20 Product Promotion Flyer Samples

If you want to make sure that your product will sell, you have to put maximum efforts when promoting and advertising it to your target market. It is not enough for your product to be of topmost quality. You have to ensure that it can get the exposure that it deserves as a great product will mean nothing if the people who are supposed to buy it are unaware of its existence.

You can use a product promotion flyer to disseminate information about your product. A product promotion flyer works just like how sales promotion brochures do. This tool has already been used for a long period of time which means that you can already count on its effectiveness and efficiency. If you do not know how to create a product promotion flyer, you may refer to the samples that we have put together in this post.

Product Sale Promotion Flyer


Winter Fashion Product Promotion Flyer

winter fashion product promotion flyer

Product Promotion Business Flyer


Product Promotion Flyer Template

product promotion flyer template

Supermarket Product Promotion Flyer

supermarket product promotion flyer

Myths About Product Promotion Flyer

Just like other kinds of promotional tools and marketing flyers, there have been myths that surround the usage of a product promotion flyer. Some of these myths are questionable while some of them are proven to be true through time. Some of the myths about product promotion flyers include the following:

  • Product promotion flyers are old-fashioned. Product promotion flyers are old-fashioned in a sense that they have been used for a long time period already. However, using one is still effective even up to these days. If you think that product promotion flyers are not good to be used anymore because they are already old-fashioned, you may want to think again as these tools can still do wonders for a business who would like to promote their product/s.
  • Product promotion flyers are essential in the field of marketing. Flyer designs, in general, are considered to be very important in the marketing industry. If you have product promotion flyers that can disseminate information about a particular product, then it is most likely that businesses can expect heavier foot traffic and bigger actual sales.
  • Product promotion flyers are not appropriate to be used in modern marketing processes. One of the myths that are not true is that product promotion flyers are inappropriate to be considered as a marketing tool nowadays. Even if this tool has been present for years, they can still be at par with advertising tools that uses technology.
  • Product promotion flyers have been used for a long time period already. As we have specified above, product promotion flyers have been used for many years in different industries and various business fields. If you come to think of it, there are solid reasons why product promotion flyers are still used up to these days one of which, is that they are truly beneficial in the marketing operations of any business.
  • Product promotion flyers are an effective marketing and advertising tools. If you want to accurately and appropriately target your desired customers, then creating a product promotion flyer and following guidelines for dissemination will work best for you. As a business, a product promotion flyer can help you a lot in terms of letting your brand message come across the market that you would like to tap or penetrate.
  • Product promotion flyers are costly. Some businesses tend to not use product promotion flyers because they think that these tools can only be effective if they will be made by publishing houses. There are also a lot of workforces involved in the creation of product promotion flyers including graphic designers, marketing professionals, content creators, and the like. However, have you ever considered printing your product promotion flyer in your office? Truth be told, a product promotion flyer is very cost-efficient. You can even save more if you will use templates when developing a professional looking product promotion flyer.

Simple Product Promotion Flyer


Sleek Product Promotional Flyer


Digital Product Promotion Flyer

digital product promotion flyer

Why Are Product Promotion Flyers Important?

Using a product promotion flyer is very intimidating as it can make or break the image of the product that a business would like to launch. However, you should not be afraid to use this kind of tool as being knowledgeable about how you can effectively create one is all you need to make your product information dissemination a success. Having an advertising flyer that is centered on your product offer is essential for your business when it comes to giving out details about your product/s. Listed below are some of the reasons why a product promotion flyer is very important in the marketing activities and processes of various businesses.

  • A product promotion flyer is a great option when it comes to marketing products at a low cost.
  • A product promotion flyer can provide great results and high sales and marketing impacts to the business and its product promotion.
  • A product promotion flyer is a great visual touch point that prospective and current customers can have a hold on.
  • A product promotion flyer is appealing which means it can spark curiosity and interest towards the products being showcased.
  • A product promotion flyer requires lesser efforts in terms of creation and development compared to other marketing tools and activities.
  • A product promotion flyer can help the business make the sale transaction or offer more personal.

Product Promotion PSD Flyer

flyer mock up

Product Showcase and Promotion Flyer


Things to Remember When Creating a Product Promotion Flyer

Being clueless, especially if it is your first time to create a business flyer for promoting a product, is normal. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make it easier for you to ensure that the product promotion flyer that you can come up with will be a success. Here are some things that you need to remember if you are already in the process of creating a product promotion flyer:

  • There is nothing wrong with seeking for help or professional advice. If you know people who can help you create an effective product promotion flyer, then, by all means, listen to what they can suggest you with.
  • It is not imperative for you to hire an entire team to create a product promotion flyer. If you want your labor and process cost to be cheaper, you can use templates and samples for references. This will help you create a product promotion flyer without shelling out too much money.
  • Always be aware of trends and the demands of the market. You have to make sure that your product promotion flyer can speak for the business in a positive manner.
  • Make your product promotion flyer a means to connect with your customers. May it be potential customers or long-time clients, you have to develop a message that is strong and appealing enough to get the attention of the people whom you would like to have business with.
  • It is essential for your flyer to look original. Do not make a product promotion flyer just for the sake of having one. More so, include unique design elements so that your flyer will not be incorporated into other product promotion flyers especially those used by your competitors.

Modern Product Promotion Flyer Template

collage 2 11

Multipurpose Product Promotion Flyer


How to Create a Product Promotion Flyer

Before heading to the design processes of developing a product promotion flyer, you first need to be knowledgeable of the technical side of its procedures. Here is how you can create an efficient and highly-usable format and layout for a product promotion flyer:

  • Identify the size of the product promotion flyer that you would like to use. This will depend on the content that you will put on the flyer and the way that you will give out your flyers.
  • Know the purpose of the product promotion flyer so you can easily come up with the spacing of the design and content materials that you will include in the document.
  • Once you are already aware of what you will put in the product promotion flyer, it is not time to decide on what kind of paper to use as the base of your flyer. You may want to consider the texture, color, and thickness of the paper or board material that you plan to use.
  • Place the design that you have in mind in the body of the product promotion flyer. As much as possible, have proper content allocation and spacing so you can create a cohesive and well-formatted product promotion flyer.
  • Provide all the information that you would like your target market to know. While doing this, ensure that the format of your images and texts are visually pleasing, can be easily identified, and not distracting.
  • As much as possible, the theme or design scheme that your company is known for should be incorporated into the overall visuals of your product promotion flyer. This will allow your business to properly brand the flyer.
  • You can look at flyer examples so you can have more idea on how to create your own product promotion flyer.

Kitchenware Product Promotion Flyer

collage 3

Smart Electronic Product Promotion Flyer

smart electronic product promotion flyer

Business and Corporate Product Promotion Flyer

image 104041

Colorful Product Promotion Flyer Design


Benefits of Using a Product Promotion Flyer

By now, you may already be aware that a product promotion flyer is one of the most effective and efficient marketing tool that can present the business’ offers as well as its branding and identity design. As a way to advertise and promote the product that a business offers to customers, a product promotion flyer can really do a lot of wonders when it comes to giving out details about the brand of the business and what the market can expect from it. Here are other benefits that your business can experience if you will use a product promotion flyer:

  • A product promotion flyer is one, if not the most affordable, marketing tools out there. Alongside its cost-efficiency is the reality that it can also be used in various manners. With this, you have the liberty to fully maximize the usage of a product promotion flyer without allotting a lot of money to the planned marketing activities of the business.
  • A product promotion flyer can help your business be noticed as a corporate identity. If you think that a product promotion flyer is only centered on the product that you offer, then you may want to think again. Since you will incorporate branding in the development of the product promotion flyer design, you can associate your business every time people will look at the products listed on the flyer.
  •  A product promotion flyer can easily create a medium where you can send out the correct branding message with regards your business and products. Since a product promotion flyer can provide you with a better platform where you can actually promote your business, this will allow your customers to be aware of what your business truly is hence making you more marketable and appealing.
  • A product promotion flyer can reach a wider market. Since it is lightweight and can be given anywhere, a product promotion flyer can bring your business to places. With more people knowing information about your product, there is a higher possibility for your product to be sold in a larger scale.

Trendy Fashion Product Promotional Flyer

trendy fashion product promotional flyer

Cosmetic Product Promotion Flyer

cosmetic product promotion flyer

Product Promotion Flyer Bundle


How to Make a Product Promotion Flyer’s Content Interesting

It is not only the design and format of your product promotion flyer that you have to give focus on. It is also important for you to ensure that you can come up with the correct content that will appeal to your market. Here is how you can make your product promotion flyer’s content interesting:

  • First, you have to make sure that you will create a draft of what you will present. Writing a content outline will help you to not forget any information that is essential to be known by your market.
  • Identify the smart goal that you would like the product promotion flyer. This will help you to narrow down your selection of words and other details that you will place on the flyer’s content.
  • Make sure that you will be specific about what you would like to relay. The message of your product promotion flyer can make or break the effectiveness of the entire document.
  • Be professional and stick with what you will present. Ensure that your customers will truly experience or get the claims that you will put on the flyer. This is the reason why your flyer content must be measurable, attainable and realistic.
  • Create a title or headline. Having one can help customers easily identify what the product promotion flyer is for.
  • As much as possible, present your products in a very appealing manner. List down the features of the product or the offers that your customers can only get in your business. You can also add the benefits that your customers can get if they will decide to buy the product that you have featured on the promotional flyer.
  • It is essential for you to have a call to action. Do not forget to fully use the advantages of having a product promotion flyer. Convince your target market that it will be advantageous for them if they will buy the product. A strong call to action can make your customers more eager to buy what you are selling.

Sports Products Promotion Flyer


Having a generic and basic product promotion flyer is not enough. You have to make sure that you will come up with a product promotion flyer design that can help your products stand out especially when compared to those of your competitors’. If you truly want to benefit from the usage of this marketing tool, carefully planning the design that you will incorporate in it as well as the content that you will place in the document is very important.

Again, do not hesitate to refer to samples and templates as it can be a big advantage on your part if you will have an easier, faster and more efficient time when developing your own product promotion flyer. As long as you are guided by the knowledge that you need to have when creating the specified flyer, it is for sure that you will come up with a great successful branding, advertising and promotional tool which can give your business and products the exposure that they need and deserve.

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