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The corporate branding and other business processes involved in sustaining a restaurant or food establishment do not only focus on the service that the company can give to people nor the type and quality of food that they serve. For a restaurant to be known by many and for it to ensure that its sales can sustain its operations, proper marketing, and advertising activities are necessary to be executed. One way to help a restaurant reach its target and potential markets is the usage of a restaurant flyer.

If you have been immersed in restaurant operations, you may have noticed that using a restaurant flyer is an effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy. Having a marketing flyer intended to be used by restaurants can be applied in various circumstances and activities which also makes it favorable for restaurant owners to use one. Select from any of the samples below if you want to develop your own flyer designs but does not have any idea on how to start. Get inspiration from the downloadable references that we have put together just for you.

Restaurant Flyer Template

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Restaurant Fundraising Flyer Template

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Simple Restaurant Flyer

Restaurant Flyer Sample

When to Use a Restaurant Flyer

A restaurant flyer is one of the best tools to use if you would like to promote your restaurant or any food establishment. Using a restaurant flyer will allow you to spread the news about your food offers and what your prospective customers can expect from your business. Here are some instances where the usage of a restaurant flyer can be beneficial for your business:

  • When you’re about to open a restaurant and you would like people to know that you can already serve them on specific hours of the day through the usage of a grand opening flyer
  • When you are opening a new branch and you would like to use an invitation flyer so you can gather people and make your restaurant brand established in the new location
  • When you want to create a new brand for your restaurant or you would like your customers to be updated on the changes with regards your image, menu designs or even restaurant theme
  • When you want to provide offers and deals that people can only get for a limited time period
  • When there is something new about your menu card and you would like people to be aware that they can order it already in your restaurant
  • When you want to boost your sales and you wish to encourage heavy foot traffic in your business
  • When you are organizing an event or a program for your company
  • When you want to fulfill your marketing objectives and you want to get hold of new customers while ensuring that your patrons will still be interested in your brand

There are still a lot of ways on how you can benefit from the usage of a restaurant flyer. There are various usages of this tool that you can incorporate in your operations especially in relation to the processes of imaging, branding, marketing, promotion, and advertising flyer.

Restaurant Food Menu Flyer Template

PSD Restaurant Flyer

Restaurant Promotion Flyer

Cafe and Restaurant Flyer

The Content of a Restaurant Flyer

As we have stated above, there are different ways and manners on how restaurants use advertising flyers for their corporate advantage. With this, there is also a wide scope of content that is expected to be seen in the specified tool. The content of a restaurant flyer can be any of the following:

  • Special restaurant deals
  • Promotion and other offers
  • Meal discounts
  • Group dining packages
  • Announcement of restaurant opening
  • Suggested and best-selling menus
  • Restaurant announcements; and
  • Updated meal presentations

Even if the above-mentioned items may not always be seen in a single restaurant flyer, there are some basic information that should always be included in a restaurant flyer. These details should be incorporated into the document to ensure that it can properly present the business and that customers will be aware of what restaurant to associate the content of the restaurant flyer with. These important restaurant flyer information include the following:

  • The name of the restaurant
  • The tagline of the restaurant, if there is any
  • The logo that the restaurant uses
  • A brief information about the restaurant that the management would like to share
  • The classification of the restaurant which can include awards and other citations that the business has received
  • The details about the food profile that customers can expect from the restaurant
  • The specific specialties or the kinds of food that the restaurant serves both in seasonal and daily operations
  • A list of the other items or products that the restaurant sell to customers
  • The exact location of the restaurant, supplemented by a location map if necessary
  • The contact details and online pages of the restaurant
  • The number of the restaurant’s reception and customer service for purposes of reservation, inquiry and other related purposes.
  • The particular days and time of the restaurant operations
  • The food promos that customers can avail or other details that can get the attention and curiosity of people

When creating your restaurant flyer, it is essential for you to not just think about the design of the tool. You also have to consider the items that are expected and needed by your customers. If you are already in the process of developing your own restaurant flyer, always ask yourself about what should you place in a restaurant flyer that can hook your current and prospective customers. This will allow the tool to be used to its maximum potential.

Sleek Restaurant Flyer Design

Cusine Restaurant Flyer Sample

Factors That Can Affect the Overall Restaurant Flyer Design

When creating a restaurant flyer, you need to ensure that you will stay true to what the restaurant is made of. You have to present the business branding and the entirety of the restaurant operations just as what they are. This will allow you to brand the restaurant properly and to set expectations in a realistic manner. Some of the factors that you need to consider when developing the design and content of your restaurant flyer are as follows:

  • The material that you will use for printing. A great restaurant flyer design will not be given justice if it will be printed in a medium that is not good enough or lacks quality. Select the texture of the board or paper sheet that you will use so you can identify whether it is fit for the design of your restaurant flyer.
  • The presentation of the restaurant’s brand, menu, or other information. As much as possible, think of the items and other icons that can be incorporated in the restaurant flyer that also depicts the brand and image of the restaurant. Make your restaurant flyer one of the touch points that can help you strengthen the perception of people about your business.
  • The fonts that will be present in the restaurant flyer. Select font sizes and styles that are easy to understand. You also need to consider whether it will fit the theme of the flyer or if the font goes well with the other things that you will include in the flyer design.
  • The format and layout of your restaurant flyer design. The spacing of your flyer design and the placement of its content can affect the overall look of the restaurant flyer. Create a design plan that can make it easier for you to come up with an effective restaurant flyer.
  • The cohesion of the design materials according to your theme. The items that you will put in the restaurant flyer should go well with each other both in terms of content and design. This will allow your flyer to look complete, comprehensive, and polished.
  • The color scheme that you will use for the entirety of the flyer designing process. Use colors that can represent the business well. More so, use a color plan that can be easily associated with the restaurant. Doing this can help you create a restaurant flyer that is visually related to all the other materials and decorations present in the restaurant.

When developing your restaurant flyer, you do not need to make it look too extravagant. It should also not be excessively designed. You have to remember to put balance in your restaurant flyer creation as all the items that you will put together can affect the impression of your customers about the business.

Grill Restaurant Menu Flyer Template

Restaurent Advertisement Flyer

Fast Food Restaurant PSD Flyer

Benefits of Using a Restaurant Flyer

A restaurant flyer has already stood the test of time in the food business. There are already a lot of other marketing tools that have been used but have been proven to not be effective or even efficient. Since a restaurant flyer has already been used in the industry for a long period of time as a tool that can carry branding and identity design, you can ensure that it will be advantageous for you to use one. Listed below are some of the benefits that your business can experience if you will use a restaurant flyer.

  • Through the usage of a restaurant your flyer, you can professionally present your business. Your restaurant flyer serves as the representation of your business. This tool can easily give out the information that pertains to your operations or to other things that you want your target market to be knowledgeable of. A restaurant flyer can also serve as the introduction of your restaurant business or food establishment, especially to new markets.
  • A restaurant flyer can help you promote your business and your offer. A restaurant flyer can separate you from your competition. If you can get a restaurant flyer design right, you can already tick one of the basic marketing and advertising components that your business needs. Being able to promote your business through the help of a restaurant flyer can make your business more relevant.
  • Using a restaurant flyer can build customer relationship that is very beneficial for the sustainability of your restaurant. If you will use the appropriate restaurant flyer and you will give it out in a timely manner, you can give your customers the reason why they need to try your menu offers or even come back after their first visit. This kind of relationship that you are building with your market can help your business turn your marketing activities into actual business sales.
  • A restaurant flyer effectively showcases different information about your business. A single restaurant flyer can be one of the advertising and marketing strengths of your business. Restaurant flyers can help you feature new menu selections, the seasonal and special deals; offers and discounts that you can provide your customers with, or even updates about your operations.
  • Having a restaurant flyer can make your business more efficient when it comes to implementing branding and marketing activities. In any industries, marketing undertakings can be very costly. Especially to businesses who are just entering a particular field, being known is a real challenge. Unlike any other tools used in marketing activities, a restaurant flyer actually is cost-efficient. It is cheaper compared to using advertisements and other related marketing activities.

Pizza Restaurant Advertising Flyer

Restaurant Flyer Template

Free Restaurant Flyer

Spicy Food Restaurant Flyer

As a great, cheap and effective marketing tool, we can see no reason for you not to try using a restaurant flyer. Come to think of it, there are only a few tools and materials that is adequate enough for you to relay the brand of your business. There are different kinds of promotion and marketing activities where you can use a restaurant flyer. If you want market niches to be aware of your restaurant’s existence, it will be best if you will use a restaurant flyer as one of your marketing tools.

Always find effective and impressive means of content structuring when developing a restaurant flyer. The specified tool can only be maximized if you can ensure that your target market really gets the branding message that you would like them to be aware of. There is no harm in trying. Select a template to use or a sample to get inspiration from so you can already start the development of your business’ own restaurant flyer.

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