Open House Flyer

We all know the role of a flyer especially in disseminating information and advertisements. It is a handy marketing tool which is used by most entities even up to this modern age. As the digital world is constantly evolving, flyer designs have also evolved with the help of different applications used for layout and design. You need to keep up with the trend in order for you to not get left behind in terms of design and quality of your flyer. Thus, in this article, we would like to help you enhance the quality of your flyers by offering you the best-quality flyers, specifically open house flyer. You may also see advertising flyers.

What Is Open House?

It is stated above that the examples below are open house flyer designs. But what exactly does open house mean?

There are certain events in which people are welcome in a certain place where they do not normally have access to and the house is open for visitors or buyers, in cases where there are merchandise for sale, hence, open house. It can also mean an event where the real estate for sale is open for inspection or purchase by the buyers even without a prescheduled appointment. You may also see marketing flyers.

Open House Flyer Examples

Check out the examples of open house flyers below and pick one that passes your standards in terms of flyer designs.

Printable Christmas Open House Flyer

Printable Christmas Open House Flyer

Real Estate Open House Flyer

Real Estate Open House Flyer

School Open House Flyers

School Open House Flyers

Open House Promotion Flyer

Open House Promotion Flyer

Norwex Open House Flyer

Norwex Open House Flyer

Holiday Open House Flyer Template

Holiday Open House Flyer Templates

Simple Real Estate Open House Flyer

Simple Real Estate Open House Flyer

Custom Open House Flyer

Custom Open House Flyer


School Open House Flyer

School Open House Flyer

Elegant Open House Flyer

Elegant Open House Flyer

Editable School Open House Flyer

Editable School Open House Flyer

College Open House Flyer Template

College Open House Flyer Templates

Real Estate Open House Flyer Poster

Real Estate Open House Flyer Poster

Printable Open House School Event Flyer

Printable Open House School Event Flyer

Guide in Designing Your Flyer (Even for Non-Designers)

Whether you are a designer or not, did you know that you can certainly create your own flyer? Below are discussions on how to design your flyer. They can only be effective if you read them well and apply what you have learned. You may also see restaurant flyers.

1. Outlining Your Overall Strategy

Before diving straight into designing your flyer, take time for your preparation. You can do an outline of your overall strategy so this would help you be systematized and organized in your steps. There are things that you must prepare before starting to design. The questions below would lead you to answers that you need for the preparation. You may also see photography flyers.

1. What Is Your Purpose?

First and foremost, know the purpose of your flyer. Here are several examples of the purposes of a flyer:

1. To advertise occasions and events like concert, festival, charity, party, or rally

2. To promote business entities selling goods and services such as a salon, day care, yoga, photography, parlor, or restaurant

3. To persuade people about a certain campaign may it be related to social, religious, or political discussions

4. To recruit members for an on organization or group

2. Who Are Your Target Market?

Once you understood what your purpose is, you must determine who are you speaking to and to whom is your flyer dedicated to. In this way, you conserve your resources—time, effort, and energy—by approaching the right people in your flyer. Your target market may be based on one or more of the following factors:

  • Location
  • Climate
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Salary
  • Career
  • Profession
  • Values
  • Religion
  • Lifestyles

3. What Is Your Expected Response?

This is the same as asking yourself what action do you want your customers to take after they read your flyer. You must have a perspective and vision as to what may be the result of your flyer and what is its effect on people. You must include in your objective the actions that your customers must take as a result of the flyer. Examples of actions that may be as follows:

  • Sign up in your store online
  • Check your website
  • Apply directly to your store
  • Call the contact number

4. How Will You Distribute Your Flyer?

You must also decide on how to distribute your flyer, for example:

  • Hand out in the streets
  • Pin in announcement and bulletin boards
  • Display in counters and information desks
  • Post in sites
  • Send as a mail
  • As a pop-up ad

2. Conceptualization

Now that you already have the strategy, you must now specify the style and content of your flyer. There is another step before going straight into designing the flyer, which is giving details to your plan. Here are some questions to guide you in what to do in conceptualization. You may also see retro flyers.

1. What Shape Would You Like for Your Flyer?

Flyers usually come in formats like A3, A4, and typically A5. You can go with that rectangular sheet or you can go against the odds by choosing other shapes for your flyer. You can also have it folded in a certain fold that you want to achieve. In this way, you are being set apart from the other usual flyers and gain and edge in the competition. You may also see event flyers.

2. What Font Do You Want to Use?

Choose a font that go well with your envisioned design. Keep it simple and easy to read. Here are the recommended and disapproved fonts by most flyer designers and layout artists:

  • Best fonts – Helvetica, Verdana, Century Gothic
  • Worst fonts – Impact, Comic Sans, Segoe Script

You must understand that there are fonts that are fancy and playful, the ones that should not be used in formal advertising tool such as flyer, while there are those that are simple but elegant- and professional-looking. You may also see business flyers.

3. What Colors Do You Want to Use?

Choose specifically complementary colors for these are the colors create a vibrant look that would usually catch people’s attention according to the color wheel theory. These are colors that are opposite from each other in the color wheel. Examples of complementary colors are the following:

  • Yellow and violet
  • Yellow orange and blue violet
  • Orange and blue
  • Red orange and blue green
  • Red and green

4. What Graphics Would You Like to Include?

If you are promoting your products and services, you might as well include them in your graphics. If you are advertising certain events, include graphics related to that event. If you are campaigning for something, add pictures related to your campaign. Whatever graphics you include in your flyer, make sure that it fits your purpose and the quality of the picture is high to avoid the image being pixelated. You may also see campaign flyers.

5. What Branding Methods Would You Like to be Featured?

You must include something that people might remember your post. This is a form of establishing a brand to your entity. For instance, you may include the following in your flyer:

  • Company logo
  • Tagline
  • Your own font
  • Mascot
  • Symbol
  • Clipart

6. How Will You State Your Call-to-Action?

Call-to-action is a phrase that would compel people to take action on what you are offering. This is related to the expected response or the response you want to get from your customers. Here are examples of phrases stating a call-to-action:

  • Get our exclusive deals and offers! Join us today.
  • Get updated. Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Looking for services of an expert? Subscribe to our site now.
  • Free resources. Join our site today.
  • Be among 2 million+ people who get our newsletter. Enter your email below.
  • Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter for useful tips.

3. Designing

This is the part that you have been waiting for. But don’t get disappointed as this part is shorter than the previous ones. The reason is that this is the application part—applying what you have brainstormed and conceptualize. Once you are already prepared and systematized, you can easily perform the application part. Here are the things you need to do. You may also see fitness flyers.

1. What Are Your Inspirations?

To have an idea what your flyer may look like, search for other flyers in the market and compare and designs from one another. Browse existing online designs that made an impact to you. This will not only give you a hint on other people’s designs but also exercise your artist eye in choosing what is a good design and what is not. You may also see invitation flyers.

2. Which One Meet Your Expectation Based on Your Outline and Conceptualization?

Decide on what flyer makes an appeal to based on the things that you conceptualize. You may also refer to other people and ask their own opinion regarding to the design you are choosing. You can consider their feedback or stick to your decision. You may also see party flyers.

3. Proofread

Never forget to check and double check for grammatical and spelling errors. Also check if the text are properly aligned and the graphics is of good quality. You may also see summer flyers.

4. Printing and Distribution

In printing, you must decide on what type of paper you are going to use, the thickness of the paper, and the finish that you would like to achieve—matte finish or gloss finish. You must also determine the number of copies that you want to print. You may also consider a test print if you want. For the distribution, as what you have listed in your outline, you can opt for physical distribution where you will hand your flyers to the target market on foot, pin them in bulletin boards, or display them in counters and information desks or digital distribution like posting them in sites, sending them as mails to prospective customers, and posting them as pop-ads on sites. You may also see  gym flyers.


The above discussion show us the ultimate guide in creating your own flyer. You must outline your overall strategy by knowing your purpose, target market, expected response, and the method to distribute your flyer. Then, you must brainstorm and conceptualize the shape, font, color, graphics, branding methods, and call-to-action in your flyer. Next, in designing your flyer, you must have an inspiration or the basis on your flyer design, choose one that will meet your expectation based on your outline and conceptualization, and check for grammatical and spelling errors. If you are satisfied with the design you have come up with, now is the right time for printing and distribution. You may also see beauty salon flyers.

Alternatively, if for certain reasons you cannot create your own flyer, the above designs can surely help you and you can always check our site anytime for more examples of flyer designs.

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