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Ran out of creative juices regarding your marketing materials? Wanted to make something that would reignite the interest and excitement of your customers and prospects? Try developing a unique strategy in implementing your coupon to engage and re-engage your clients. Sometimes, even with the use of some old marketing tool, you can create something new that can attract people’s attention. Coupons may be decades old but when you apply your innovative and artistic mind, you can surely win the people’s hearts toward accepting your products and services. You may also see birthday coupon designs.

Not only that, coupons will also help you boost your sales and, most importantly, your branding. Know more about marketing your coupons in the later part of this article. At this point, you can refer to the next section for the examples of blank coupon that you can use for your marketing.

Blank Coupons Template

blank coupons sample
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Blank Birthday Coupon Template

blank birthday coupon template
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Blank Gift Coupon Template

blank gift coupon template
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Blank Reward Coupon Template

blank reward coupon template
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Coupon Marketing 101: Tips for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

Every company typically wants to increase their sales in order to keep the company running as well as to expand the business. One aspect that the company must focus on is their marketing area. This is so important in order for the people to recognize and be familiar with your product. Having a set of appropriate marketing tools and collateral will greatly help in maximizing your marketing effort. You may also see referral coupon designs.

In order to attain success and avoid the possible pitfalls that you might encounter in your marketing, just like in any of your marketing material, when you are marketing a coupon to attract potential customers, you must ensure that you know the basics and foundation regarding coupon marketing. You may also see gift coupons.

Hence, in this section, provided are some tips that can help you in your coupon marketing.

Make a Solid Offer

The amazing thing about coupon is that it is very convenient since it can contain information or freebies that you intend to give to your customers. Your offer must be valuable to your prospects if you want to catch their attention. You must know what your target wants and needs at this period, and provide them what they are looking for. Commonly, people love discounts, and this is the first thing that they can think of when they hear the word coupon. Other offers that you can include in your coupon are as follows:

1. Discounts

Everybody wants to acquire discounts especially from their favorite shops. You may offer a dollar discount or you may opt to offer a certain percentage discount, for example, $50 off or 50% off. You may also see payment vouchers.

2. Bonuses and promos

Another thing that interests your customers are bonuses and promos such as the most popular BOGO or buy one, get one free, or you may want to give free batteries when a customer will buy one mega flashlight.

3. Premiums

Premiums can also attract your prospects’ attention. For example, you can offer a discounted price for the premium if they will avail the trial version or you can offer a premium for an order amounting to $500 and more. You may also see drink coupons.

4. Free information

Although coupons are typically about sales, discounts, and promos, you can also offer a coupon for free information. For example, free booklet, free brochure, free samples, and free trial.

You see, there are a lot of creative ways that you can do to a coupon. All you need is an innovative and open mind to create a novel ideas regarding your coupon. You may also see blank voucher designs and examples.

Simple Blank Coupon Cutouts Example

simple blank coupon cutouts example

Friendship Blank Coupon Example

friendship blank coupon example

Instant Downloadable Printable Sexy Love Blank Coupon Example

instant downloadable printable sexy love blank coupon example

Incorporate Illustrations

Graphics and illustrations are among the first thing that can catch the visual interest of your audience. Make sure that you choose photos and other illustrations related to the industry you are in, your company, or a certain theme for your coupon. In this way, people will notice you and be interested in your offer. Never settle for low-quality graphics, and invest an amount enough to fund a presentable and professional coupon. You might think that coupons are just some small stuff that could aid in your sales. However, never underestimate what the coupons can do to your sales. You may also see receipt voucher examples.

Coupons are actually your silent salesperson who will do the sales pitch in another way that may seem unrecognizable at first glance. As you observe and monitor the marketing for your coupon, you may start to notice the difference it makes as more and more people will get to know more about your brand and the entity as a whole through your coupon. You may also see payment vouchers.

Include Your Branding

When you create your own coupon, never forget to always include your branding. Again, branding is important in letting the people be familiar with your products and services because the more people will get acquainted and know about your offers, the more they will put their loyalty and trust on you and choose you over your competitors. You can start working on the consistency of your branding by designing your coupon using the colors from your logo. You may also include our logo or the mascot of your company. Through this, they can easily recognize that the coupon is coming from your company resulting to an enhanced image, credible offer, and improved customer response. You may also like shopping voucher designs & examples.

Make Use of White Space

Commonly, coupons are printed in a small piece of paper containing a lot of information as regards your offer. Sometimes, when we create our coupon, we tend to include all the details that we think are necessary for our coupon to sell. However, as we go on adding information to the coupon, we can hardly notice that we are overstuffing our coupon leading to a design full of clutter. As a result, this coupon cannot capture the interest of the people. In order to avoid clutter, make use of white space, delete some unnecessary graphics, and make your text brief and concise. You might be interested in cash voucher designs and examples.

Use Powerful Advertising Words

There are certain words used in marketing that could certainly convince your market. Several powerful advertising words that work in your marketing are the following:

Unconsciously, when people catch a glimpse of these words, they will easily get attracted that would lead to curiosity. When your audience will get curious, they will surely delve into the details of your offer. This is where your details would take the center stage. Your details must be direct and concise and, most especially, easy to comprehend and execute. People would normally turn down an offer if they cannot understand the point of your offer. Moreover, they definitely do not want to respond to an ambiguous offer. Hence, make sure that you clarify things using the most concise, simple, and of course, powerful marketing words as possible. You may also see business voucher examples.

Anniversary Blank Coupon Example

anniversary blank coupon example

Editable Blank Love Coupon Example

editable blank love coupon example

Printable Blank Love Coupon Example

printable blank love coupon example

Sell the Benefits

Apart from the powerful advertising words that you must include in your coupon, you must also highlight the benefits that they will receive when they purchase your coupon or if they will avail of your products and services. You must instill in their minds that they need you and that you are a solution to their problems. Some of the common benefits that are attracted to the market are the following:

Sell these benefits by clearly displaying and presenting them in your coupon, and it is guaranteed that there will be an increase in your sales. You may also like gift voucher designs & examples.

Don’t Stop after the Sale

Another thing that you must take note is to never stop after the sale. You must be consistent in doing follow-up to your customers. In order to never miss a previous customer, you can create a list of the contact numbers of the people whom you have previously transacted with. You can use ride-alongs, invoice stuffers, new catalogs, new product brochures, special sale flyers, customer appreciation events, more coupons, and other interesting items as an offer so that these people will become your long-term customers. Through this, you stay connected to these customers, and they can even refer you to their relatives and friends. You may also check out travel voucher examples.

Work with the Right Coupon Sites

There are a lot of coupon sites that you can work with, and the following are several types of coupon affiliate sites that you can start working with:

1. Traditional coupon sites

Examples of these sites are Groupon and Savings.com which can help you promote all your available coupons. You may also like fitness voucher designs and examples.

2. Curation-driven coupon sites

These are sites that feature daily deals like Tech Bargains and DealsPlus.

3. Coupon forums

An example for this type of site is the Slickdeals where anyone can post coupons in a forum.

4. Cash-back coupon sites

Rebates is a popular example for this type of site where they pay back customers part of the commission they receive from publishing your discounts. You may also see business vouchers.

5. Browser extensions

They offer browser extensions that automatically find and apply coupon codes for you such as Honey.

6. Bloggers

Bloggers are everywhere. You just have to look for those who will offer to partner with you in marketing your coupon. You may also see summer voucher examples.

Printable Valentines Day Love Blank Coupon Example

printable valentines day love blank coupon example

Printable Blank Love Coupon Book Example

printable blank love coupon book example

7. Build a Strong Relationship with Your Affiliate Sites

After you find credible sites such as those stated above, you have to have a constant and direct communication with them in order to build a closer relationship. You really do not need hundreds of platform as your marketing partner. Instead, only choose three or four whom you can trust and work well in driving new sales traffic. You must negotiate with them the placements of your promotions on the homepage, in their email newsletter, among others. You may also see printable vouchers.

8. Optimize the Coupon Redemption Process

Most of the time, when you are offering an online coupon through a promo code, this will become a hindrance to the conversion process in your sales. When people feel that they have to go through lots of obstacles to obtain your coupon, most probably, they will give up during the process. Hence, make sure that you eliminate or lessen the barriers in acquiring your coupon. You may also see thank-you vouchers.

9. Watch Out for Bad Platforms

Beware of bad platforms as this can shatter the reputation of your entity. There are sites where they create fake coupons and promote them in their page, but when a visitor clicks the coupon, it will just redirect them to different ads. This is something that you must watch out for. You may also see spring voucher designs.

Mop Up

Coupons are among the typically used marketing material in every entity. Because coupons are easy to create and convenient to disseminate, marketers prefer coupons to be used in their marketing campaign. In the previous section, we have known the importance of marketing which is to give information to the public, especially the target market, that a company is offering something useful for them. You may also see restaurant breakfast coupon examples.

In order to have a solid marketing as regards your coupon, above are some important tips, and these are as follows: make a solid offer, incorporate illustrations, include your branding, make use of white space, use powerful advertising words, sell the benefits, don’t stop after the sale, work with the right coupon sites, optimize the coupon redemption process, and lastly, watch out for bad platforms. You may also see marketing coupon examples.

Selling does not necessarily mean reciting long sales pitch to customers; sometimes, with the right marketing materials, such as the coupon, one can be convinced to respond to your offer and try your products and services. What are you waiting for? Check out the designs and examples of blank coupons in the above section, and start your marketing campaign by creating your own coupon. You may also see business coupon examples.

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