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Every person or entity, especially when in terms with dealing businesses, must make their lines open for communication to their client or customers, their prospects, as well as their suppliers and other interested parties.

Creative Clean Restaurant Business Card Template

creative clean restaurant business card
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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Clean Pharmacy Business Card Design Template

clean pharmacy business card
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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Clean Black Minimal Business Card Template

clean black minimal business card1
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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Clean Musician Business Card Template

musician business card
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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Black Business Card Bundle Example

black business card bundle example

CEO Clean Business Card Example

ceo clean business card example

Sleek and Clean Business Card Example

sleek and clean business card example

This is to make the people know that they are good in dealing with people around them, as communication is among the most important thing that we need to maintain as we are tailored to communicate with each other in order to understand each other and share thoughts and ideas. A good start of communication is when a certain individual or entity will let themselves be open for queries, comments, feedback, etc., by giving the people their business card.

Best business cards serve as a way for the people not only to know you and your business but also to be encouraged to contact you with regard to any business-related concerns. Thus, business cards must contain, at a minimum, the name, company, address, as well as contact details such as telephone, mobile, or fax number, email address, and website or URL link. In this way, they are free to inquire you directly or maybe browse through the internet and see what is inside your website.

How to Network Your Business Card

When you already have your luxury business card, do not just let them sit on your table or inside a box for that is not the main purpose of your card. Business cards must be disseminated so you can establish communications with the public especially your prospects. Do not just let them collect dust and rot, but use them to expand the range of your scope for your marketing. So how can disseminate them to people and make them interested in your business?

Here are several examples of networking tips that can help you if you want to start on distributing your cards.

1. Always Bring Them With You

Do not leave the house without bringing your fashion business cards with you. It is always good to be prepared on meeting unexpected clients. You can keep them inside your wallet or may place them in card holder to keep them in good condition prior to handing them out. Do not miss a chance on closing a business deal just because you did not bring your business cards with you.

2. Return the Favor

In every aspect in a human’s life, we are born by mutually benefiting with each other. Unlike other organisms who might be a predator or a parasite of the others, humans are wired to help and be connected with each other. Hence, if you are handing your business card to someone, return the favor and ask him or her back for his or her simple business card.

3. Sell, But Be Yourself

At this point, we all know how important business cards are in establishing communication with clients and prospects. So, do not just hand them to anyone without direction and without careful thought. Give them to someone who, in your conversation, seems interested in your business or to those who could provide a connection.

4. Start With Immediate Family and Close Friends

If you are disseminating you attractive cards already, never forget to also hand out a few cards to your immediate family and friends. Who knows, they might know somebody or encounter someone who is interested in your business. Your families and friends are your biggest advocates so you can always rely on them with regard to this matter.

5. Take Advantage of Chance Meetings

There are times that we unexpectedly meet or encounter someone who seems interested in our business. Whether you are out walking the dog, strolling in the park taking a fresh air, or just walking along downtown streets, never hesitate to hand them your card for this might be a great opportunity to start your connection with a client.

6. Try QR Codes

QR codes or quick response codes are also something to try. In this modern society, through your QR code attached in your card, anyone who scans them can access to your website or even allow to people to automatically save your contact information to their phones. Thus, consider having a QR code in your creative business card.

7. Two Is Better Than One

Almost always, we observe that many people who are handing out their modern business cards are only giving one for each person. However, it is encourage that you will give at least two of your business card: the other copy is to be kept for themselves and the other copy may serve as a referral. They can hand in the other copy to anyone they who might be interested in your business.

Clean CEO Minimal Business Card Example

clean ceo minimal business card example

Black & White Business Card Example

black white business card example

Graphic Design Clean Template Card Example

graphic design clean template card example

Graphic Expert Business Card Example

graphic expert business card example

Choosing the Right Type of Business Card

All professional business cards are not equal. They come in different size, shape, color, font, layout, among others. The owner of the card must decide on the type of the business card that he or she would like to create depending on his or her own preferences. And for those who are creating business cards on behalf of others, they must cater well the preference of their client. Every card is different and distinct from the others; there are cards that are undoubtedly appealing and attractive and there are also those that are poor in quality and visual appeal.

So to get you started in deciding which type of card is right for you, here are the options for your card.

1. Standard or Custom-Made

  • Custom-made business card – There are lots of ideas on the internet to customize your cards such as a die-cut to cut a hole into your card, an irregular shape for your card such as a circle shape to complement with your logo. Unleash your creativity, and you can surely think of other creative ways to make your business card stand out.
  • Standard business card – If you are working in a traditional industry, you may opt for standard business cards.

2. Horizontal vs. Vertical

  • Horizontal business card – Horizontal business card are the commonly used business card since it is conventional and suggests stability, confidence, and trust.
  • Vertical business card – On the other hand, a vertical business card is a unique way to stand out and make a simple statement. They are ideal for anyone with creative streak such as musicians, artists, and writers. The only challenge for vertical business cards is that they have narrow width, making it hard to fit in all your contact information.

3. Folded vs. Flat

  • Folded business card – You may opt for a folded business card which allows you to print on the front, back, as well as inside the card. This is rarely used by businessmen and marketers. This is used if you have a lot of information needed to be included in your card and you want them to be carefully segregated. Just make sure that it is not too thick for it may seem unfit to be placed inside the wallets as they are bulky.
  • Flat business card – You may also consider the standard and commonly used creative advertise business card which is the flat business card.

4. One-Sided vs. Two-Sided

  • One-sided business card – This business card is only printed one face and the other is left blank to allow the receiver to make their notes or reminders based on your conversation.
  • Two-sided business card – You may also create a two-sided business card which is ideal if you need a lot of space for the important information that you are going to include such as your name, the name of the company, contact details, as well as the company logo.

Vertical Black Blue Business Card Example

vertical black blue business card example

Abstract Design Business Card Example

abstract design business card example

Striped Modern Business Card Example

striped modern business card example

Building Business Card Template Example

building business card template example

Manager Minimal Business Card Example

manager minimal business card example

Red Black Clean Business Card Example

red black clean business card example

Logo Personalized Business Card Example

logo personalized business card example


Having known the importance of a business card, we can now safely say that it is a must-have for every individual or entity. It must be something that is with a great value since it is the start of communication with customers as well as potential customers, and customers are important to have increased income, which is important to keep the company going. Hence, it is like a chain of positive effect the moment you disseminate your business card to the public, especially to the right people: your target market. You may also see examples of catering business cards.

Lastly, we have an expansive collection of clean business card examples and designs, so don’t forget to scroll back and purchase as they are all presented above.

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