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Because people’s taste buds have become more versatile and accustomed to certain dishes and because of the abundance of variety of food conveniently available in the market, specific cravings have become persistent for some people. Either way, it can really be quite upsetting once you start to crave for some food and you don’t get to eat it right away. Thus, you need to find a way to somehow satisfy your cravings so that you can have peace of mind afterward. You may also see restaurant lunch coupon examples.

Eating on your favorite restaurant as often as you can is one thing, but eating on your favorite restaurant as often as you would like with discount is another. As part of a restaurant’s marketing strategy, they can opt to hand out discount vouchers or coupons that their customers or prospect/potential customers can use until a specific period of time. If that is the case, how do you maximize your eating when you have a discount coupon or voucher especially in buffet or eat-all-you-can restaurants? Fret not, this article will help you with such matters.

Restaurant Gift Coupon Template

restaurant gift coupon template

Rustic Breakfast Discount Coupon Example

rustic breakfast discount coupon example

Vintage Restaurant Discount Coupon Example

vintage restaurant discount coupon example

Tactics to Maximize Eat-All-You-Can Buffets

Eat-all-you-can buffets can either be exciting or intimidating, there is no in-between. Although buffets offer a variety of food, it can be intimidating to start choosing which part or what food you start with. But there are actually professional competitive eaters whom the restaurants need to watch out for since they really clean up their plate as well as the food being served. In this case, how do you at least maximize the money you pay for when eating at buffets? Here are some tactics you can use to really dig in once you go to an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant:

1. Stay true to your taste

If you live in city, chances are there are varied options for buffets near you. Do your research so you can find the restaurant that offers the cuisines or dishes that you actually prefer eating. However, as you research you may encounter worth it price-to-food volume ratio offers, do not be easily swayed with such offers especially when the food selection is not something that you actually like. Always choose buffets that offer the food that you actually prefer eating so you know you will be able to eat food worth the price that you pay for. You may also see marketing coupon examples.

2. Go for restaurants with varied cuisines

Although you have preferred cuisines, always go to restaurants that have a variety of food options that you can choose from. Avoid restaurants that offer the one variety of dishes especially when you know that it is not really your favorite. A variety of food selection will ensure that you do not get tired of the food that you are eating or that you can break away from eating food that somehow has the same taste. It will help you power through and continue eating until you get what you pay for. A fusion of various cuisines ensures you don’t get bored quickly. You may also see meal voucher designs.

3. Do not starve yourself

You might think that when you skip meals before going to an eat-all-you-can buffet will help you eat more food, but it is quite the contrary. If you starve yourself prior, the size of your stomach shrinks and you will end up eating less than you intend to. The meals you eat before going to a buffet should be light and moderated, but never starve yourself. You should also stay dehydrated since proper digestion needs water. However, you should also avoid gassy soda drinks or alcohol before going to the buffet as it can make you full and you will end up losing your appetite. You may also see fitness coupon examples.

4. Dress appropriately

You may think that the clothes you wear when going to a buffet restaurant does not matter, but it sure does. If you have already planned going to a buffet restaurant a day before, make sure you wear clothes that you are comfortable with. Avoid wearing tight pants and shirt when going to a buffet when you know you are about to pig out. You don’t want to be uncomfortable and have a hard time breathing while and after eating. Wear loose clothes; go for elastic-wasted pants or trousers, loose shirt, dress, etc. You may also see gift coupon examples.

Pizzeria Discount Coupon Example

pizzeria discount coupon example

Coffee and Pastries Discount Coupon Example

coffee and pastries discount coupon example

Kids Menu Discount Coupon Example

kids menu discount coupon example

5. Take in small portions of everything

When you go to a buffet you simply do not want to be full without having to try out the other dishes. Instead of going all in with just two dishes, fill up your plate with a little bit of everything. There is no shame in having a full plate with one serving or small portion of every dish available. If the restaurant you are at only has unlimited refills, as most do, you can always go back. Instead of loathing trying to finish a large serving of only two dishes that does not even taste as good as it looks, always consider trying a little bit of everything first before you end up getting full without trying the whole menu. You may also see examples of a food menu.

6. Start with soup or salad

Contrary to popular belief, a bowl of soup or a serving of salad will not make you full or is a waste of space. Both dishes are perfect starters that will prepare your body to chow down when you are at a buffet. There is actually a scientific explanation why these are good starter dishes, since these dishes have high water content it is easier for your digestive system to process. It is the perfect warm-up so that your stomach can adjust to the heavy eating you are about to dive into. It also prepares your stomach for the variety of food it is about to digest which helps you avoid being sick afterward. You may also see payment vouchers.

7. Eat slow and steady

Remember that slow and steady wins the race. There is simply no point in eating like someone is after you. You will end up regretting later if you shove down food down your throat, taking your time a little bit when eating will ensure that you chew your food properly and can be easily digested. Taking your time eating will also help you avoid becoming bloated after. Aside from that, why not enjoy the overall experience rather than eating as if there is no tomorrow? Before going back for a refill, try to rest and sit still a little bit; you can even use that time to take a probiotic capsule, drink some herbal tea, or use your favorite digestive aid. You may also see takeout menu examples.

8. Start with expensive options

If you really want to get your money’s worth, try out the expensive dishes first. Scour the menu for the dish/dishes that have more expensive ingredients in them. Instead of going for food that you can completely afford and cook at home, go for the meals that you are less likely to buy for yourself. For example, instead of indulging with eggs, bacon, simple spaghetti, etc., go for the more expensive options like smoked salmon with caviar, grilled trout with sautéed mushrooms, cream cheese cherry blintzes, wagyu beef, and so on. However, make sure you fill in your protein intake instead of your carbs. You may also see shopping voucher designs.

9. Do not down your drinks

Although it has been mentioned earlier that being hydrated is important when pigging out, but it is also important to remember that it should be before actually pigging out at a buffet. A lot of buffet restaurants also offer a variety of drinks that can excite you; however, you should remember that when you down various drinks when your chowing down food, it can fill you up rather quickly. Thus, avoid drinking your drinks in one go; if you really need it, then drink just to satisfy you, avoid drinking too much as it can make you full. It is also important to avoid fizzy drinks at all costs, they can make you feel really bloated. You may also see referral coupon examples.

10. Choose the right dessert/s

When the restaurant you are about to go to has quite a selection of desserts, do not go overboard and try all of them since it is generally bad idea. If you are starting to get nauseous from all the savory food you are eating, eating a small portion of dessert, specifically dark chocolate, will bring you back on track. The fat and sugar calories can be staggering, make sure there is balance between the savory and sweet food you eat. You can even go for a little frozen yogurt with sweet, fresh fruit since it is good for your digestion. You may also see free vouchers.

Burger Kiosk Discount Coupon Example

burger kiosk discount coupon example

Fast Food Restaurant Coupon Example

fast food restaurant coupon example

Fast Food Discount Coupon Card Example

fast food discount coupon card example

Types of Coupons Restaurants can Use

As the owner of a restaurant, it is important to take care of your patrons as well as make sure you encourage potential customers to try your restaurant. This is where a good discount coupon comes in hand; you can hit two birds with one stone when you use coupons. However, you also have to change things up from time to time so that you can continue to excite your patrons as well as spark the interest for potential clients. Here is a list of the types of coupons you can use to diversify your discount offers:

1. Bundle deal coupons

As the name would imply, bundle deals is where you offer a discount for purchasing two or more complementary items at the same time. This type of discount coupon can really be successful when your clients get to see the benefit of having two items at the same time. For example, a bundle deal discount coupon for a cheeseburger, fries, and drink will surely be appealing for your customers. You may also see business coupon examples.

2. Free offer coupons

This is the famous “buy one, get one” discount that quite a few businesses regularly offer. In this type of discount, one item is given for free with the purchase of a more expensive item. For example, a free iced cold soft drink is given when a customer purchases a burger. This is a proven effective strategy regardless of the demographic or location of the business. Besides giving one freebie for a low-cost food will save you more money compared to offering a discount on a more expensive item. You may also see drink coupon examples.

3. Generic coupons

Generic coupons have been used for centuries and has continued being an effective marketing strategy. There are typically two varieties to generic coupons: dollars off and percentage off. Depending on your preference, it can be applied to specific item/s or the entire total bill itself. You may also see vintage voucher examples.

4. Item-specific discount coupons

In order to control the cost of your promotions, you should offer a discount on specific items. Through this way you can still choose which products that have high profit margins to give discount to. This is also effective in driving sales for new items on the menu or using up excess inventory. You may also see blank coupons.

5. Total bill discount coupons

This discount will allow your customers to choose the things that they actually want rather than what you want them to purchase. Thus, this is generally appealing to any demographic. However, it is a good idea to include a minimum of the order amount to avoid breaking even or taking a huge loss on the sales. You may also see discount coupons.

Final Thoughts

Giving discount coupons can generally give a restaurant more sales especially when it is planned out and executed effectively. It is a good marketing strategy that can help a restaurant to continue thriving. However, it is also important to consider market conditions when doing this strategy so that you can avoid a negative effect on the sales of the business. We hope you find the topics discussed in this article insightful and informative. You may also see birthday coupons.

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