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Most people like to socialize and meet new friends, even introverts, too! It is a common misconception that introverts wanted to be alone at all times.

The truth is, they want to be with people, but recharge their own strength when they are alone. Hence, most people would not want to be alone. However, we only like social gatherings, celebrations, and parties when we have at least someone to accompany us or when we are throwing the party ourselves. But before that, we must work on the preparations first, and after that, you must create a commotion in launching your announcement for a party. You may also see announcement email examples & samples.

How to do that? There are many ways to announce to the public or the invited guests on the upcoming party, and one of those is through party announcements.

Not sure on how to create one? Check out the examples of party announcement designs in the next section.

BBQ Party Announcement Flat Poster Example

Graduation Party Announcement Invitation Example

What Is a Party?

Talking about parties, this refers to the gathering of people for a special occasion for the purpose of socializing, conversation, and recreation. Usually, food and beverages are served, and often, music, dancing, and other forms of entertainment are being participated by the people. You may also check out funeral announcement designs and examples.

BBQ Barbecue Party Announcement Poster Example

Graduation Party Announcement Example

Birthday Party Announcement Invitation Poster Example

Types of Parties

1. Birthday Party

Obviously, a birthday party is a celebration to celebrate the birth of the person who is being honored. Boy or girl, man or lady, young or old, there is not discrimination in celebrating your birthday through a birthday party. You can invite guests such as those people that are close to you—your relatives, friends, schoolmate, officemate—and any one you wish to come and celebrate with you on your birthday. You may also see death announcement designs and examples.

Usually, birthday cakes are present in every birthday party. For children’s birthday party, it is usual that the host will give gifts or goody bags or loot bags to the attendees.

2. Graduation Party

Another popular party that has been celebrated and attended by most people is the graduation party. This party is to celebrate the achievement of someone who finished a certain level of education.

No matter how young or old you are, you can still celebrate your graduation party as this signifies that you are being thankful to the Lord, to your parents, and all those people who supported you in your studies. There are different graduation parties that can be celebrated in the lives of the people such as kinder graduation, elementary graduation, high school graduation, and college graduation.

3. Welcome Party

You may throw a welcome party for the purpose of welcoming someone to a new post or location.

For example, you may celebrate a welcome party for a new member of the club or organization, a new member in your department at work, a new employee hired in the company that you are working, or a new addition to the members of the family in the form of a baby. This is to let them feel that they are being accepted in the group and to let them feel welcome, hence the term welcome party. You may also check out baby announcement postcard designs and examples.

4. Farewell Party

Farewell party is said to be a party with mixed emotions: you are happy for the people leaving because he will be venturing out in the new environment and he is taking a great leap of faith in moving forward, and at the same time, you are emotional and sad that you are no longer in the company of a good and dear friend. You might be interested in graduation announcement designs & examples.

This is also called bon voyage party and is customarily thrown in honor of someone who will be moving away for good or will be departing on a long trip. Retirement parties can also be consider as such as and falls into this category.

Let’s Party Modern Engagement Party Invitation Template Example

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Chalkstyle Birthday Party Announcement Flyer Example

5. Surprise Party

For this type of party, the party is not made known beforehand to the person in whose honor the party or celebration is being held. Usually, birthday parties are the most common kind of surprise parties. In these parties, usually, the guest will arrive an hour or so before the celebrant in order to prepare for the necessary things needed to be prepared before the hour of the surprise. You may also see party invitation examples.

Guests may even conceal themselves, and wait for the honored person to arrive. And when the celebrant enters the room, all will leap from their hiding spot and shout “Surprise!”

6. Christmas Party

In many countries all over the world, the Christmas season is being celebrated by various Christmas parties. Simultaneous Christmas parties are being held, and everyone can attend to every Christmas party that they are being invited into. In schools, even the students and teachers can hold a Christmas that may be either exclusive for the batch or for the whole school. You may also like event invitation examples.

In the neighborhood, you can also find small gathering of people celebrating the Christmas by having a party. In public places, you can also find lots of Christmas parties in the form of concerts and any other events.

7. Costume Party

Costume party is a party in which the guests are expected to wear a costume. If there is a theme for the event, the costume should be related to the theme. For example, in a masquerade ball, guests must wear masks to conceal their identities. Also in events such as Halloween and Mardi Gras, the guests are expected to wear the appropriate costume. You may also check out lunch invitation designs & examples.

For this type of party, the announcement and invitation must be sent earlier for the guests and participants to prepare and look for their costume. They must be given enough amount of time looking for their best attire.

8. Tea Party

A tea party is considered to be a formal gathering for an afternoon tea. Usually, these parties are attended by women, although men may also be invited in the party.

Prestigious tableware are used in these parties such as bone china and silver. The table must also be arranged in the way that it is at its prettiest state along with the table napkins as well as plates, cups, and other utensils. Additionally, although it is called a “tea” party, punch or hot chocolate may also be served together with a variety of food such as sandwiches, cakes, and cookies. You might be interested in business invitation designs & examples.

Graduation Party Invitation Card Example

Christmas Party Announcement and Invitation Example

9. Dinner Party

A dinner party can be either formal or informal depending on the preference of the host of the party, and this is usually celebrated in the home of the host. For formal dinner parties, the dining table is made to look presentable as that is where the food is served, and this is preceded by a cocktail hour in the living room. On the other hand, for less formal dinner parties, a buffet is provided for the guest where they can choose from the buffet and eat while standing up, conversing or socializing with the other guest.

10. Fundraising Party

This party is being held for the purpose of collecting funds that will be given to a specific charity or institution. Usually, these parties are formal and the program flow may consist of a dinner followed by one or two speeches along with the presentation explaining the purpose of the event as well as introducing the recipient of the charity. You may also see examples of invitation design.

It is also common that there is a charge for the admission as this is a charity or fundraising event, and it is not uncommon that the fee will amount to several thousand dollars especially when the money that is being raised is to be used for a political campaign.

11. Housewarming Party

This party is held when a family, a couple, or any individual will move into his new house. Typically, these parties are informal and do not include planned activities. Usually, the guests are being toured and introduced to the new house. The guests are commonly family members and close friends, and they are expected to bring gifts for the new home that the host will be residing. You may also like examples of graduation invitation design.

Generally, this party is simply a short celebration or occasion for the host to show to their families and friends their new home.

Tea Party Announcement Vertical Banners Example

Graduate Party Announcement Flyer Template Example

Graduation Party Announcement Template Example

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Wrap Up

Throwing a party or organizing one, especially when it involves inviting a huge crowd, is a very challenging one. It requires a long time of preparation and a lot of patience to get through to all the planning. One must stay energetic and positive to make the event a successful one. Among the primary preparations that the organizer must prepare is the event or party announcement. This is to invite people of the upcoming celebration or party. You may also check out invitation card designs and examples.

There are several types of parties as discussed in the previous section. These are as follows: birthday party, graduation party, welcome party, farewell party, surprise party, Christmas party, costume party, tea party, dinner party, fundraising party, and housewarming party. Parties are not limited to only these events, but there are a lot more parties that you can think of.

Hopefully, the examples and designs of party announcement presented in the previous section helped you in your announcement design.

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