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A postgraduate degree is something that most college graduates want to acquire these days. When we speak of these days, it doesn’t mean that postgraduate degrees were not available in years past; it wasn’t just accessible to most individuals and was also very expensive.

Today, thousands of schools and universities from around the world are now offering postgraduate degrees in different fields at very affordable prices. They even offer general scholarships for qualified individuals as long as the said individuals meet the requirements set by the university.

Postgraduate students are basically professionals minus the work experience. And like professionals, postgraduate students need simple email signatures when they will be having email transactions not only with their fellow colleagues but also with their instructors.

Postgraduate Student Email Signature Example

Tips in Creating a Postgraduate Email Signature

Listed below are some tips in creating a postgraduate email signature. As previously mentioned, postgraduate students are professionals minus the work experience. So it is very important that you present yourself in a professional and dignified manner through the email signature you create. You may also see company email signature examples.

1. Use a minimalist theme

As a postgraduate student, you will mostly be in contact with your peers and professors. Although you can use comical and fun themes for your peers, avoid it entirely when you will be having email conversations with your professors. To avoid switching from one general email signature to another, use a single email signature instead.

A minimalist or flat theme centers on minimalism and simplicity. This means that embellishments (i.e., shadows, bevels, gradients, or textures) are completely omitted from the design. Take for example tech giant Microsoft’s logo in 2006 and compare it with their logo in 2018. You can see the massive difference in the two designs, with the current logo being stripped down and having a very simple design. You may also like business email signature examples.

2. Also limit the use of colors

The minimalist theme also prohibits the use of numerous colors. Less color may prevent the email signature to be more colorful, but it makes the email signature look more professional. There are two options when using the color combinations for your email signature. The first option uses colors of the same hue or palette. The second option would be the use of contrasting colors.

The first option is more used in email signatures, although the second option is also a popular alternative. When using the first option, use one color for the text and other color for the background or email signature border. Take for example using black for the text and light gray for the background. The second option meanwhile focuses on using contrasting colors. Using this color combination is risky, but it adds to the uniqueness of the email signature (i.e., using orange and green, or red and blue).

3. Insert hyperlinks

Hyperlinks is a function that has been heavily used only a few years ago. Before, users would simply just copy the links to their respective websites but the clients could not click on the links. Now, clients can easily click on the links which redirects them to the user’s website and other online platforms. You may also check out corporate email signature examples.

For your email signature, insert the hyperlink for your LinkedIn page, blogs, or website. Avoid inserting hyperlinks for your Facebook as it is not a professional profile.

4. Include the name and logo of your school

Inserting the name and modern logo of your school does not just add aesthetics to your email signature. The name and logo of the school or university indicates that you are associated with the school, which adds to the prestige to the email signature.

Inserting the logo of the school adds to the design of the email signature. You don’t need to incorporate additional designs as the school or university logo acts can be used as the main design. You can simply add colors in the borders to add a little bit of aesthetics to the email signature. You might be interested in teacher email signature designs & examples.

Training Email Signature Example

Life Lessons to Survive Postgraduate Studies

If you thought college was challenging enough, then facing post grad is another animal you need to conquer. Although graduate school comprises less units and less study load, it doesn’t mean it’s easier. Listed below are some life lessons you should learn so that you can survive graduate school and hopefully graduate with the approval of your dean and smiling faces of your family and friends. You may also see sales email signature designs & examples.

1. You won’t learn much in graduate school

Why even go into grad school when you won’t even learn anything significant? Of course, the university registrar or the dean of your postgraduate program won’t tell you straight to your face you won’t be learning valuable information that you can use in your chosen field down the road. It’s just bad business. You may also like beauty parlor email signature designs & examples.

When individuals decide to enroll into grad school, they are given the presumption that the discussions will be more focused, industry experts will be invited to do lectures and do demonstrations, they will be given connections to make it easier for employment or entrepreneurship after graduation, and there will be more collaborative activities with the public and private sector.

Some of the things mentioned may be applicable in some schools, but in most schools, postgraduate classes are identical to college classes (i.e., discussion-exam-report-research-repeat).

Just like in college, topics are discussed at a breakneck pace which results in some important topics not being discussed thoroughly. Also, important topics in which students can later on utilize in their careers will not be further discussed as other topics or subject matters still need to be discussed in class. You may also check out music email signature designs & examples.

Since you won’t be learning much in grad school, do you still need to enroll? The answer is a definitive yes. You need the diploma when creating important networks with important people, and also for employment purposes. You just need to spend some extra time studying and researching about the topics being discussed during your class. You might be interested in human resource email signature designs & examples.

Additionally, you can ask advice from industry experts (for example, if you are enrolled in a public health master’s program, licensed doctors and medical practitioners are the best people you should talk to) to gain additional information regarding your postgraduate program.

2. Get a job

If you thought that getting a job is easier when you receive a postgraduate degree, then think again. Unfortunately, your diploma is simply not enough to land you that dream job. There is this notion that once a post grad diploma is obtained, life becomes easier. You may also see hotel travel email signature designs & examples.

This scenario usually happens when an employer is faced with a decision to hire an individual who has a master’s or PhD with zero work experience, or an individual who has relevant work experience but only has a college degree (or even a high school degree). 90% of the time, the employer hires the one who has more experience. You may also like content writer email signature designs & examples.

The reason for this that the individual simply has more experience than the other applicant. More experience equates to more skills acquired and more information obtained. Additionally, the employer no longer has to spend for additional training and workshops which becomes an expense for the company if they decide to hire the job applicant who has zero experience. You may also check out business manager email signature designs & examples.

That is the reason why you should get a job while you’re still in the midst of your postgraduate studies. This gives you valuable work experience in which can help you when applying for a new job or when you are aiming for a promotion. A full-time or part-time job will do, as long as it is related to your postgraduate program. Never apply for a job or go to a job fair without having work experience as there is a big chance you won’t get hired.

3. Your thesis is as important as your resume

When you are in your last year of graduate school, you will likely be working on your thesis or dissertation. It is very important that you write about a topic that is relevant to the field you will be working in after you graduate. For a master’s or PhD graduate, the final research work, which is the thesis/dissertation, carries the same weight as the resume or CV.

There are students who choose an easier topic or a topic that does not provide any social or technological benefits. The thesis eventually comes off as a passion project or hobby rather than a topic which can gain more connections and employment opportunities.

When college graduates take time in perfecting their resume, there should also be no reason for you not to take time in perfecting your thesis or dissertation. But remember when you are applying for a job, you don’t submit your 50-page thesis, just a general summary (abstract) together with the resume.

4. Find important connections

Starting from scratch after finishing graduate school is not the best way to start your career. You already have two degrees, and the last thing you want to do is work for an entry level job and receive a very low salary. That is the reason why you should find and establish long-term connections while still enrolled in grad school. These connections will help you after graduation and place you in a position where you can advance your career. You might be interested in wedding planner email signature examples.

As previously mentioned, most schools don’t expose their students to industry experts and successful individuals. If that is the case for your graduate program, make yourself known and introduce yourself to people who are accomplished in their respective fields. But you don’t have to look far if you have colleagues or professors who are successful in their own right. You may also see Web developer email signature examples.

Establishing connections does not mean befriending people for your own personal gain. The connections you establish should be long term and should last even after you have already carved your own successful career path.

We hope you found this article to be informative and helpful as you will be creating your own postgraduate email signature. As previously mentioned, postgraduate students are basically professionals minus the work experience. And like professionals, postgraduate students need email signatures when they will be having formal email transactions not only with their fellow colleagues but also with their instructors.

In this article, we also provided examples that you can purchase at very affordable prices. These examples will aid you in creating the perfect postgraduate email signature.

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