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Corporate logos are said to be the face of the company. Whether it is a restaurant logo or a business logo, a company should provide a symbol that will convey the company’s unique identity. From fonts to images, down to the color of a logo—all of these are essential, as they can be used to identify your company’s core brand.

The base of your company should be the logo. It is the first thing the customer will see when selecting a product. The logo designs should convey the company’s principles and standards as it will leave a mark on the people who will use its products and services.

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Importance of a Logo in a Company

The logo is also a way for a company to advertise. The company’s logo should always be there in their product, in their website, and even in their promotional materials to create company branding. (Check out our marketing plan examples.) The logo is another way for the company to say, “This is me and this is how you should know me.” Choosing the correct logo for your company is very essential. But why is it important?

  • It creates a good first impression. We all judge something based on their appearance, right? Same goes with a company. Your  flat logo is the face of your company. It is the very first thing that a customer would see. So, a good-looking logo results in a good first impression and a lasting impact on your company.
  • It attracts more customers. An impressive and effective logo can encourage more customers to do business with your company or buy more of your products.
  • It makes your company stand out from the rest. There are lots of companies that have the same business as you or sell the same products. (Which reminds me, we also have a variety of sales reports.) One way to make your company stand out from among the rest is to establish a unique logo.
  • It creates loyal customers. A remarkable logo can make your best customer stay with your company. They are less likely to try something new because they know that your brand and logo is credible.
  • It makes your company look professional. Having a professional business logo means you are dedicated and you are good at what your business should do. It wards off the message that your company is not trustworthy and not sensible.
  • Customers can easily recognize your company. An effective logo can easily help the customer identify your company.

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What Are the Types of Logos?

There are a number of different types of logo. Each one has its own style. Although a logo is combination of text and images, each type gives your company a distinct feel. Logos are categorized into 5 different styles, and these are Wordmark Logos, Lettermark Logos, Brandmark Logos, Combination Mark Logos, and Emblem Logos.

  • Wordmark Logos — This type of logo is commonly used by a company with distinctive name, since they use their company’s name as their main logo. This is common in most restaurant logos.
  • Lettermark Logos — This type of logo is just like the wordmark logo, since they only consist of text. But lettermark logos use only the initials of the company’s name (hence “letter” mark). Companies use this kind of style especially when the name of their company is relatively long or hard to pronounce.
  • Brandmark Logos — This type of logo only uses a symbol or icon, as some companies believes that it expresses more ideas than a text-like logo can. This kind of logo is also useful for a company with a very long name. But using this kind of style can be very risky (see our risk plan examples), since it’s only a symbol and one may not be able to recognize it.
  • Combination Mark Logos — This kind of logo uses both text and symbol. It usually consists of the name of the company and a visual symbol that represents the company. And because this  corporate logo incorporates text and symbol, this kind of logo is usually complex and takes more time to design.
  • Emblem Logos — Emblem logos are different from combination logos. Though they use both text and symbol to represent the company, emblem logos put the text inside the symbol so that the text and the symbol would not be separated from each other. This kind of  Vintage logo is very common in government organizations.

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How to Design a Logo

Designing a logo is not as easy as you think. If you really want a logo that is worth the money, then you should invest your time in designing one. (Speaking of investing time and money, browse our income statement examples.) So how do you design a quality logo that doesn’t suck and will stand out from the rest? Here are some helpful tips.

  • Choose colors and shapes wisely. In designing a logo, it is best to keep in mind that the color and shape of a logo is very essential. This can help anyone reading or looking at your logo easily recognize and identify it.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t be too overdramatic in designing your  modern logo. You don’t want your customer to be confused with it. Just keep it simple and remarkable. Always think about what the customer would feel if they saw your logo.
  • Consider balance and proportion. We can always design a logo we want, but sometimes we tend to forget that a logo also needs a sense of balance and proportion. We should always think that whenever we design a logo, it should be suitable and appropriate in every place.
  • Be creative. Lastly, when you design a logo, be creative and have fun with it. (Speaking of fun, our birthday invitation examples have lots of fun ideas.) Don’t design a logo that is too dark, crappy, or a logo doesn’t make sense at all.

Having a good logo is very important. It is the very first thing that the customer will see when they first step into your company. It is also a way for your company to grow and advance. So always remember when choosing or designing a  wedding logo, it should be remarkable and it should represent your company’s foundation and standard.

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