17+ Gender Reveal Invitation Designs and Examples – PSD, AI

A gender reveal is one of the most anticipated events that you can host if you are expecting a baby. Once you have already decided to finally invite your friends and relatives to an event where they can be aware on whether the new member of your family will be a girl or a boy, you can select from different Examples of Invitation Designs that will help invited guests have an idea about the theme and program that you will follow during the gender reveal party.

If you think that leaves, trees and other natural elements are only good as wedding invitation designs, then you may want to reconsider. Aside from using them for Fall Wedding Invitations, you can also use these materials for a gender reveal invitation. Browse through a variety of gender reveal invitation designs and examples in this post for you to know the kind of design that you truly want to incorporate in your own baby gender reveal invitation.

Baby Gender Reveal Invitation

Gender Reveal Invitation Content

Whether you will use Rustic Invitation Designs or any other kinds of invitation designs for a gender reveal, you have to remember that the overall look and appeal of your gender reveal invitation is not limited to the usage of only images, icons, shapes and lines. The content of the gender reveal invitation also plays a vital role in ensuring that the material will look visually pleasing.

Just like when designing Elegant Invitations for various occasions, you have to make sure that the content of the gender reveal invitation is complete so that no confusion may occur with your invited guests. Listed below are some of the most important details that you must include in a gender reveal invitation.

1. The theme of the gender reveal party

2. The specification that the party is hosted for the gender reveal of your baby

3. The names of the couple who are expecting a baby

4. The date of the baby gender reveal

5. The time when the gender reveal is expected to start

6. The location where the gender reveal will be held

7. The contact person and the contact details that the guests can reach for inquiries and questions. You may also see Free Invitation Examples

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation

Arrow Gender Reveal Invitation

Baseball Gender Reveal Invitation

Rustic Wood Shower Gender Reveal Party Invitation

Gender Reveal Invitation Design Themes

When designing a gender reveal invitation, you should not give away any clue about the gender of your baby. Hence, it is essential for your gender reveal party invitation to be gender-neutral. This way, you can keep the excitement and anticipation of your guests. Here are some gender reveal invitation themes that you can take inspiration from:

You can use lullabies, nursery rhymes and baby poems as your inspiration. This can give an idea that the invitation has something to do with babies without identifying the gender of the baby to whom the celebration is for.You may also see  Baby Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations and Business Invitation Examples can also be used as long as you tweak its designs to be more baby-appropriate. As an example, you can dress up baby images in corporate attires. Or you can have a background image where babies work in a corporate setting. Cute and fun ideas like this can make your gender reveal invitation look more interesting.

If you want a simple gender reveal invitation design; you can use block colors, minimalist lines and other kinds of design items that are not too complicated or overly designed. You can also include images of baby animals, nautical items and  materials used by a new born so to not make the invitation design look boring and flat.You may also see BBQ Invitations

Winter Gender Reveal Invitation

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal invitation

Ethnic Football Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation Card


Ice Cream Gender Reveal Invitation

Holiday Gender Reveal Invitation

Diamonds Ethnic Gender Reveal Shower Card Invitation

Fall Gender Reveal Invitation


Christmas Gender Reveal Invitation

Tips in Making a Gender Reveal Invitation

Invitation Cards Designs depend on the kind of event where it will be used, the theme that you would like to implement, and the program that will be executed during the party or any get together. Listed below are some tips that can help you create a gender reveal invitation design that is outstanding and attention-grabbing.

Have a theme in mind. Ensure that the gender reveal invitation design contains items and materials that are properly put together and are aligned with the reason for the celebration. Doing this can make the invitation look more pleasing to the eyes.You may also see lunch invitations.

If you want to ensure the effectiveness of your gender reveal invitation design, you have to be aware of the things that you need to consider when in the process of invitation formatting and design development. Find balance when placing content and design items together.You may also see birthday invitations

Use references like examples and templates that will allow you to arrange the layout and content of the gender reveal party  invitation in a more precise and guided manner. This can also help you save time in deciding what to put in the document.You may also see holiday invitations.

May it be Chalkboard Invitations or basic gender reveal invitation designs that you plan to make, ensure that you will make the invitation comprehensive, informative and well-designed. With these tips, guidelines and references; try creating a gender reveal invitation now.

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