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Part of our hygiene is proper grooming, not just for women, but for men as well. We must be presentable at all times especially when we are in a public place. One of the things that we usually groom is our fingernails. Whether you may want to cut them short or leave them long, your responsibility is to take good care of your nails and not letting any dirt get inside them. You may also see event flyers.

Because we value our nails, nail salons have been established almost to cater your needs. And because of the number of salon businesses striving to be on top of the competition, everyone has their very own marketing strategy to win customers. One of the effective advertising tools that salon businesses use is the ever-popular flyer. Listed below are some very affordable yet attractive examples of nail salon flyer designs. Check them out!

Examples of Nail Salon Flyer Designs

If you are looking for nail salon flyer designs, you have come to the right place. We have provided some amazing nail salon flyer designs which can fit any nail salon business. You may also see advertisement flyers.

Nail Salon Flyer Example

nail salon flyer template

Beauty Nails Bar Flyer Example

beauty nails bar flyer template

Nails Salon Flyer Example

nails salon flyer template

Color Street Nails Flyer Example

color street nails flyer

Nails Salon Flyer Bundle Example

nails salon flyer bundle

Beauty Nails Flyer Example

beauty nails flyer

Nail Bar Templates Bundle Example

nail bar templates bundle

Nail Salon Flyer Template Example

nail salon flyer template in psd

Nail Flyer Design Example

nail flyer


Nail Salon DL Flyer Template Example

nail salon dl flyer template

Beauty Salon Flyer Template Example

beauty salon flyer template

How to Take Care of Your Nails

There are people who are not conscious about the health of their nails while there are people who clean their nails down to the last speck of dirt. Since having good and healthy fingernails is a part of our grooming, we should take responsibility in caring for it. However, many do not know and lack knowledge in how to take care of fingernails. Listed below are some very important tips in how to take good care of your nails. Take time to read and apply them to your nails accordingly. You may also see product promotion flyers.

1. Use Acrylic or Nail Gels

There are some people who have weak nails that keep them from using nail polish. Thus, they opt for artificial nails to keep their natural nails from breaking. In this way, they need not to put nail polish on their actual nails. You may try this but take note that there have been cases of allergic reactions when using artificial nails.

Some even have a hard time of removing artificial nails because there is a risk that the actual nail might be also pulled together with the artificial one. Imagine how painful it could it get when you pull your real nails off! So, put an extra care when pulling off those artificial nails. You may also see fitness flyers.

2. Use Oil-Based Nail Polish Remover

Common practice is the use of an acetone-based nail polish remover. However, it has also been proven that acetone-based nail polish removers can cause nail thinning and weakening, removing a certain coat of your nails and prevents it from looking glossy. Thus, it is suggested to use oil-based nail polish removal as they are less harmful to your nails and also produce a shiny and glossy appearance. You may also see marketing flyers.

3. Go Easy on Nail Polish

Having nail polish is undeniably visually pleasing and can add enhancement to the look of your fingernails. However, it actually does a lot of damage to your nails as it can soften them and making them look dull after you removed the nail polish. This is because nail polish contains acetone which, as discussed previously, can cause harm to your nails.

Thus, do not manicure your nails everyday or regularly; once a month will surely do. Also, use a high-quality nail polish if you want to keep your nails healthy and less damaged, and be sure to check the expiry dates of your nail polish. Never use an expired nail polish; instead, just throw it away as soon as possible. You may also see campaign flyers.

4. Learn Proper Filing

When you file your nail, do not move your file left and right. Instead, use one fluid motion. Moving your file in different ways can create tiny cracks in your nails that may cause to weaken them. Also, when you file in one direction, you get less of a ragged tip. You may also see photography flyers.

Nail Salon Flyer and Business Card Template

nail salon flyer and business card templates

Nail Bar Flyer Template Example

nail bar flyer template

Nails Salon Flyer Example

nails salon flyer

Simple Nail Flyer Example

simple nail flyer

Elegant Nail Salon Flyer Example

elegant nail salon flyer

How to Take Care of Your Nails (continuation)

5. Regular Clipping

You may see a lot of people having long nails. Some have long but unclean nails while others have long yet tidy and healthy nails. There has also been an impression where having long nails makes one looks a prostitute. But the matter of fact is that every person should clip their nails regularly. Long nails get in the way when doing daily chores while it also easily accumulates dirt which causes long-term health problems. You may also see beauty salon flyers.

6. Use a Cuticle Remover

It has been practiced for so many years now for a lot of people to cut their cuticles. However, this can cause a hangnail on the side of your nail bed which can become a hassle when doing regular tasks. It is also very painful when it is not removed immediately. Never cut your cuticles and apply an oil-based cuticle remover or cream instead.

Oil-based cuticle softens your cuticles, making them easy to remove. After applying, you will notice that the dead skin is detached from the nail bed. This is the time for you to gently push your cuticle with a cuticle stick and remove the free-up dead skin with a tissue or a buffing block. You may also see party flyers.

7. Use Rubber Gloves

It may be an exaggeration for some, but never do laundry and never do the dishes without using rubber gloves. It is not only your nails that you are protecting but also your hands. Your hands and nails might be damaged due to the chemicals contained in your soap or the detergent you used for cleaning. This may cause harm to your nails and skin, making your nails weaker and also giving you burns. So, invest in good-quality gloves to prevent damage to your skin, hand, and nails. You may also see concert flyers.

8. Do Not Bite Your Nails

Some people have this mannerism of biting their nails while contemplating on something. Sometimes they also this when they’re bored. Did you know that biting your nails is the same as improper filing? It makes the edges of your nails frayed and ragged and your saliva causes them to be weak. Additionally, your nails might contain dirt clogged under your fingernails which will be transferred to your mouth. You may also see dj flyers.

9. Keep Your Fingernails Dry and Clean

You also have to keep your fingernails dry and clean to prevent bacteria from growing under your fingernails. Not only that, prolonged contact with water can cause your nails to soften and weaken, making them susceptible to breakage and split fingernails. Hence, it is recommended to use rubber gloves when dealing with harsh chemicals or prolonged exposure to water. You may also see gym flyers.

Final Touch

Taking care of your fingernails is part of your overall grooming. You must know the simple ways on taking care of them like regular clipping, proper filing, using acrylic or nail gels, using an oil-based cuticle remover, using gloves, not biting your nails, and keeping them dry and clean. Moreover, you can also go to nail salon and have experts take care of your nails. You may also see minimal flyers.

Because of the high demand of services such as a nail salon, competition has increased tremendously. The use of flyers help a company promote and advertise their products and services. With the small cost involved in printing and disseminating flyers, these marketing tools have remained as effective as ever.

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