always wanted their greeting cards to be customized and personalized according to their wishes to make it more distinctive to the others and to let the recipient feel important and being cared for as evidenced by the greeting card that is specially made for him or her. You may also see Rustic Greeting Card Designs.

Here are the cool features of animated greeting cards that the users usually experienced.

1. Sassy Elements

In an animated greeting card, there are tons of layout designs, cartoon and clip arts, emoji or sticker, color, shape, etc. that you can choose from. These elements provide enhanced aesthetic to your overall greeting card. These make your greeting card full of emotions are ideas, making them distinct and a sort of upgraded version of the traditional vintage greeting card. Although you have the freedom as many stickers, emojis, and designs as you want, keep your greeting card simple and presentable especially when you are creating them for serious events and greetings. You yourself do not want to receive a condolence greeting card with a lot of stickers on it. Your intentions may be sincere, but your design may not support your intentions. Hence, understand the purpose of your greeting card and do not overdecorate your card.

2. Addition of Multimedia

Multimedia such as music, photos, videos, voice recording, and many others can be integrated to the overall design of the greeting card. This makes your greeting card more lively and presentable. As compared to the traditional greeting-card making, the improvement is evident and the options for the designs and multimedia are on a wide range. As long as you have an internet connection, you get the chance to see and create the design, add multimedia, or even receive romantic greeting cards from other people. This can be done more faster than sending them in person, as you can send them in just a glimpse.

3. Great Animations

With the application of advanced technologies, the animations become more and more upgraded than ever before. There is a significant improvement on the graphics, effects, and animations. These things, when incorporated in your greeting card, make it more funny and lively and can easily attract not only your recipient but also other people to try making their own greeting card. There are two effects that are clearly visible to the viewer: layout effects which is obviously the layout of your whole project and the screen effect that creates visual enhancement to your mobile screen, for example, the moment you receive your greeting card. This makes sending and receiving greeting cards more enjoyable and something that you look forward to. The emotions conveyed plus the artistic effects make a perfect greeting card that everyone is seeking. You may also see Fall Greeting Card Designs.

4. Real-Time Interactions

If you have created your own animated greeting card, you can trace in real-time the statistics of your project and real-time monitor the number of views to your creation. You can also set a calendar reminder for the card and conduct SMS interaction. If you are inviting a couple of guests and visitors, you can also post a poll or survey on who are willing to attend and you can track their response real-time. This is a great advantage as you can have a rough estimation on the number of guests you expect, making budgeting for the food, venue, and many others easy to prepare and plan. You may also see Congratulations Greeting Card Designs.

5. Fast Social Media Sharing

Because animated greeting cards are created online, you can immediately share them to your friends, whether you send them as a greeting card itself or you send them as a reference if ever they need to create your own love greeting cards. Through the different social media sites like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and many others, information on the internet can be quickly disseminated. You can also send the link in the abovementioned social media sites or through email. The moment that the user will click on your link, they will be immediately redirected to your work in a full thunder speed.


From the traditional paper cards, greeting cards make way for its evolution to animated and digital greeting cards. What makes these greeting cards cool appealing to the audience is that it has sassy elements, it incorporates animations by providing layout and screen effects, it provides real-time interactions, it can quickly be created, and it can be easily shared. You may also see Musical Greeting Card Designs.

With the introduction of greeting card software, the above things became possible. Its advantages are quite obvious and are enumerated as follows: costs in creating the card will be reduced, you can personalize your own card, you can enhance your innovative skills, and you will be challenged to modify the pre-designed card.

Hence, if you want to try the animated greeting cards, do not miss to check the examples we provided above.

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