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Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Photography Email Signature

One of the most popular gigs people have nowadays is practicing serious photography whether it is a fashion photography, photojournalism, food photography, and so many more subjects to focus on. Being a known photographer is quite easy nowadays compared to the previous decades when high definition cameras were quite expensive, and it takes time to develop one’s pictures. But with the advanced technology that the world has today, everybody can just shoot pictures anytime, anywhere.

If you’re planning to make photography as a serious hobby, then it’s time to up your game and make yourself look professional for you to gain more clients who are interested in your shoots. One of the things that you should improve, aside from your skills in photography, is to establish your very own logo that will give you your own identity and make you well-known to potential clients out there.

Fashion Photographer Signature Example

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1127 Photography Email Signature Example

1127 Photography Email Signature Example

62 Photography Email Signature Example

62 Photography Email Signature Example

20 Creative Photography Email Signature Example

20 Creative Photography Email Signature Example

What is a Photography Logo?

In a fast-growing visual industry; all photographers must focus on their brand identity paying extra attention to details. And speaking of details, a logo is the most direct-to-the-point of your vision and your personality. When making a logo, the first thing you should do and always remember is to create a logo that shows who you are and what makes you distinguish from your other competitors.

Why Do You Need a Photography Logo?

There are reasons why most photographers need a high-quality logo. Below are some points that highlights why having your very own logo is important.

It helps communicate your individualistic style and attitude in a single image. When your clients get to see your logo, especially the potential clients who get to message you through e-mail can get to glimpse your photography business’ style and character. Since this industry relies heavily on the visual aspect, having a unique and memorable logo can help you set apart from the thousands of photography businesses by highlighting your studios best creative qualities. Your logo can also help manifest your artistic expression.

It helps highlight your specialization and skills in photography. Most photographers specialize in one sector of the industry. It can be weddings, landscape or nature, modelling, or photojournalism. A logo gives an easy way to communicate exactly your photography specialization skills with your visual cues. By providing elements of your specialized skills, you can highlight your value to your potential clients. This is especially useful for your email signature as you don’t need to provide lengthy sentences to prove your specialization. Just one look on your logo, potential clients will have a clue about your own unique brand.

It enhances the appeal and charm of your brand. It’s not a secret that your brand as a photographer is important in maintaining a strong and good reputation to thousands of clients. By adding a logo gives your brand identity with a visual dimension and it also provides an easy-to-remember symbol that instantly connects your clients to your studio or brand. A logo can be used in multiple locations; such as in front of your store or can be used as your email signature. This will help spread your brand’s familiarity.

The Different Photography Logo Elements and Styles

Lots of photographers assume that a logo for photographers has to be a stylish camera, (with whatever type of camera being seen) with the studio or brand name, but this isn’t always the case. Having a camera icon is a good start for making your own logo and it can be good idea to make one, but it is better to make your own logo that doesn’t depend on the camera alone; your logo should be deployed wittily, and not just simply relying on the camera object alone as a basis for your logo to make it look like it belongs to a photographer. Creating a valuable photography logo starts with considering three major components which are fonts, colors, and icons.


A font can help highlight different aspects of your photography style and give you more visual components to highlight your brand identity. However, there is no standard rule on what fonts to use when it comes to photography logo fonts. You can choose from the usual existing font styles which are popular by many, or you can download some creative fonts online (there are free downloadable fonts or you can purchase some from artists) or if you are feeling creative enough, you can even make your own font. Fonts are essential to show your creative side by designing a typeface that stands out.


Colors can add life to your logo by providing a deeper meaning to your logo and help elicit specific emotions when clients look at your logo. Depending on the style of photography you specialize in, different and many combinations can help highlight your unique qualities as an artist:

Black and White. An all-time classic combination, you can never go wrong with this. This combination is a good idea if you’re looking for a formal, traditional image. When done and combined correctly, it can make your logo seem timeless. Black and white is proven to be effective in color combination and it is one of the most common color combinations as it has produced many standout examples.

Gradients. Gradients are one of the modern ways to use as a color combination on photography logos. By using smoother color transitions and blurred edges gives your logo an air of creativity and innovation. If your preference is aesthetic or artsy photography, using gradient colors can help determine your distinctiveness.

Earth Tones. If your photographs concentrate on nature photography; choosing colors that have closer associations with nature can help bring light and branding on your trade. By using deep greens and earthy brown tones will give you a more grounded look and will convey your passion for the outdoors.

Bright Colors. For photographers who work with children, family, or special events; particularly wholesome events, or you specialize in more dynamic photography, choosing bright colors give you a vibe with an energetic and fun image. Choosing bright reds, oranges, and yellows helps you emphasize an active and kinetic approach to your photography.

Pastels and Light Browns. If you are more inclined to vintage feel and look, choosing pastel colors and lighter shades of brown can project a more worn-in feeling. These light and earthly tones also reflect a more nostalgic and used look that can accent your specialty.

Icons. Your logo’s icon is your opportunity to shine a light on your specialty and your extraordinary attributes. It gives you a way to visually represent your identity and create a quick association with your brand.

Different Kinds of Photography

Each different field of photography can be represented by elements in your icon. By designing a distinctive yet easily recognizable image, you can give your logo a matchless appeal. The first step is to consider your specialization.

Landscape and wildlife photography

This field usually requires the least amount of equipment; taking a minimalist approach to realistic photography. Your logo should reflect this by following the same philosophy of staying simple while highlighting those elements that make you different from your contemporaries.

Wedding photography

Wedding photographers main job is to capture the happiest and most emotional moments of couples and families. Your goal is to encapsulate the atmosphere, emotion, and story of the event. Wedding photography logos should include icons that highlight both the photography and the joyfulness of the occasion. To accomplish this goal, rings or wedding cakes can be combined creatively to supply a standout icon.

Food Photography

Food photography logos highlight the best of both worlds. Much like their subjects are made of many ingredients, your logo should combine the best elements of what make you prominent with photography. If you specialize in a particular area of food, you can make that a centerpiece of your icon.

Sport Photography

This field is all about energy and lively photos. Sports photographers capture moments in fast and kinetic moments. Your logo should demonstrate this energy and tell your consumers that you can freeze the right emotion alongside the right picture. You can include dynamic images with lines and motion, or specific elements from the sports you specialize in.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is about highlighting beauty and glamour. The field requires a creative approach to colors, elements, and subjects. Your logo should emphasize the style of your photography and the aspects like hair, clothes, or home fashion that set you apart.

35 Photography Email Signature Example

35 Photography Email Signature Example

Purple Photography Email Signature Example

Purple Photography Email Signature Example

Colorful Photography Email Signature Example

Colorful Photography Email Signature Example

With these tips and suggestions being said, your head might be brimming with ideas on what logo you should make. Remember, it all boils down in your sense of creativity and style, and with a dash of your real self you insert in your logo; you will not only make a very cool logo to put in your signature email.

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