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The Catholic Church, along with the Anglican and Lutheran Church, observes the rite of passage of every child who is baptized under these faith by First Communion. Around 7-9 years old (or can be later, not earlier), children will get to the new level of their spiritual understanding and participation. You may also see lunch invitation designs & examples.

First communion is a wonderful cause for a celebration and one of the important milestone for a person to deepen his or her faith to God. Parents usually host a celebration after the religious service with their friends and families and the first communion invites are often kept in an album or time capsule as a remembrance of the child’s big day. You may also like event invitation examples.

Pink Floral Watercolor Cross First Communion Invitation

pink floral watercolor cross first communion invitation

Who should you invite for your child’s first communion?

There are actually two big events that are part of most First Communion celebrations and these are the religious ceremony and the party afterwards. Think up of who you want to be present at what event.

Most of the time the church usually encouraged people to invite their extended family and loved ones who are important in the child’s life to witness him or her having his or her First Communion. With that point being considered, it’s a nice idea to consider who and how many people to invite. For example; there are quite a number of children all taking their First Communion on the same day and same time, so there may not be enough room for everyone to invite a lot of guests. You may also see business invitation designs & examples.

Get to know what church will hold the event and observe how big is the church and imagine yourself being already in the actually event, where there will be many people. You can also approach the parish priest or other church leaders if you don’t know what church will be used as the venue. You may also like party invitation examples.

Once you have considered the venue and the potential situation that may happen, it will help you know how many people to invite. Another thing to consider on who to invite during the service is to invite people who will be respectful in a religious setting.

Now after the religious service is done, the party then takes place to celebrate your child’s First Communion. How you go about the party is totally up to you and can be whatever you want it to be, as long the theme of the party fits the occasion. In this situation, you can now invite all your family and friends and you can make it a giant celebration for the child, or you can keep it to fellow Catholics who understand its religious significance. You may also check out invitation flyer designs & examples.

The decision lies in your hands if you wanted to have a big party or keep it a small, family dinner. It’s totally up to you.

Cute Little Girl First Communion Invitation

cute little girl first communion invitation

When to send the invites?

It’s highly suggested to send your invitations out to your guests for around 4-6 weeks before the big day: close enough that people don’t forget about it, but with enough time to give formal notice to you to confirm that they are able to attend. Some special guests or anyone who live far away and will be travelling will appreciate the extended time for the notice, if possible.

A simple phone call or professional email will be fine for this first and partial announcement, so they will have know that your child has a big event coming up. Children usually have classes for months before they will receive the religious instruction they need in preparation for their first communion, so take note of the date well ahead of time.

1. Wording to use for your invitations:

  • Who: Specify the list of the guests who are invited ( is the list will consist of the whole family or just the adults?).
  • What: Make sure it’s clear whether your guests are being invited to the church service, or to the after party, or both. It’s totally organized to give separate invitation cards for each part of the event, but if you’re inviting all guests to both events, there’s no need to separate the two invitations. You may also see holiday invitation examples.
  • When: Give both the date and the time of the event. Don’t ever forget to include this one. If there are last minute changes to this part, contact all your guests and inform them about the changes.
  • Where: Include both the name of the church, and the address, if you’re inviting the guests for the church service. If you’re inviting your guests for the party only, put the address of the place where the party will be held. You may also like examples of invitation envelope.
  • Dress Code: In a holy and solemn place, there are dress codes that must be followed to show respect. People are usually concerned on what they should wear to the church service, so specify what your guests attire will be. Remember, different churches have different cultures, so be accommodating if your guests will asks for concerns about the dress code. You may also check out invitation card designs and examples.
  • RSVP details: This is especially crucial in your part since you will be making plans on your spending for the party or the availability of seats during the service so make sure to include in your simple invitations your contact details so your guests will know when they need to tell you whether they can come.

2. Communion Invitation Examples:

For the communion Church service

Join us to celebrate as
Ana Karina Bayer celebrates
a new milestone on her spiritual faith as she
takes her First Communion

11am, Sunday May 20, 2018
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
4810 Mahlon Street
Semi-formal attire
RSVP by May 1, 2018
To Stevie, 04123456
or email [email protected]

For the party

You are cordially invited to join us to celebrate
Ana Karina’s First Communion
Communion Party after the service

3pm, Sunday May 20, 2018
4810 Mahlon Street
Smart casual to semi-formal attire
RSVP by May 1, 2018
To Stevie,  call 04123456
or email [email protected]

Sending out First Communion invitations is an exciting milestone in the life of your child and your family. A little bit of planning goes a long way to writing the perfect invites that will help get your guests to the events and will also serve as significant mementos in years to come. You may also see bridal shower invitation examples.

Smiling Girl First Communion Invitation

smiling girl first communion invitation

Little Girl Cartoon First Communion Invitation

little girl cartoon first communion invitation

Little Boy First Communion Invitation

little boy first communion invitation

Host Cartoon First Communion Invitation Design

host cartoon first communion invitation design

What Makes The First Communion So Important?

When the child’s first communion is soon coming, he or she is level up her or his initiation into the Catholic faith. It is important to help your child prepare for his or her spiritual faith on their special day.

A child’s journey towards the receiving of holy communion is not a solitary experience; even if there are religious educators who will teach them the importance of receiving the Eucharist; but children as they are, they need guidance from you as their parent.You are the most influential person in your child’s life, and you can do your part  by being a good model for them to help them prepare to receive the Holy Eucharist. You may also see examples of wedding invitation design.

Even if you are busy preparing for the occasion, try to at least find time to help your child prepare and to keep the focused on the meaning of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist by doing these following tips:

1. Teach them further about Catechism

Make use of short, simple moments to talk to your children about the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament. For example:

  • Draw your child into Eucharistic reverence by training them to pray with them before and after receiving the Holy Communion.  One good example is to teach them the Anima Christi prayer. It is a nice and simple Eucharistic prayer that you and your child can practice memorizing together. Saying a special prayer will teach your child to have a high regard to the holy moment of receiving Communion. You may also like baby shower invitation examples.

2. Take your child to the Eucharist adoration

The Vatican have recommended that the children’s Eucharistic adoration is a great way to prepare children spiritually for their First Communion.  Don’t be worried that your child may not understand what Eucharistic Adoration is; they will get to understand it deeply when they grow older or that they won’t be able to sit quietly.

Make things simpler for your child by telling him or her that you are going to spend a moment to talk to God and invite them to do the same. Remember that children are easy believers; however spiritual realities are not often that understandable for them. However, when explained in simply that the can understand right away, they can grasp the real importance of the Eucharist and may respond positively of the Eucharistic Adoration. You may also check out business invitation card designs and examples.

Floral Design First Communion Invitation

floral design first communion invitation

Little Boy Praying First Communion Invitation

little boy praying first communion invitation

3. Use literature as a more specific example

Your child may not understand the Mass very well, that’s why they get antsy at times, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to participate in the mass. They can actually, in their own way and on their own level of understanding with what is happening.

Help them understand the meaning and importance of the Holy Mass by engaging them in children’s Mass books. These books are interactive and fun for children and it will help them be more informed about the Eucharist. You can also let them watch animated catechist shows, movies, to make them more engaged in learning more about their faith. You may also see official meeting invitation designs and examples.

Through these tips you can begin preparing your child now for their first time in receiving the Eucharist in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

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