14+ Pirate Birthday Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

Isn’t it always exciting to create a birthday invitation especially if the celebration will be themed? There are a lot of themes out there that have different qualities which you can use as your references when creating a birthday invitation. One of the most famous Birthday Party Invitations is the pirate birthday invitation. With all the stories that surrounds pirates and their voyage in the sea, it is for sure that having a birthday invitation inspired by this theme is a sure hit.

If you want to have birthday invitation with a pirate design theme, it will be best if you can merge the aesthetic of Under the Sea Birthday Invitations for a more unique and appealing design. On the other hand, it is also great if you will stick with a particular pirate story or icon so you can make the birthday invitation both simple and pleasing to the eyes. Refer to the samples in this post to get more design ideas that you can realize.

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate 3rd Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate Themes Great for Birthday Invitations

Even if a pirate birthday invitation is taken as a general term, there are still a lot of ways on how you can create this document. There are various pirate themes that you can play with so you can ensure that the birthday celebrant will truly like the design that will be placed in his or her birthday invitation. Here are some pirate themes that you can easily use:

1. Make animated or vector pirate images. This way, you can have an icon that will be associated with the birthday celebration. You can also make the icon look like the birthday celebrant for a cooler effect. Pirates are very famous as story characters so it will be easier for you to promote retention with regards the theme of the birthday celebration. This idea is best to be used for First Birthday Invitations or those that will be placed in the invitations for children parties.

2. Use Printable Birthday Invitations which contains scenic instances where pirates are involved. You can depict pirates looking for another island or them just having fun in the boat with each other. A story line present in the birthday invitation can also mean that there are some activities in the actual birthday celebration related to it.

3. You can create a comic strip and place it in front of Funny Birthday Invitations. Pirate characters can talk with each other about the birthday celebration. This can help you get the interest of your expected guests. More so, this will allow them to be more decided to go to the event. If you want to be more creative, you can even use Carnival Birthday Invitations and have a carnival or a circus as the backdrop or plot of your pirate comic story for the invitation.

Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate Birthday Invitation

Girls Pirate Birthday Invitation

Editable Pirate Birthday Invitation

Design Items to Make a Pirate Birthday Invitation Standout

There are certain items that can help people easily identify that an invitation is pirate-inspired. If you will use these design items in your pirate birthday invitation, then the document can have more chances of being effective in terms of disseminating information about the theme of the party. Here are some of the things that you can add in a pirate birthday invitation:

1. An image of an actual pirate can be used. You can either have one pirate standing in the cover page of the invitation or you can also put a group of pirates asking your guests to go to your party.You may also see Quinceanera birthday Invitation

2. A face with a scar and one eye hidden in a pirate band or eye patch is also effective. Make sure to make the image child-appropriate if you will create Kids Birthday Invitations with this kind of design.

3. Use a pirate flag or a pirate ship as these items are some of the most associated things with pirates. This will work best in Black and Gold Birthday Invitations as the entire document can look more grungy, thrilling and mysterious.

4. If you want to, you can use skulls and treasure maps so you can represent the journey of the pirates to gather treasures.

Pirate Kids Birthday Party Invitation

Pixie Pirate Birthday Invitation

Sample Pirate Birthday Invitation

Sample Pirate Birthday Party Invitation

How to Create a Pirate Birthday Invitation

It is always recommended to use a template when creating a pirate birthday invitation so you can have less hassle and more time to develop a one of a kind pirate birthday invitation. However, you can also make the invitation from scratch. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you just with that:

1. Just like when creating Chalkboard Birthday InvitationsBoys Birthday Invitations and other kinds of themed invitation, list down all the important details for the event.

2. Create the base of your pirate birthday invitation by identifying the medium where you will place the design. Once this is already done, develop a background that can make the entire invitation look vibrant and lively.

3. Place all the details in the layout of the pirate birthday invitation and make sure that they are complete and understandable.You may also see Retro Birthday Invitation

4. Add the icons, images and other themed designs that can help you make the birthday invitation look more pirate-related.

5. Review the entire invitation once you are done designing it and ensure that you still have time to polish the entire design to perfection. You may also see 18th Birthday Invitation

Photo Pirate Birthday Invitation

Mermaid Pirate Birthday Invitation

Colorful Pirate Birthday Invitation

Ready to Create Your Own Pirate Birthday Invitation?

A pirate birthday invitation is as challenging to make as Superhero Birthday Invitations and Monster Birthday Invitations. If you really want to get the best results, you have to take into consideration all the design processes that you will undergo to come up with the design that you want to achieve. If you are already prepared to develop your own pirate birthday invitation, review the tips that we specified in this post.

Your pirate birthday invitation should provide the excitement to your invited guests. Make the invitation as playful as possible so you can easily create a positive impact towards the celebration. A pirate birthday invitation may already be used a lot of times, but it will always depend on how you will incorporate your own twist to it that the document can look truly amazing and unique. Create one now and get ready for a fun-filled birthday party. You may also see Girls Birthday Invitations

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