Ninja Themed Birthday Party Invitation

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Ninja Themed Birthday Party Invitation

Once upon a time in feudal Japan, a group of mercenaries were involved themselves in espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare to fight their enemies or to anyone who threatens to destroy them. This infamous group call themselves ninja; who originally call themselves shinobi or shinobi-no-mono which means “to steal away; to hide” and mono means “a person”. You may also see party invitation examples.

Nowadays, in the modern times, ninjas are persons of the past but their popularity and legacy remains. Their physical stealth when it comes to physical fight is often admired by people. In popular culture, ninjas are watered down for their ruthlessness for their new audience such as little kids who enjoy adventure and action that the ninjas are known for. You may also see bridal shower invitation examples.

If your kid loves ninjas and their birthday is coming up, then the perfect theme for their party is having a ninja themed party. Not only they will be entertained, they will also be involved in physical activity that assures that your party is far from being dull and lifeless.

Assuming you have the time and patience (of course you do), create your own ninja-themed birthday party for your little one. These kinds of parties don’t need a party planner who will drain your cash in just a blink of an eye if you yourself can do it. You just need a little extra effort in this. After all, your kid only celebrate their birthday once a year so there’s no reason you can’t do this. However, if you’re not sure what cool ideas are involved in ninja themed parties, here are some ideas and tips: You may also like birthday card designs & examples.

You can even start your party off with each child receiving a white belt. As they complete or master each game or activity they will receive a new colored belt. Colors go as follows; White, yellow, green, blue, red and then black, which is master ninja status.

Ninja Birthday Invitations Ideas

Of course you need to invite kids and people for your party. Making invitations has always been a must. Whether you do it by hand or print some printouts, it’s up to you how your invitations will look like. This is the time to showcase your creativity. If you’re clueless or brimming with ideas but can’t decide to settle on one theme, ask your child what design they prefer in their general invitations. You can also refer to the sample invitation cards in this article to give you ideas how you’ll make your invitations.

Once you’ve decided on the design of your card, fill out the necessary details your guests need to know about the party. Put the time, date, location, and most importantly RSVP in it.

Once done with your invitations, give them to your guests at least a week before the event.

Ninja Turtles Invitation Example

Ninja Turtles Invitation Example

Black Ninja Invitation Example

Black Ninja Invitation Example

Cute Ninja Invitation Example

Cute Ninja Invitation Example

Three Ninjas Invitation Example

Three Ninjas Invitation Example

Ninja Warrior Skills Invitation Example

Ninja Warrior Skills Invitation Example

1. Decorations for the ninjas

Your decorations are easier for you to envision what it will be like since you already have a specific theme. You can use ninja images, ninja stars,  ninja weapons or red dragon images for your decorations. You can draw your own designs or cut-out some free printable designs in the internet. You can make a banner, or a poster, or crepes hanging down from the ceiling, you can make some design on your tablecloths, party hats, plates, cups, chairs, etc., or anything you want to do. Your design is totally up to you. This will help save you a heap of money but unless you’re extremely busy, you can print out banners to a local print shop who can make the designs for you. You may also see event invitation examples.

2. Ninja-inspired cake and cupcakes

Whether you bake it yourself or customized baked it at the bakery, making a ninja theme birthday cake is easy and common so you don’t scuttle around trying to come up what ninjas actually look like. If you’re not into the traditional cake type, you can also have ice cream cakes, cupcakes, cake rolls, or any type of cake your heart (and most importantly your child’s) prefer. The dedication on the top of the cake is up to you. Don’t forget to also prepare candles, whether it’s the traditional small, stick-like candles, or number shaped candles. You may also like business invitation designs & examples.

3. Ninja Goodie Bags

Instead of the usual goodie bag, make your own by using ninja themed items. You can put tiny swords, ninja figures, ninja star shaped toys, spinning tops, or anything related to ninjas. It’s totally up to you what sort of toys you will put in your goodie bag. Also put some treats such candies, or chocolates, or mini-cakes in it. This fail-proof plan will make all your guest kids happy and excited. You may also check out birthday invitation designs & examples.

Kick It Ninja Invitation Example

Kick It Ninja Invitation Example

Cool Ninja Party Invitation Example

Colorful Ninja Face Example

Calling All Ninjas Invitation Example

Calling All Ninjas Invitation Example

Ninja Party Game Ideas

1. Blind ninja

The rules of this game is that one child will blindfolded, who will be called ‘it’ while the other hide around the playing area.  The blindfolded player must find the hidden players. The ‘it’ player can call for a clap up to three times and all the hidden players must clap twice.  When a player is touched they are out. You may also see examples of wedding invitation design.

2. DIY ninja weapons

The kids can make their own ninja weapons such as boa’s, nunchucks, and swords. Let each child choose their own ninja weapon, maybe let them decorate them with duct tape.  To test out their ‘weapons’, you can have some hanging balloons that they can hit, maybe a wall made of shoe boxes they can knock down, etc. You may also like lunch invitation designs & examples.

3. Floating ninja weapons

Using their foam or inflatable weapons (the ones they made earlier) give each a balloon. On the count of three, the children are to put the balloon in the air and keep it off the floor using only their ninja weapon. The longest to keep the balloon up wins a prize.

4. Ninja star toss

Have the children make origami ninja stars or (if making origami is too complicated) you can cut out paper ones. Have a bucket or large bowl available and a timer set for 1 minute. Each child will stand 3 to 5 feet from the bucket and attempt to toss as many ninja stars into the bucket in one minute. The ninja with the most in wins. If there is a tie, they will compete until there is a winner. You may also check out invitation flyer designs & examples.

Colorful Ninja Face Example

Colorful Ninja Face Example

Ninja Turtles Invitation Example 2

Ninja Turtles Invitation Example 2

Ninja Warrior Birthday Invitation Example

Ninja Warrior Birthday Invitation Example

5. Kick the ninja

You will need one helium filled balloon on a string for each child attending the party. Tape the balloons to the floor several feet apart. You can draw a ninja mask on each balloon to add some character. The mission is to see if the little ninja kids can kick the balloon ninja in the head or face but they have to holler ‘hai-ya!’ or  else their attempt won’t count. This will lead to many laughter and a great photo opportunity. You may also see examples of invitation envelope.

6. Chopstick pick

The things you need for this game are: chopsticks, a timer and a bucket. Have the children get into teams and hand each child a pair of chopsticks. Put several small objects, such as a marshmallow, cotton ball, a fake fly, marbles, etc., on a table in front of each group. Let the kids pick up as many objects as possible with the chopsticks and put them in their teams’ basket. The team with the most objects by the time 2 minutes is up, wins.

7. Chopstick Relay

Have the children pair up with a partner. Give each pair a small marshmallow and a pair of chopsticks. The purpose of the game is teamwork. Each child will hold one chopstick and work together to pick up the marshmallow and take it across the room or yard and back without dropping it. This game requires a lot of patience and team work, but great fun for kids. The first partner to finish the obstacle wins. You may also like examples of graduation invitation design.

8. Master Says

This game will require a good ear. A parent can play the Master or a child can be chosen. The master will stand in front of the group and make different ninja stances. They will say “Moves like Ninja Master and change stance.” Occasionally, forgetting to say Ninja. Anyone who changes stance when Ninja is not said is out. Last one remaining is the Master Ninja and wins a prize.

 American Ninja Warrior Invitation Example

Ninja Warrior Birthday Invitation Example

Cute Ninja Inspired Invitation Example

American Ninja Warrior Invitation Example

Now that you have clear ideas for your planned ninja themed party for your child, you are ready for the next step: to throw this party to your guests. With these ideas, your child will be so delighted and ecstatic over a fun birthday they have that they will never forget. They will surely thank you for your thoughtfulness and creativity. Remember to have fun in planning and throwing the party. You may also see baby shower invitation examples.

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