Creative Greeting Card

Although each of us has different personalities, characteristics, attitude, preferences, likes and dislikes, and traits, we all have one thing in common—we want to be unique in our own way. We don’t like to have someone who is similar to us and we want to have our own original traits. And this is when we unleash our creativity.

Creativity is doing something novel or unique. It is discovering or creating something new in which no idea before has ever existed. That is the very strict idea of creativity. You may also see rack card designs.

However, creativity in a general is something subjective. The explanation of the one making that something creative sometimes will set it apart from all the others even if some will see them as similar to the others’ output. And that is why we can never say that someone is not creative in his or her own way. You may also like the kid’s thank-you cards

Creativity is a very broad thing that is being debated for a long time. But, whether you claim yourself to be creative or not, no one can conclude and judge your level of creativity.

Well, so much for the creativity side, we will apply this to greeting cards. Greeting cards are unique and special in their own way. Greeting cards extend personal expression, written into paper, to someone dear to our hearts. Although greeting cards serve numerous purposes, there is one thing common to greeting cards and that is, it is an avenue to greet people. You may also like the photo thank-you cards.

In this article, we are providing you examples of creative greeting cards that are surely useful whenever you need one. Additionally, also included are the vital elements of the card. You can check them all out below as you continue your reading. You may also see the wedding thank-you cards

Examples of Creative Greeting Cards

Watercolor Greeting Card Exmaple

Watercolor Greeting Card Exmaple

Creative Greeting Cards

Creative Greeting Cards

Creative Christmas Greeting Card


Best Friend Greeting Card

Design Elements of a Greeting Card

1. Front Design

The front cover is like an introduction to your greeting card. It is the one that grabs the attention of the reader or the recipient. It may be composed of colors, texts, graphics, or a combination of the three. You can design your front design in a way that, when compared to a book, it is like a preface or that which introduces what the greeting card is all about. You need not put much text in it for it just serves as an appetizer to your whole content. You may also like the bakery business cards.

Usually, manufacturers of a ready-made card will only write a short phrase in front or a simple image or graphics. It also depends on you, on your preference on how heavy you want your front cover to look like. You may base it depending on the occasion or celebration or the person you are giving the card to. The front design may be full of colors just like a festive one or you can go with minimalist designs and stay simple but classy.

Hand-Drawn Retro Greeting Card

Christmas Greeting Card in PSD

Christmas Greeting Card

Greeting Card Mockups

2. Content

Although there are several types of cards based on its appearance, design, content, illustration, or purpose, there are two common card designs that are usually available in the market. These are as follows:

1. Side-fold card. A side-fold card is the most common type of card that can be seen almost in every store that are selling cards. These are cards that are folded into two and the opening of the fold is on the right side. The content of this side-fold card usually start at the right-hand side of the card, and usually, the left side is left blank and without design. However, for some, they will start their message at the left side to conserve space. You may also like the romantic greeting cards.

2. Top-fold card. This type of card is somewhat similar to the side-fold card only that the opening of its fold is at the bottom of the card. It is like the landscape version of the side-fold card. In a side-fold card, commonly the left side was left unwritten and blank, while in a top-fold card, the upper portion of the card is blank. But, that doesn’t really the protocol in making cards. No one will stop you whenever you want to decorate something or write something on the blank space of the card. It is your card after all. You may also see the watercolor greeting card design.

The inner portion of the card, in general, can be designed according to your preference. Some cards have inside illustrations, drawings, or graphics similar to the one placed on the front cover. But, a new design may also be introduced. It is up to the maker or owner on how to design the interior portion of the card in a way that the design will not overpower the content and at the same time complements the whole card design. You may also like the congratulations greeting card examples.

For the content of the card, you start your message by greeting the recipient or the most common, by asking “How are you?” or “Hope you’ve been doing well” and other similar phrases. You can also include a punchline, which is very trending nowadays, a joke, a poem, a Bible verse, a lyrics from a song—literally almost everything. After a short introduction, you can drop anything you want to say to the receiver or you can focus and be serious on your topic afterward. But, if you are a very busy person that you cannot allow time in making your own words or if you ran out of words, some cards already have templates or messages inside where you only need to write additional greetings to make it more personal or you don’t have to write anything at all. You may also like the funny greeting cards

Some greeting cards contain a twist to its content and additional panels or pages will be included.

1. Additional panels. Instead of the common bi-fold card, this card is tri-fold, in which there are three folds in a card, or multiple folds, in which multiple panels are added. There are different ways on how to fold cards too. It may be accordion fold, c fold, spiral, double parallel, gatefold, double gatefold, or French fold. You may also like to check the thank you greeting cards.

  • Accordion fold is also called the z fold or the zigzag fold since you will fold the paper in opposite direction and you can decide on how many panels you want to have. A common accordion fold contains six panels and two parallel folds that go in opposite direction. You may also like the Christmas greeting cards.
  • C fold is also called the letter folds and has six panels that are folded in a spiral manner.
  • The spiral fold is a fold in which there are three parallel folds that produce eight panels. It is somewhat similar to c fold only that c fold only contains six panels. But, similar to c fold, it is designed and folded in a spiral manner. You may also see the graduation greeting cards.
  • The double parallel fold is similar to the spiral fold in the number of panels, but unlike spiral fold, it is not folded in a spiral way; instead, the folds are parallel to each other.
  • Gatefold produces six panels with the middle panel twice the size of the two other panels. As the name suggests, this is called gatefold because the fold is similar to that of the opening of the gate in which the two edges of the paper converge at the middle portion of the middle panel.
  • Double gatefold, almost similar to spiral fold, has eight panels. Just like the gatefold, the edges converge in the middle. However, in the double gatefold, the middle portion is still folded into half so all sizes of the panels have the measurement. You may also like the business card designs.
  • French fold is folded with freedom. It usually consists of eight panels. You can indeed fold it with freedom because you don’t have to mind the measurement of each fold or each panel. You just have to fold the panels evenly or unevenly using cross folds.

2. Additional pages. There are also cards that contain additional pages especially if you want to write lengthy messages. Some presented it in a booklet way so you can have enough space for your content. You may also like the holiday greeting cards.

Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Watercolor Floral Greeting Card

Mock-Up Holiday Greeting Card

Printable Holiday Greeting Cards

3. Back Design

The back cover or design of your card usually has no message at all. It is where the manufacturer or creator places its name or logo designs. But, you can design the back portion if you want. Or, to make it more personal, you can write your name or stamp your signature. You can also include small images or clip arts to enhance the design.

4. Optional Designs

Other optional designs to embellish your printable greeting card and to make it more presentable are pop-ups, the one that will pop-up upon opening the card; flaps or windows, in which there is a portion of your card that is covered or concealed by a small window or flap; and sound, in which a music is played whenever you open the card.

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