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Recently, food coupons have gained a reputation of being a source of survival for the poor. Although there is some truth to that. Most governments around the world subsidize free food for individuals living in poverty through the giving out of food coupons, in which these people can claim in government-funded cafeterias and food stores. But the function of food coupons go beyond that, as they are used by restaurants as promotional materials.

If you own a restaurant, or doing work as a restaurant marketing staff, then you need to beef up your marketing activities—specifically through food coupons. To help you create food coupons, we have provided some examples that you can purchase and edit to fit your own food coupon design. We also listed down how coupons will help your restaurant or food business grow to reach its maximum potential financially. You may also see restaurant lunch coupon examples.

Restaurant Voucher Template

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Restaurant Discount Voucher

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Blackboard Restaurant Food Coupon Example

Vintage Restaurant Food Coupon Example

Print-Ready Restaurant Food Coupon Example

The Importance of Food Coupons for Restaurants

Restaurants don’t need to rely on posters, tarpaulins, or even billboards for their marketing activities. Even social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are making it easier for restaurants to connect to their audiences. Additionally, these online platforms are even free and restaurants don’t have to spend a single dollar just to use these platforms. You may also see restaurant breakfast coupon examples.

But oftentimes, restaurants tend to forget there are other forms of marketing that they can utilize to increase the visibility and eventually the profitability of their businesses. These are coupons or vouchers. Although restaurants (small restaurants and Michelin star restaurants) have been using coupons, they are not commonly used for advertising or promotion. Restaurants would rather use posters and social media first before they even plan on using coupons or vouchers. You may also see meal voucher designs.

But the importance of coupons to the advertising and promotional activities of restaurants cannot be understated as well. Coupons are used to present or inform customers that they have obtained a discount or given a free item (sometimes, free food), and they also help the restaurant gain revenues in the long run. Additionally, coupons can also be given as souvenirs to customers after they have been claimed or used. Coupons are simply not pieces of paper that are handed out to customers, with their purpose being more crucial to the lifespan of the restaurant. You may also see fitness coupon examples.

As previously mentioned, coupons are presented to customers if they are being given a discount or given a free item. This makes customers feel that they are special and have a connection with the restaurant. Additionally, who would not want to receive a discounted meal, a souvenir (i.e. shirt, mug, key chain, toy, and other types of souvenir), or better yet a free meal? This makes the dining experience a more sumptuous and enjoyable experience. You may also see food voucher examples.

Restaurants certainly want to create a special connection with their customers. They don’t only want to maintain a strong relationship with their regular customers (customers who visit once a week, every other week or even every day) but to build lasting relationships with newer ones as well. It is a fact that any business cannot survive if it relies heavily on its existing customers. A business simply does not work that way. Businesses need to attract new customers from new markets on a regular basis not only to stay profitable but also to achieve long-term sustainability. You may also see gift coupon examples.

There are restaurants who only give coupons to their regular and loyal customers. This should not be the case as restaurants should make it a priority in handing out coupons to new customers. This increases the chance of customers coming back. You may also see examples of a food menu.

Since coupons are marketing materials (specifically advertising and promotion), they do not provide immediate returns to the restaurant. Initial capital investment is needed for marketing as well as continuous investment during operations to make sure the methods used will be effective. In short, continuous investment is needed for marketing methods to be be truly seen within the company, specifically in the financial reports.

In this case for a restaurant coupon, materials (paper, pens, and other coloring materials) still need to be purchased before the actual coupon is created. Once the final coupon design has been agreed upon, then the previously purchased materials will be used to design the coupon or will be used as an additional design once the coupon has printed from a computer. You may also see payment vouchers.

Tips in Creating a Food Coupon

Listed below are the tips in creating a restaurant food coupon. Follow the tips so that you can maximize the effectiveness of the food coupon for your restaurant. You may also see takeout menu examples.

1. Use the restaurant’s theme in the coupon

One of the most essential tips in creating a restaurant food coupon is using the restaurant’s theme in the coupon. This allows a singular and uniform theme throughout the restaurant and its marketing materials. One advantage of using the restaurant’s theme in the coupon design is to avoid confusion for the customers in terms of the design. If you are having one theme for the restaurant, and using another theme for the coupon, then it will only create a negative impact for the restaurant in the long run. You may also see shopping voucher designs.

You may be asking how to apply the restaurant’s theme in the coupon. It’s rather simple. If your restaurant uses decorations or displays art and literature, then use them in the coupon. For example, if you own a American diner-style restaurant and you are displaying old photographs, use the photograph designs in the coupon. Another example would be if you own Japanese restaurant and display Japanese paintings, use the paintings in the coupon design. You may also see referral coupon examples.

If you are using the theme for your restaurant, do not overstuff the coupon with too much designs as it makes the coupon cluttered and messy.

2. Utilize colors

Color makes every design visually attractive. That is the reason why you should add colors in your coupon. There is no written rule when adding colors in the coupon, as long as you don’t overstuff the coupon or add colors just for the sake of adding colors. But we have offered some suggestions on how you can improve the overall quality of your restaurant food coupon. You may also see free vouchers.

  • Use one or two colors depending on the size of the coupon. As previously mentioned, never add too much colors in the coupon cluttered. Rather, add one or two colors depending on the size of the coupon. You can use one color for the text and another color for the coupon. You can also use one color for the text and two colors for the background.
  • Use contrasting colors instead of similar colors. One method in making the coupon visually attractive is to use contrasting colors instead of similar colors. Contrasting colors are colors that are very different to each other while similar colors are basically similar to each other (colors in the same color palette). Contrasting colors are more eye-catching and can easily attract the attention of customers compared to using similar colors. Examples of contrasting colors are red/blue, green/orange, and yellow/brown while examples of similar colors are dark blue/light blue, maroon/purple, and lime/forest green. You may also see business coupon examples.
  • Be careful when using neutral colors. Black and white are neutral colors. Be careful with using too much black and white as it makes the coupon design very bland. Neutral colors are very minimalist and simple. Although simplicity is beauty, you should add a little bit of creativity by using different colors in the coupon design. There is no problem in using black and white, just combine them with other colors.
  • Make sure the text is still readable. This suggestion will be further discussed in the next subsection. In the coupon’s sea of colors, make sure the text is still readable. After all, the customer who will be receiving the coupon will rely on the text on what he or she will be availing from the restaurant.You may also see drink coupon examples.

3. Make the text readable

As previously mentioned, the customer who will be receiving the coupon will rely on the text on what he or she will be availing from the restaurant. The size of the coupon is already small, so make sure the text is readable enough for the customer to be able to read the entire text. The front face of the coupon should only include the promotional text while the back of the coupon should include the instructions of how the coupon will be claimed or used. You may also see blank coupons.

You may be tempted on using too much designs that it comprises the clarity of the text. Avoid this situation as it only produces negative results for the restaurant long-term.

4. Don’t forget to insert the restaurant’s logo in the coupon

One of the designs that you should not forget when creating a coupon is to insert the restaurant’s logo in the front face of the coupon. Never forget to advertise your restaurant in any manner possible. The more your customers will see your promotional materials around, the more they will likely to visit your restaurant on a regular basis. You may also see discount coupons.

You can use the restaurant’s logo as the background design or place it beside the text. You can also place it in the borders of the coupon.

5. Have an alternate design

Having alternate coupon designs will definitely work wonders for your restaurant. This is another marketing tool that will definitely be appreciated by your customers as they will be receiving different coupon designs, albeit having the same discount of freebie. The coupons can also act as souvenirs, as you can let customers choose what kind of coupon design they want to have. You may also see thank you voucher examples.

For the coupon design, you can go with similar designs for two coupons or go with two completely different designs. For example, you can use two similar colors for the two coupons, such as blue for one coupon and red for the other coupon. Another example would be adding circular abstract designs in one coupon and triangular abstract designs in the other coupon. You may also see cash vouchers.

Fun Food Restaurant Food Coupon Example

Fast-Food Restaurant Food Coupon Example

Retro Restaurant Food Coupon Example

Easy-to-Cook Recipe Ideas

Listed below are some easy-to-cook recipes you can include your restaurant.

1. Grilled squid salad

Actually, all types of salads are easy to make. Grilled squid salad does not include any types of greens, but it is very delicious nonetheless. Chop the squid beforehand then grill. In a separate bowl, mix the vinaigrette (lemons, red chilis, garlic, pistachios, and baby capers). Once the vinaigrette and squid are ready, mix well together. Top the salad with fresh mint and ripe tomatoes. You may also see birthday coupons.

2. Tacos

Mexican food is popular all over the world, and tacos are one of the easiest and one of the most delicious dishes around the world. There are ready-to-eat purchase taco shells you can buy at supermarkets, so all you have to cook is the meat filling. The meat filling compromises of ground beef, chili powder, onions, garlic powder, and tomato sauce. Once the meat filling is cooked, place it in the taco shell and top it with cheese and lettuce. You may also see prize voucher examples.

3. Cheese and tomato omelette

One of the easiest dishes to cook in this list is also one of the most delicious. Break eggs and whisk together with salt, pepper, chopped parsley, tomatoes, and grated cheese. Cook the omelette and top off with grated cheese and toasted cherry tomatoes. You may also see expense vouchers.

4. Seafood paella

Paella is one of those dishes where you just mix everything together and wait for it to cook. This classic Mediterranean dish is a complete meal in itself, and it is a completely easy dish to make and serve to your customers. Pre-cook lobster tails and prawns in a separate pan. After that, place the seafood in a pot together with the rice, beans, saffron, paprika, onions, olive oil, cayenne pepper, pepper flakes, and water. Simmer for 30–45 minutes or until rice and beans are cooked. What makes paella a distinct and unique dish are the paprika and saffron, so never forget these ingredients when making paella. You may also see vintage voucher examples.

5. Chicken parmigiana

This Italian-American fusion dish is all levels of delicious. The crunchiness of the chicken blends perfectly with the thick melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella cheese and the sourness of the tomato sauce. Dip chicken breasts into a mixture of egg and bread crumbs, then bake for 40 minutes. Remove chicken from the oven, top the chicken with cheese, tomato sauce, and basil, then bake for another 20 minutes. You may also see hotel voucher examples.

6. Shish kebab

Shish kebab is a Turkish favorite in which chunks of marinated beef or lamb are placed on skewers and cooked using a coal fire. Be careful with cooking the meats as they may end up being too tough and chewy. Choosing the cuts is crucial when making shish kebab, so go for tenderloin or fillet mignon as they are very tender. You can also add vegetables to the kebab such as bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes to increase the flavor.

We hope you found this article to be informative as well as helpful when you will be creating your own restaurant food coupon. The examples we provided are affordable and easily editable as well. You may also see travel vouchers.

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