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13+ Company Email Signature Examples in HTML | Photoshop

Leaving a trademark on any business activity that your company partakes is necessary to leave a lasting brand impression on both your existing and prospective consumers. There have been developments of these brand trademarks that can be obviously spotted in any forms of business transactions. Marketing advertisements, such as company brochures and advertising flyers, can be easily identified by consumers because of the unique trademark that can be easily distinguished from the rest of the brand’s competitors. However, this trademark is not limited to marketing advertisements.

Since the world has evolved from the conventional practices of communicating, communication has become convenient particularly in exchanging business information. Emails have played a huge role in the progress of various business in the current generation. To properly communicate with stakeholders and consumers, your emails have to appear professional to disseminate company values without uttering a word.

Company CEO Email Signature Example

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Company Director Email Signature

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Real Estate Company Email Signature

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To do this, you have to come up with a professional email signature that best reflects your company values. Uncertain of how making one effective? Check out the samples below and use them as your guidelines to get the job done easier. But if you find a particular sample that speaks so much of your company values, feel free to download these affordable samples.

Modern Company E-signature

Custom Company Email Signature

Hoop Company E-Signature

HTML Professional Company E-Signature Templates

Simple Modern Company Email Signature

Company Business Email Signature

Reasons Why a Company Needs Company Email Signature

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions via feedback emails or client emails can make a huge difference depending on the content of your email message and the way that it’s constructed. The difference referred by the latter can either be positive or negative, and your company has control over this by constructing a well-developed email signature. Although this only consists of few lines, the ways on how your company operates can be discovered through this by consumers and business partners. Still not convinced? Below is a list of reasons why your company needs to consider the significance of email signatures when doing business transactions via email:

  • This radiates your company’s values. A company website might be a good way of convincing prospective employees and consumers to be a part of your family by providing all the good services, quality products, and likable benefits. But, the latter can be proven null when you communicate with these prospectives ineffectively. To fortify the conviction of what your company website promises to the public, create an email signature. The output of your email signature gives your recipients how well your company keeps professionalism in any activities it indulges, no matter how busy the work operations are.
  • Company email signature helps in attending inquiries or immediate responses. An email signature provides company contact details increasing the chances of getting an email response from the advertisements you are going to send via emails. This is because you can add icons of digital platforms that your company makes use of. Not only that, there’s a good chance to direct your recipients to your company website by adding a CTA (call-to-action) button. This call-to-action button needs to be succinct in delivering information rather than ambiguous to set proper expectations regarding where the CTA button lands them to another website. From this, you will not be wasting your prospective’s time which is a plus in keeping your company’s positive impressions lustrous.
  • Company email signatures allow recipients to know from which department the email message is sent. A business consists of varied departments which functions differently, although having similar business visions. In the case of sending an email from your department to another department for purposes of conducting a business meeting or conference, the recipient has the right to know from which department is the email coming from. Email signature has lots of purposes and one is for easy tracking should there be an occurrence grave business matters caused by an email. Additionally, an email containing an issue from another department that is distributed to others increases credibility and allows workforces to know how other departments function.

Six Ways of Attaining an Exemplary Company Email Signature

Coming up with the company email signature can be a real challenge, considering that other companies are making use of this. Any activities in a business have to be competitive including email signature. Remember, it is your trademark and you can’t afford your company email signature to just disappear into the shadows of your competitors’ email signatures. To help you achieve this, we provide you with excellent strategies which you may fully take advantage of:

  1. Be Considerate of People Who Read Emails via Cell Phones

    A cell phone is the most convenient device to check on your email since you can have full access to it wherever you go. Reading a lengthy email on it while scrolling down can lead to disinterest regarding what business information is disseminated. This disinterest leads to ignoring important matters that are discussed in it. You have to make certain that the content of your email message is succinct and the other email elements brief, lest your company email signature be ignored. This can also be contained by using smaller font sizes– just enough for the content of the email to be comprehensible. You might be tempted to add relevant images or GIFs in your email if the email is intended to market something, but then again this makes recipients scroll down further. It would be best not to do so; besides, the email signature makes a good advertising tool already.

  2. Increase Contact Information Details without Wasting any Lines or Spaces

    An email signature should only be limited to four lines of text. Adding too many contact details in it can be achieved without exceeding the four-line limit. This can be achieved by adding social media icons on your email signature. For example, your recipients can contact you via Facebook to ask for inquiries or be updated on your business updates by clicking the “Like” or “Follow” button. The icons can be arranged simultaneously in a line. You have to remember that not everyone has the time to read their emails through their computers, and scrolling through their cellphones just to take note of all the contact details provided on your email signature is an unpleasant experience. This makes a horrendous advertising, and that’s is definitely one thing you wish to avoid.

  3. Limit Your Creativity

    If you are the type of the person who likes to overdo things, then it’s best not to have that character when developing a professional email signature. Applying designs and heavy colors are not needed and have the potential to nullify the purpose of your email signature. There is a huge tendency that the attention of your recipients might be focused on the design or colors rather than the information on your email signature. Additionally, having the quality of being too much can blur out the content of your email signature. Keep everything neat and comprehensive at the same time appealing.

  4.  Utilize the Right Style of Font

    Using the right style of font to apply in your company email signature is far too important to just be disregarded. The limit mentioned in the third method also applies to the font style. There are typefaces that speak so much of our personality. Since you are going to create an email signature that communicates your company values, your personal taste has to be set aside. The font styles Arial, Tahoma, New Times Roman, and Calibri are the most recommendable. These fonts immensely add conviction to your email messages.

  5.  Put Your Picture in It or Brand’s Logo

    Having your picture or company logo as a part of your email signature makes remembering your email easier. When you are advertising business products and services through email, recipients will remember and naturally take note of what is promoted despite not having any needs or desire for the promoted product, service, or event. According to psychological studies, a content that contains colored images of people is easily remembered than those without or with but in black and white. Since you can also put your company logo in it, advertising anything using emails will be a whole lot easier– that is if your business logo is as appealing as your email signature. And, too, your picture or logo allows your email signature to stand out from the business competition by means of being a distinguishable trademark.

  6. Keep Everything that Works

    It’s natural for any practices applied in business to evolve while getting rid of those which are no longer deemed effective or necessary. In regards to an email signature, you might have been acquainted with old-fashioned email signatures back then which you think was commendable– and, still think is. If you think that using some of the traditional practices makes your company email signature exemplary, then you may definitely use them. Being up-to-date comes with absolute necessity to a business, but sometimes keeping up with the fad causes familiarity that breeds to appeal blindness.

Multiuse E-signature

Responsive Builder Email Signature

Colored Company E-Signatures

Minimalistic Company Email Signature

Concise Company Email Signature

The body of your email is not the only thing you need to worry about for the other elements also need your attention, especially to email signatures. To a company, an email signature’s function is an integral part when making transactions online. Having known of the importance and strategies in making an email signature, you need to take extra measures in coming to a final decision about how you will structure your email signature before implementing it to the workforces; otherwise, the downfall of your company will be fast and inevitable.

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