15+ Fitness Coupon Examples


A lot of people value their lives so much they’d do everything just to keep it healthy and fit. Such people also know of the fact that prevention will always be better than cure so before their health gets messed up due to their stressful daily life activities, they make it a point to find ways in order for their health to keep in check. You may also see drink coupons

And because of that, starting a fitness-related business can be considered as a business opportunity for you especially if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or even an established one who are looking for new business ventures. You may also see gift coupons.


There are a lot of fitness crazes out there that you can make use of to generate business ideas for you. However, when you have already established what your fitness-related business will focus on, you will then have to think of how to market this business. Since fitness-related businesses are in nowadays and that there are already a lot of competitors, you have to find a way in order for you to stand out. One marketing strategy that you can adapt to is the use of fitness coupons. By offering fitness coupons to your people, you will be able to determine who will be your potential and loyal customers. You may also see food coupons.

Fitness-related Business Marketing Tips

If you are still new to the fitness-related business world, you might want to consider these marketing tips that can help you survive this cutthroat industry. You may also be interested in these business coupons.

Before anything else, you have to know your brand

Knowing your brand before anything else is the most important thing you should ensure first even if it is not business-related. When you ensure that you would build a strong brand, people can easily remember you because people would actually process brands in the very area of their brain where they would process remembering people.

Keep in mind that you are aiming to build a solid foundation of the relationship with your customers and even your potential business partners, so you should really have an impressive strong sense of self that can help you solidify your presence or your brand in the minds of your potential customers.

Having a great, dynamic website is an essential

Sure, you can always establish solely a social media presence and just that alone; however, you cannot be free and dynamic because you will be limited to the features these social media accounts can only provide. There might be business tools, but it’s just that; you can not alter the elements that the builders of these social media accounts have already established.

But if you would have a website where you can use your social media presence to direct to, then you have something like a central point where you can place all of your business content in one comprehensive and intact space. Also make sure that your website will have even a simple call to action, the basic information that your customers can visibly see such as your name, address, email address, and contact number.


Blackboard Food Fitness Coupon Example

blackboard food fitness coupon example

Cute Fitness Coupon Example

cute fitness coupon example

Fitness Gift Coupon Template Set Example


fitness gift coupon template set example

Gym Fitness Gift Coupon Example

gym fitness gift coupon example


Print advertising out, video advertising in

While print advertising is not entirely canceled out as one of your media for advertising, it is will be more effective if you are going to use video advertising to market your latest fitness-related business venture.

Video advertising is more effective because you will be able to demonstrate and show what your services are. You can also take a video out of the testimonials from your soon-to-be customers about their experience availing your services. Make your videos as informative and insightful as possible so that you will be able to effectively invite customers in.

Make sure that you will not take your video advertisement for granted and produce a so-so product. If you add value to your video advertisements, you are also adding value to its audience that is also your potential clients. You can also embed your videos into your website plus you can also send it to the people in your email list once you have generated it.

Create partnerships with local businesses

Determine and generate a list of at least fifty local business that can be related to the kind of business you are having or business that has a direct access to the audience you have in mind. These businesses could be salons, healthy juice bars, spas, food supplements, gyms, and a whole lot more.

When you have already determined and generated a list of such businesses, you can simply go, build connections, and create partnerships with them. You are lucky if you are already acquainted with some of them already but if not, you can try to spend even just some amount of money with them in a form of investment or agree into some kind of an agreement where you will sell their products in your store.

When trying to build relationships with other businesses, make sure that your intentions are genuine and that you do not make money as the main reason why you are building connections with them. It is encouraged that you would try to partner up with the businesses that you genuinely are interested in.

Offer various promotions to your customers

If you are looking for the best way to generate a great traffic or surge of new customers for your new fitness-related business venture, then you may want to consider creating purposeful or meaningful promotions. You could have promotions for your new customers, for your customers’ anniversary of availing your services, during your anniversary, during your customers’ birthday, during special events, and a whole lot more.

The key to having a successful promotion is that you should be creative in naming it. Additionally, you might want to consider having it a time-based deadline. However you want your promotion, make sure that you will be creative and that you will run these promotions more often. You can also see birthday coupon designs and examples.

Keep track of the effectivity of such promotions by its first year so you will be able to determine what promotions you are going to repeat for the next year or the promotions you should never do ever again.

Do not be afraid to be yourself and show vulnerability

As an entrepreneur, you might want to adopt the other marketing strategies of others in a way that you will already become their carbon copy. While its is completely all right to take others as an inspiration on how you are going to market your latest fitness-related business venture, it will then result in you not having your own personal brand.

Do not be afraid to just be yourself and do the things that you think that will be best for you latest business venture. Do not also be afraid to show vulnerability to your potential customers because you have to keep in mind that most your potential customers are availing your services because they think they lack in the fitness department and this could also mean that they are also looking for someone to relate with. You may also be interested in restaurant lunch coupon examples.

Once you will be able to put yourself into the way you are going to market your business and that you will show vulnerability, this can encourage your potential customers to avail of your service because of your connective and genuine marketing.

Acknowledge your customers

Although some might not admit, almost everyone would want to get acknowledged in whatever they do. Take advantage of this in a way that it benefits both you and your customers. There are so many ways that you could give acknowledgement and recognition to your customers.

For example, your fitness-related business is a gym. If you want to acknowlede your customers, you can hold a literal acknowledgement ceremony where you will be giving awards to those customers who have hit and exceeded their fitness goals. Make this also their avenue or their bragging right where they get to share both of their big and small successes to inspire other people who are struggling in their way towards their business goals. You could also set up a page in your website that is dedicated for where your customers can interact with other people and where they can get to share their stories.

There are so many ways you can acknowledge you customers and you can definitely get creative. What’s important is that you will show your gratitude for you customers who have given you continuous patronage.

Gym Sale Fitness Coupon


gym sale fitness coupon

Healthy Food Fitness Coupon Example

healthy food fitness coupon example

Morning Workout Fitness Example

morning workout fitness example

Vegan Shop Fitness Coupon Example

vegan shop fitness coupon example

Vertical Gym Fitness Coupon Example

vertical gym fitness coupon example

Vertical Morning Workout Fitness Example

vertical morning workout fitness example

Encourage reviews from your customers

Feedbacks are important because this enables you to determine what are the things you need to continue doing for your business and what are the thing you need to completely stop doing because it is not doing any good for you business. The thing about feedbacks is that you can not get it from your own self even if you are going to do a thorough business SWOT analysis of yourself. You can only get feedback from your customers. You might also want to know how to prepare a SWOT analysis for your business.

There are so many ways you can generate reviews from your customers. You could set up a space in your business where you will provide them with papers where they can write down their reviews regarding your business. You could set up a page in your website where they can post or send their feedbacks about their experience in your business. And the best way to gain genuine feedback is when you get to talk to them personally and hear out their views and opinions with regards to their personal experience when availing your services.

When receiving their opinions, make sure that you will accept them wholeheartedly and not directly invalidate what they will be saying. Aside from hearing positive feedback, you will also most likely receive negative ones. It is encouraged that you will handle hearing negative views with an open mind because who knows? All you needed was actually negative feedback in order for you to improve whatever it is that you need to improve in your business.

Offer a coupon deals to your customers

Do you know what could genuinely excite customers? Coupons. Coupons are like freebies for a lot of people and since everyone loves freebies, people will surely avail of your services thinking that they get it free with the use of your coupons.

Providing coupons for more than one individual such as coupons for couples, big families, fitness friends, and other groups are more ideal since most people would get motivated to work on their fitness goals if they get to work with other people along them. Plus, it would also mean bigger profit for you and also an increased number of the usual traffic of your customers.


Check out the fitness coupon examples that we have collected and compiled here in this article. These fitness coupon examples are perfect for you especially if you are just starting out and are entirely new in the fitness-related business industry. For more coupon examples, you might want to check out these marketing coupon examples. 

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