44 Baby Shower Invitation Examples

Are you expecting for a little one on the way? I am sure you are very excited for  that little creature to appear in your  life, and this time you are already thinking of ways how to make the welcoming of your baby extra special. The great idea I have for you is to organize a baby shower. I am certain that all moms and those soon to be moms are already familiar with this cute and thoughtful kind of party for a cute little one coming on the way.
Even when he or she is still so little and would still have no idea about what is happening on the outside, at least he or she has something to look back to when your child gets a bit older. Your child would feel how important and special he or she is in your lives. And to allow it to happen and so a lot of people will be sharing the special occasion with you and your baby, it must have an exceptional baby shower invitation designs!

Free Baby Shower Invitations

Free Printable Baby Shower Invitation

Free Girl Baby Shower Invitation

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Printable Baby Shower Invitations

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Important Things to Consider In A Baby Shower

What is a baby shower anyway?

A baby shower is a small gathering of the relatives and expectant parents of the baby together with the close friends. This gathering involves giving of gifts, food and drinks served for everyone and sometimes games are also included to make the gathering alive and also, before it happens bridal shower invitations are still given to those close friends and relatives who will be attending the party.

For some reasons baby shower is already a modern term, however the tradition of organizing a party or celebrating the coming of the child is already a tradition.
What usually happens during a baby shower party? Who should throw a baby shower, when should  baby shower happen etc. You will be enlightened in the following:

  • Who throws the baby shower? Can anyone ever throw a baby shower? Yes it is possible that anyone can throw a baby shower, however in the tradition and some cultures would not consider organizing this gathering birthday invitations on their own because it gives an impression of “asking gifts” for the baby. So it would be better that anyone who is a close friend of the parent or the grandparents, as long as you are not a relative of the family.
  • When should a baby shower happen? In most cases it should happen six weeks before giving birth. This time is a bit fun and enjoyable since the mother is still carrying here the baby in her tummy while attending the party invitations. It looks cute anyway. But gatherings like this are also preferable after giving birth, especially when the parent’s friends already have an idea of the sex of the baby, it would be easier for them to figure out what presents to give. You must also make sure that the date you set is preferable by everyone, important people must be present in the most special occasion of the baby’s parents.
  • Where should the gathering happen? Considering the location where it will happen is very important. It would be better if the party will be held in another friends house or at the grandparent’s house, or any hall that’s preferable for the gathering will do. I won’t suggest holding it to the expectant mother’s house, it is kind of tiring and hassle for her to prepare and clean up after the gathering. It might sound unfair for her.
  • What food to prepare during the gathering? Mostly, finger foods are usually prepared in the party. Like cakes, cookies, chocolate bars, chocolates paired with tea or coffee, iced or hot. But the organizer still have the choice of what types of food to prepare it could be a heavy meal or just the light ones, it merely depends on the time of the day when will it be held.

So far these are the basic things to consider in throwing a baby shower other details will be discussed as we go along the way such as the  event invitations, the designs etc.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitations

Free Blank Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitation

Mickey Mouse Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Mickey Mouse Boy Baby Shower Invitation

Couples Baby Shower Invitation

Free Couples Baby Shower Invitation

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Examples

Vintage Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Vintage Princess Baby Shower Invitation

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations

DIY Rustic Baby Shower Invitation

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Free Rustic Baby Shower Invitation

Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Free Personalized Baby Shower Invitation

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Personalized Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Planning A Baby Shower Invitation

In every event poster or occasion or any gathering that is going to be organized requires great planning. Although baby showers are not really considered as mandatory and grandeur  gathering it need to be extra special too and one way of making it is giving out baby shower invitation card.

So here are the ways on making baby shower invitations:

  • Before creating the baby showering invitation you are about to make, consider first the theme of the party. In that manner it would be easier for you to figure out the kind of  holiday invitation you will be giving out. In planning for the theme, you should consider the mother and the baby, it could be based on the baby’s sex. It could be based on the mom’s preference too, or anything that is distinct about the mom, anything that describes her or it could be her favorite color too.
  • Know the guest list, so you will have an idea to whom are you giving out the invitations. You can ask the mother-to-be about their emails and their home address. In creating the invitation these information must be present:

– the name of the gathering

– the name of the mom-to-be

– the date and time

– location of the gathering

  • Determining the kind of invitation to give out. You can basically personalize the kind of invitation you want. It could be just a piece of paper like that of a event flyer that’s very unique. It could be in a form of card too that comes in a form of a hard paper, just like any other  typical greeting cards sold in the market.
    • Since the basic information of your  lunch invitation is done. You now have to plan about  an activity for the gathering. Think of silly games during the party. That would be a great fun for the closest friends, family and other relatives. It tightens the bond too. You may include this in the invitation too, you can inform them to prepare for silly games and fun activity during the gathering, so they will get excited about it too.

Blank Baby Shower Invitations

Blank Baby Shower Invitation Sample

Blank Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Homemade Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Winter Baby Shower Invitations

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Beach Baby Shower Invitations

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Chalkboard Baby Shower Invitation Examples

Free Chalkboard Baby Shower Invitation

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Chalkboard Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Vintage Chalkboard Baby Shower Invitation

Fun and Adorable Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Certainly, there are many ways of designing invitation cards from simple to elegant, cute to classy, classic to vintage and a lot more. Deciding what type of invitation card to send to your dearest participants is not a chill type of work, some may consider it fun and easy and light, that is for those who are already exposed in the field. But how about those people who are not really into designing event invitation cards but still wants to pursue?

Well, this article is such a huge help for you. If you still have no idea about your invitation, you can go ahead and check our fun and adorable baby shower invitation ideas. We’ll be very glad to help you. So  checkout these:

Baby Girl Shower Invitation- If you are looking for a simple yet cute invite, this type of invitation idea will surely have a girly impression on the receiver of your invites, with its pink  dominating color that perfectly fits the girly theme.

Baby Boy Shower Invitation- The simple blue dominating color in the card, gives a strong definition to your baby boy. This type of invitation that you will be giving will surely have an idea of the baby’s sex. It’s a boy!

Twin Baby Shower Invitation- You are lucky enough to have twins so why not go ahead and try our design that includes your twins’ name in front. This idea is surely cute and it’s more likely being personalized.

Beach Baby Shower Invitation- For a beach lover mother-to-be or both the parents, you can try out this ides in your baby’s invitation card, it’s unique to put a bit of touch of what the parent’s are passionate about- beaching, and include it as a theme in the the business invitation. Or maybe the venue of the the gathering is in the beach, then a Beach Baby Shower Invitation perfectly fits.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitation- Cartoon characters never run out of style it may be an adult’s or teenager’s event, Mickey Mouse theme is surely a hit too. This idea is also preferable if the little one is a baby boy.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitation- If there’s Mickey, then Minnie must be present too, which is best for a   baby girl. With Minnie’s baby pink shirt and her cute polka dots skirt, surely give a cute and fun looking invitation.

Princess Baby Shower Invitation- This idea applies to a baby girl. Amazing Princesses design includes the Disney princesses and vintage Disney princesses too. So you have a choice of two about a princess themed invitation.

Personalized Baby Shower Invitation- This could include our Chalkboard wedding invitation design that looks unique plus you have a choice of a vintage chalkboard design on the other hand. Winter theme includes in our personalized ideas too. Rustic themed invitation cards too are being laid on our invitation ides.

Surely, there are lots to choose from, you just have to decide carefully which invitation idea, perfectly suits to your needs.

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