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Marketing a product can be really tough especially if a competitor is planning to launch a new device. The downfall of your business would be fast and inevitable, that is if you don’t take any immediate actions. A common way to get your business operations busy and, thus, keep the business relationship marketing with your existing consumers stable is to develop marketing coupons.

The effectiveness of developing coupons or vouchers guarantees you that chances in turning prospects into customers and keeping customer advocates are above sixty percent. In fact, developing vouchers is an extremely wise investment that shares varied similarities with marketing ads such as advertisement flyers and sales promotion brochures. A section of this article will give you a detailed discussion about how your business will benefit from producing these. Also, if you find yourself unsure of how it’s done, you can always refer to the downloadable samples below. But before you come to a verdict that you ought to make one, it would be best to better understand what vouchers are.

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What Are Vouchers

A voucher consists of special offers and discounts to prospects and existing customers. The production of marketing vouchers is usually common during the welcoming of a new season, when a holiday is just around the corner, or when competitors’ new products or services penetrate its desired market segment or market niche. This kind of investment hardly affects the budget of the company. Not only that, the increase of your sphere of influence will be hasty.

The first time it was used dates back to the late 1880’s by the marketers of Coca-Cola. From then on coupons started appearing on cereals and other food products, until almost any kind of business mimicked this marketing scheme rather quickly. Considering the span of time of coupon developments, it is safe to assume that this marketing practice remains effective especially in the digital age. Aside from the physical coupon cards, marketers have introduced a new way to present your vouchers without bringing a physical card with you anymore. A lot of industries have developed mobile applications where prospects and consumers can simply download and register. Since a mobile phone is one thing that a normal human hand of today’s generation barely lets go of, developing mobile apps which cater to vouchers only offer convenience to consumers.

These voucher applications are actually more convenient than the usual coupon cards, for your company ITs can just make updates should there be new promotions or offers you want to impose– rather than producing a new set of designed voucher cards for another guerrilla marketing approach. You only need to present the code, and let a machine scan your phone before the discount is applied to the item you purchase. When new to these applications, other business generously offers introductory discounts to new consumers. From this experience, the consumer is likely to use your service again or purchase another business product even if discounts come to its date of expiration.

The discounts that are offered in vouchers are not only discounts. Others may come in cards where you are able to acquire more and more points each time you make a purchase and have these points redeemed when you have reached the desired number of points. Redemption of rewards may come in the form of a consumable amount offered by the brand to you, so by the time you make a new purchase you will not be paying the full price of the referred product. Another good example of this is acquiring a Starbucks Planner. You need to collect eighteen stickers in a span of time before the voucher no longer applies for you to avail on their planner.

How Your Business Will Benefit from Developing Vouchers

You might think that only the consumers will get all the benefits from developing vouchers, given the discounts or special offers that are incorporated in them. If this is the major reason that’s stopping you from developing coupons, the list below of how a business benefit from vouchers can definitely help you reconsider the worth of vouchers:

  • Easy lure of prospective consumers or clients. Sales promotion are the best way to market new products or items that are not yet sold out. Given that vouchers or coupons entitle some consumers, if not all, to special discounts in a span of time, there will be an increase in your sale. And, too, since advocate consumers are the best feedback source for your brand products or services, prospects are going to listen to their testimonies. Thus, there is an unforeseen increase in your sphere of influence. One way of distributing gift coupons is through social media. Once a prospect comes across with the limited time special offers, they are likely to avail on the voucher and even share it to various social media platforms that the individual is active. The offers of your vouchers leave a good impression to prospect and consumers. This impression can be disseminated to the majority of the members in the market you are penetrating; thus, converting prospects into customers.
  • Vouchers are an inexpensive investment. For a business to endure the threats of its competitors you need to invest a lot of money in your ads, such as advertising banners and marketing postcards. The production of these is necessary, although these are a little bit pricey compared to gift coupons and marketing vouchers. Coupons are so much more compelling than what is promoted in other forms of ads, because of the thought that vouchers offer consumers discounts and specialties. Despite not having any needs or attraction to a brand’s products, there is a higher with regards to them making unnecessary purchases. Before they even know it, they have fallen into your marketing scheme. It does not hurt the brand’s budget since you can utilize vouchers and coupons depending on your company’ sales cycle. Not only that, some vouchers allow consumers to avail of your discounts once the terms of the agreement specified on your voucher are met.
  • Compels customer advocates to purchase products even when not needed. From the word discount incorporated in the coupon, consumers are going to tell themselves it would be best if they make their purchase since discounts apply to a brand’s selected items. This effectively turns wise buyers into impulse buyers thinking that they are making wise purchases since the special offers on your coupon run for a  limited time only. Well, they still are making a wise purchase (although they barely consider the thought that they have fallen into your marketing scheme. Customer advocates and prospective customers will be flooding on your brand’s stall to buy the things they need or might need in the future.
  • Good way to counter competitors’ product launching. The launching of a competitor’s new product is a very big event to a market segment that may affect the interest and loyalty of your customer advocates. Don’t worry too much when such an event happens for the development of coupons maintain the stableness of your company. Since the product is newly launched with competitive features, it can be expected that its price would be expensive. The best way to combat this newly launched product the would be applying discounts on selected or all items on your products or promote special offers, such as less $10 when a total purchase reaches a certain amount.
  • Makes customers feel valued. If your company has developed an application that lets your consumers register to keep them up to minute about special offers and other business updates, you can send gift cards to loyal customers. These coupons are usually sent via email or directly to their message inbox which they need only to present to the cashier before making a payment. Sending email messages to your customers with a professional email signature makes them feel that you are always trying your best to connect with them. Through this deed, customers are going to trust your brand. Once they get the chance to receive coupons via email, it’s a guarantee that they’ll purchase anything from the brand that values them and the company they trust the most.

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Tips in Designing Coupons

Despite the promotions that are offered in a coupon, there is still an absolute need for you to exercise a good amount of effort in designing a good coupon. The design on your coupon adds conviction to consumers into availing it. A well-crafted design represents the quality of your products or your choices for goods. To make sure you get the design right, follow the tips offered below:

  • Keep it neat and organized
  • State terms and conditions clearly, rather than vague and ambiguous
  • Element cohesion is key
  • Size varies on the type of promotion
  • Make sure that the output relates to your company value and targets

The practice of coupon distribution is a good enough reason why conventional practices remain effective in today’s lifestyle which relies heavily on technology. There might even come a time where all coupons will evolve in the form of downloadable mobile application, completely phasing out printing presses. But even then, the latter could only be assumed by most just long enough to only be an assumption. Well, you might start using this advertising approach while it remains effective.

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