Easter Greeting Card Designs

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Aside from it being a holy event for Christians, it is also a time where kids hunt some beautiful and multi-colored Easter eggs and families go on a vacation trip. Easter is also conveniently timed during summer in some countries, while spring in other countries, truly a great time to go out and enjoy the weather.

Since Easter is a highly celebrated holiday, there will be lots of events that are sure to be lined up. To complement your Easter event, you should consider using greeting cards. We have provided some Easter greeting cards for you to purchase and use for your own event. Check them out below!

So, if you are planning to give someone a greeting card, you may choose from our designs below for some reference. You may also check other greeting cards as well:

Happy Easter Greeting Card Example

Happy Easter Greeting Card

Simple Easter Greeting Card Example

Simple Easter Greeting Card

Easter Card Hipster Design Example

Easter Card Hipster Design

Colorful Easter Greeting Card Example

Colorful Easter Greeting Card

3 Easter Greeting Cards Bundle Example

3 Easter Greeting Cards

Easter Collection Bundle

Easter—a Huge Collection

Playful Easter Greeting Card Example

Playful Easter Greeting Card

Easter Traditions and Symbols

1. Go to Church

Going to church is probably the oldest and most popular Easter tradition. It began during the ancient times, and continues up to this day. Despite what denomination Christians are in, Easter masses and services are held around the world to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection to save humanity of its sins. You may also see best greeting card designs & examples

2. Easter Egg Hunting

Easter egg hunting is up there with going to church as the most popular Easter events. In some countries, Easter egg hunting gets ahead while in other countries, church-going is more popular. This activity is mostly done by children, but adults can always join in the fun and help the kids find those very colorful Easter eggs.

3. Buy or Make Your Own Easter Bunny Design

Easter is never complete without its famous mascot: the Easter Bunny. The origins of the Easter Bunny is unknown up to this day, but it is said the pagans in one of their festivals called the Eostre, used the rabbit as a symbol for Eostre who was the goddess of fertility. For your own Easter event, you can always design an Easter Bunny yourself, cutting your costs which you can use the extra cash for other activities. Just do a Google search and you will be greeted with a hundred easy DIY tutorials. You may also see diy greeting card designs & examples.

4. Musical Celebrations

Even during the ancient times, music has always been a staple in every celebration. It lightens up the mood and keeps people entertained. Today, Easter dance parties and music festivals are held all over the world to celebrate Easter. If you thougt Halloween and New Year’s Eve are the only only holidays where people go out and party, think again. You may also like thank you greeting cards.

5. Baptism

Many people believe that baptizing children on Easter Sunday brings good luck not only to the child, but to the entire family. Hence, thousands of babies being baptized on Easter Sunday. You may also check out floral greeting card examples.

6. Easter Feast

When Easter feast comes into your mind, you might be thinking that only egg is being served (scrambled egg, sunny side up egg, deviled egg, poached egg, eggs hollandaise, etc.). Thankfully, you’re wrong. Easter is just not about the eggs, but a variety of dishes cooked with some of the finest and freshest ingredients. Roasted chicken, glazed ham, lamb chops, carrot cake, fried herring and hot cross buns are some traditional yet sumptuous Easter dishes you can whip out for your family and friends. You may also see star wars greeting card examples.

7. Easter Games

While the Easter feast is still being prepared, why not play some Easter-themed games while waiting? As long as you have a raw or hard boiled egg in hand and the cooperation of your guests, then it will surely become a fun activity that everyone will surely enjoy. One game you can play is “tap the egg” or “egg-knocking”, where one team breaks the eggs of the other team while keeping their own eggs in tact. Another game you can also play is “egg-rolling”, where two teams or even two persons compete to roll eggs until the finish line without breaking the said eggs. You may also see corporate greeting card examples.

Hand-Painted Easter Greeting Card Example

Hand-Painted Easter Greeting Card

Happy Easter Cards Watercolor Example

Happy Easter Cards Watercolor

Vintage Easter Greeting Card

Vintage Easter Greeting Card

Custom Easter Greeting Cards Example

Custom Easter Greeting Cards

Easter Holiday Greeting Card Example

Easter Holiday Greeting Card

Floral Easter Greeting Card Example

Floral Easter Greeting Card

Easter Traditions and Symbols (continuation)

8. Send Easter Greeting Cards

Since this article is all about greeting cards in the first place, why not include sending out greeting cards as an Easter tradition? In actuality, greeting cards are not only given out during Easter but on all holidays including Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. So, it is not a tradition not only on Easter but for other holidays as well. Despite technology taking over, you may be surprised that greeting cards are still widely used and widely sold. You may also check out cat greeting card examples.

9. Watch an Easter Parade

Around the world, Easter parades are being held. The most famous parade is the one held in New York, where people and various animals are dressed in rather outlandish costumes, similar to circus performers. You may also see mammal greeting card designs and examples.

10. Making and Eating Chocolate Eggs

Since Easter is commonly associated with an egg, people found a way to make the egg more creative as well as appetizing. Hence, milk or dark chocolates formed in a shape of an egg was born. It began in the 1800’s and has become very popular up to this day as numerous brands sell egg-shaped chocolates. You may also like examples of animated greeting cards.

11. Family Get Together

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter is to have a family get-together. Remember that family does not have to be an immediate relative, but friends can also be considered as family. Enjoy the company of your family as you go to the beach, the mountains, the mall, the park, or anywhere as long as you get to spend quality with them. As previously mentioned, Easter falls on different seasons depending on which country you live in. If it’s summer, the beach is always a great choice while if it’s spring, the park is always a great place to hang out. You may also like examples of holiday greeting cards.

12. Watching Easter Themed Films

No, this doesn’t mean you have to watch a documentary about the history of Easter on National Geographic. There are numerous Hollywood films that focus on Easter related themes such as bunnies, chocolates, and spring/summer. Some of the films you can binge-watch include Wallace and Gromit (1989), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Blue Crush (2002), Space Jam (1996), Eat Pray Love (2010), and Easter Parade (1948) just to name a few. You may also see birthday greeting card examples.

13. Easter Basket Opening

It is not only in Christmas where gifts are being opened, but in Easter as well, albeit in a basket instead of a gift-wrapped box. Easter baskets are mostly filled with varieties of food in which the whole family can enjoy.

14. Easter Tree Decorating

Did you know that an Easter Tree actually existed? It began in Sweden in 1961 where women decorated trees with bird feathers. These days, bird feathers are still being used as decorations but other decorations having Easter-related designs are now being incorporated. You may also like vacation greeting card examples

26. Bible Story-Telling

Never forget that Easter is also a religious event, and one of the activities held on Easter Sunday especially for children, is bible story-telling. This is a great way for children to know that Easter is not all about Easter eggs, rabbits, and chocolates, but the time when Jesus ressurected from the dead after sacrificing himself to save humanity of its sins. There are numerous lessons in which children can learn from Christ’s ressurection, such as selflessness, sacrifice, love and perserverance. You may also like naruto greeting card designs & examples


Whatever activity you do this Easter, make sure to keep its real meaning in your hearts. Be thankful that Christ risked his own life for yours and that you won’t be walking in this Earth if it wasn’t for him. Additionally, to spread the love this coming Easter Sunday, purchase one of our magnificent Easter greeting card designs in which you can give out to your family and friends. You may also check out wedding greeting card designs & examples

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