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Planning to start a business anytime soon? Why not open your own restaurant. As long as you have the passion for cooking as well as the necessary culinary skills, you can easily make your restaurant profitable.

If you are establishing a restaurant anytime soon, you definitely need some promotional materials, and one of them is a lunch coupon. To help you create your own restaurant lunch coupon, we have provided some examples you will definitely find useful. Additionally, these restaurant lunch coupons are very affordable and can be edited easily. Check them out below! You may also see gift coupons.

Cute Dessert Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

cute dessert restaurant lunch coupon example

Fruit Pops Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

fruit pops restaurant lunch coupon example

Vintage Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

vintage restaurant lunch coupon example

Tips in Creating a Restaurant Lunch Coupon

Listed below are some tips in creating a restaurant lunch coupon. Take note that the tips provided are not limited to restaurant lunch coupons, but for all other types of restaurants as well. Restaurant coupons are not one of the most effective forms of advertising and promotion, so use them to your advantage.

1. Maximize colors/design

Compared to email signatures, restaurant lunch coupons are more visually appealing since there are no limit on the designs that can be applied in a coupon. Unlike an email signature where the text is much more important than the designs and color, practically any design can be implemented in the restaurant lunch coupon.

Be careful though when using various colors and imagery for your restaurant lunch coupon, as too much designs will make the coupon. But you certainly want to put some creative touches in the coupon so that customers will be able to keep it as souvenirs long after they’ve already used the coupon.

2. Clearly indicate coupon’s purpose

The restaurant lunch coupon should not be all about style though. It certainly needs substance as well. Don’t forget to indicate the purpose of the restaurant lunch coupon as this is important in how the coupon will be used by the customers. If the text or the purpose of the coupon is not clearly written in the lunch coupon, then the coupon would lose its purpose entirely.You may also see meal vouchers.

Even if you included a number of imagery or colors in the coupon, list down the coupon’s purpose as clearly as possible. You can make the text large as you desire, but also make sure to create a balance between the text size and the designs/colors being used.You may also see payment vouchers.

Depending on the promotion or marketing campaign of the restaurant, the basic information regarding the promotion should be clearly listed in the lunch coupon. Here is a standard format for a restaurant lunch coupon: front face of the coupon should include promotional slogan while the back face should include further details of the promotion.

Do not try to overstuff everything in the front face of the coupon. Use a one-phrase or one-sentence slogan to easily capture the attention of the customer. If the customer has concerns regarding the coupon, he can always refer at the back of the coupon or ask from restaurant personnel for assistance.You may also see wine menu examples.

3. Use the restaurant’s theme in the coupon

It is highly suggested that you use the restaurant’s theme in the coupon not only for uniformity and consistency purposes but for the restaurant to have a distinct character and identity toward its customers. Imagine a restaurant having a Chinese theme (i.e. Chinese-inspired lanterns and ornaments, red and yellow colored interior, round tables, dragon paintings and pencil sketches, etc.) but the design implemented in their marketing materials focus on American colors (red, white, and blue) and symbolism (eagle, hot dogs and hamburgers, Statue of Liberty, etc.). The contrast basically does not fit the theme of the Chinese restaurant.You may also see takeout menu designs.

The lunch coupon does not have to use the entire theme of the restaurant. Pick the existing theme or concept you like best and apply them in the coupon. Picking a theme leads us to the next tip in creating a restaurant lunch coupon.

4. Have alternate designs

Using only one design for your restaurant lunch coupon will prove to be disadvantageous for the restaurant in the long run. This is because competition in the restaurant industry is always high. Restaurants operating in the same city or area are always looking to serve the best food, gain the most customers, and attain the highest profits. And the only way to achieve those three goals is to ramp up marketing activities, of which one activity relates to creating and distributing lunch coupons.You may also see spring voucher designs.

You simply cannot limit the lunch coupon to a single design. Even if you are using a single theme for the restaurant, you can always choose from multiple designs or images from that theme. Printing and distribution of the coupons don’t have to be costly as well, as you will be not giving out the coupons to all of your customers. Additionally, customers who will be receiving the coupons will definitely enjoy looking at the designs you created or implemented in the coupon.You may also see free vouchers.

Simple Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

simple restaurant lunch coupon example1 e1536555012703

Multicolored Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

multi colored restaurant lunch coupon example

Burger Joint Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

burger joint restaurant lunch coupon example

Rustic Fast-Food Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

rustic fastfood restaurant lunch coupon example

Most Successful Fast-Food Restaurants around the World

Establishing a fast-food restaurant is one of the easiest methods if you are planning to own your own restaurant in the future. There is a large disparity between the quality of food served in a fast-food chain and a Michelin star restaurant. But it is still food nonetheless, and customers still line up by the hundreds just to order their favorite fast-food dishes. You may already be aware that the world’s most profitable restaurants are fast-food chains.You may also see thank you vouchers.

Without further ado, here are the most successful fast-food restaurants around the world (as of 2018).

1. KFC

The colonel starts off this list with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) being the second largest restaurant chain in the world. As of this year, KFC has over 20,000 stores in 118 countries. Founded in 1930 by Harland Sanders or “Colonel Sanders” as he started to refer himself to increase the restaurant’s marketing presence, KFC is famously known for its pressure fried chicken which uses 11 secret herbs and spices. We are not exactly sure if the famous fast-food chain actually uses 11 herbs and spices, but Sanders repeatedly stated that the 11 ingredients are quite common in the household. The secret recipe is safely kept in KFC’s headquarters in Kentucky (USA).You may also see typography menu examples.

2. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the equivalent of the pizza equivalent of KFC and is the most popular pizza restaurant in the world. The US-based restaurant has over 6,000 restaurants in the US alone and an additional 5,000 stores across 93 countries. What sets Pizza Hut apart from its competitors is the variety of pizza flavors it sells to its customers. The stuffed-crust pizza, supreme pizza, Alfredo pizza, and meatball pizza are all Pizza Hut originals, which have now been copied by different pizzerias around the world.You may also see cash vouchers.

Did you know that in 2001, Pizza Hut is the first and still remains the only pizza company to delivered a pizza in space? The pizza was vacuum-sealed and about six inches in diameter and was delivered to the International Space Station. The station’s oven could only (and unfortunately) accommodate a six-inch pizza. The pizza was delivered through a Soyuz spacecraft and was eaten by astronaut Yuri Usachov. You may also see printable vouchers.

Clean Pasta Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

clean pasta restaurant lunch coupon example

Pizza Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

pizza restaurant lunch coupon example1

Italian Restaurant Lunch Coupon Example

italian restaurant lunch coupon example1

3. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, as the name suggests, originally sold ice cream in the late 1930s. By the 1950s, the restaurant became a full-fledged fast-food chain which sold ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, french fries, salads, and milkshakes. Dairy Queen currently has 6,000 stores in the US and has over 500 stores across 18 countries.You may also see discount voucher examples.

4. Burger King

Burger King is “The King” of burger restaurants. Originally founded in Florida, USA, during the 1950s, the burger joint now has over 15,000 stores across 79 countries. Burger King is one of the pioneering restaurants serving large hamburgers. Burger King’s signature Whopper weighs 10.6 ounces and is comprised of a quarter-pound grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup, mayonnaise, and cheese. The average weight of a hamburger served in other restaurants is around 6–8 ounces, with the Whopper’s nearest competitor, McDonald’s Big Mac only weighing 7.6 ounces.You may also see business coupons.

5. McDonald’s

A list of successful fast-food chains is not complete without McDonald’s being part of the list. McDonald’s is THE largest fast-food restaurant in the world, with over 37,000 stores across 119 countries. Statistics indicate that an average of 68 million customers visit McDonald’s on a daily basis. The fast-food giant would not have been in the position it’s currently in today if it wasn’t for shrewd business moves by Ray Kroc, who was also responsible for changing the restaurant’s logo to the arching “M” it is famously known today. You may also see business vouchers.

Hamburgers are McDonald’s main sellers, but every item on its menu (fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, french fries, pasta, pie, sundae, etc.) is very popular nonetheless.We hope you found this article to be informative as well as helpful when you will be creating your own restaurant lunch coupon.You may also see drink coupons.

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