17+ Best Real Estate Agent Website Examples & Templates [Download Now]

real estate agent website examples and templates

It takes only a few hours to create a real estate agent website template. And if done properly, the website can be your most powerful marketing tool, alongside your Facebook business page if you have one. You will need a high-quality real estate website theme to get started. So, check out the following examples.

Best Real Estate Agent Website Examples & Templates

1. Real Estate Agent Realtor WordPress Theme/Template

real estate agent realtor wordpress theme template

2. Real Estate Agent Realtor Bootstrap Landing Page Template

real estate agent realtor bootstrap landing page template

3. Real Estate Agent Realtor PSD Landing Page Example

real estate agent realtor psd landing page template

4. Best Real Estate Agent Website Template Example


There is an internet audience looking for dedicated real estate agents like you. To reach them, you’ll need to create a high-quality website for your business. The best way to start is by downloading and using this pre-designed website theme to design the site. You don’t have to be a programming expert to use this template. That’s because it is quite easy to install and customize.

5. Professional Real Estate Agent Website Template


This is a simple, lightweight template built for real estate agents. Use it to set up a listing website where you market existing open houses in your region. If you have a growing social media following, you can inform them that you now own a website by simply sharing links to your listings on your social media timeline. Also, the template is easy to customize, so the site should be easy to create.

6. Sample Real Estate Agent Website Template


Real estate agents that have websites get a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines. They monetize this traffic to get prospects, convert them to leads, and then close sales. You, too, can set up your own website in minutes and enjoy the same benefit. Use this example template to design a real estate website to get started.

7. Simple Realtor Website Template


Although social media is a platform that you can use to promote your real estate business, having a website can make you stand out as a brand. And a website is quite easy to create these days. All you need is a well-designed template and you are good to get started. Whether you plan to promote houses for sale, you deal with condominiums, or you are a leasing agent, use this professional template to create a website for your business.

8. Responsive Website Template for Real Estate Agent


If you don’t have a professional realtor website just yet, this might just be the best to use this responsive website template to create one. The design of this sample template is definitely up to the standard, so it is good enough for a real estate business website. Once you set up your website with this template, it should be a great addition to your existing social media profiles.

9. Best HTML5 Real Estate Agent Website Template


You could hire a programmer to design an HTML5 template for your real estate website. But, that’s going to take a lot of time and cost you a lot of money. It’s best to save on both with a pre-designed real estate agent website template. Designed with user experience in mind, this template works well across different browsers and it is responsive hence mobile and tablet friendly.

10. Real Estate Agent WordPress Website Theme


The default theme that comes pre-installed with WordPress isn’t up to the real estate industry standard. So, you cannot depend on it if you want to run a professional and successful real estate business website. That is why you need this sample template. It’s a niche relevant theme built specifically for real estate brokers.  The primary goal of this theme is to enable you to set up an outstanding website fast.

11. Creative HTML Real Estate Agent Website Template


You are probably already taking advantage of real estate email marketing to build relationships. And it’s highly likely that you have a growing social media following. But do you really have a website that showcases your brand to your target audience? If not, you can use this professional website template to set up one. The template is mobile friendly, SEO optimized, and very easy to customize.

12. Real Estate Agent Website Theme to Sell Apartments and Complexes


This website template is a good option for real estate brokers who deal in selling real estate properties. Whether you market small homes or big apartment, you can use this template to create a listing website that you can use to market the property that you have on offer. The template lets you display the most important description of the properties that you would like to advertise.

13. Real Estate Agent PSD Website Template


The local market is just a part of the bigger real estate audience. Today, many families and individuals use the internet every single day to look for property deals online. If anything, there is a real estate market on the web that you are yet to engage to. So, why not use this template to create a real estate agent website and use it to reach out to the many internet users out there.

14. Professional Realtor WordPress Template


Download this WordPress template and use it to create a real estate agent website that stands out. This is going to be one of your marketing media. So the design should be the best. Click the link above to check the demo.

15. Editable Real Estate Agent Website Template in HTML


Take advantage of this template and use it to set up a professional website for promoting your real estate property. It’s an easy to edit theme with unique features like commercial offer comparison, advanced property search, and an auto-fill option.

16. Professional Realtor WordPress Template


WordPress comes pre-installed with a few default themes. But, they are not good enough for real estate agents who want to set up professional, niche relevant websites. So, you need a well-built template. And here is an example of a good theme that you can download and use. Unique features include a mortgage calculator, three payment gateways, and a list of design elements.

17. Clean Real Estate WordPress Theme for Realtors


This website template is for real estate agents who deal in property management, listing promotions, and lease and sale of real estate properties. Besides capturing the attention of visitors that come to your website, this template also focuses on enabling you to capture leads and engage prospects and potential customers in conversations through email.

18. Simple Real Estate Agent WordPress Theme


This real estate website template is a good option for two audiences: property management agencies and real estate brokers. It’s a simple theme with tons of unique features. From a responsive slider option and a drop-down lists feature to advanced search form and Google Map integration, this template has everything you need to set up a high-quality real estate website.

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