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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who celebrate their birthday and those who don’t. If you are the first, great, you don’t need convincing anymore. However, if you are one of those people who just can’t be forced to care about their birthday, let us give you reasons why you should. You may also see summer party ticket examples.

Birthday party Ticket Invitation Template

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Birthday Ticket Invitation Template

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First of all, as cliche as it may sound, it’s a great blessing that you are alive right now, and such a massive gift must be celebrated.

Unfortunately, we often get too overwhelmed by life itself that we fail to show some gratitude for existing. But thank the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who are said to have popularized birthday celebrations because we now have the chance, as tradition dictates, to honor another year that has been given to us. You may also like examples of ticket designs.

Birthday Invitation Ticket Template

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Free Birthday Admission Ticket Template

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For one day, you get the universal right to take a day off from everything, grab all of your friends and family members you haven’t seen since last Christmas, and enjoy a humble, happy dinner together. Nothing fancy. Nothing grand. Just a night planned and arranged for the purpose of celebrating the fact that you’ve survived yet another year. You may also check out concert ticket examples.

Also, let’s refuse to look at birthday celebrations as an excuse to waste money just to receive gifts in return. They are actually a chance to have a breather.

We often take life on a fast-forward mode that we fail to pause and reflect. Our birthdays remind us how important it is to look back at the past year just so we can start another one better. Why wait for new year to have a major life resolution when you can have one on the day meant just for you? You might be interested in event ticket examples.


Sports-Themed Birthday Invitation Ticket

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Since you probably just want a laid-back night with your friends (so that you’ll have less dishes to wash afterward), we are giving you a few options that you and your friends might enjoy on your birthday night. These choices will require less preparation, organizing, and planning which is perfect for busy, working adults like yourself. You may also see birthday invitation designs & examples.

1. The Friends’ Night In

If you aren’t in a very celebratory party mood, your house is still a perfect venue for a birthday celebration. In fact, it can be more fun since you and your friends won’t have to worry about dressing up and making reservations at some unfamiliar restaurant. Instead, you can do these great things indoors:

  • Immerse yourselves in board games. Why not ask your friends to dress up in their comfiest pj’s and bring their favorite board game with them? You can all get crazy on Guess Who? and Dream Phone. You can even give away goody bags to the winners. You may also like kids birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Host a pampering party. It’s never a bad idea to pamper yourself. Since it’s your birthday, why don’t you do that with your friends? You can have a movie marathon while having DIY facials, at-home mani/pedis, and massage trains. Let this birthday celebration the most relaxing one you’ve ever had.
  • Have a cake swap.  Okay, a little heads-up, this is one of the most popular adult birthday party idea ever! You can ask your guests to forget about buying you expensive gifts you might never even use, and just bring their favorite cake with them to your party. So if you have about fifteen guests, you will have fifteen different cakes. You can all feast on them and maybe have champagne in between. You may also check out twin birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Cook the night away. If you and your friends are fans of homemade meals, this is your chance to bond over that shared interest. Instead of buying or cooking food for your guests, why don’t you just stock up on ingredients so that they can get crazy on cooking it when they come?

Baseball-Themed Birthday Invitation Ticket

Harry Potter-Themed Birthday Ticket

Golden Birthday Invitation Ticket

2. The Cocktail Party

If you want a party with a little more glitter and a lot of alcohol, this is the perfect theme for your birthday celebration. Here are a few activities you can choose from. Or, if you really want to get all out, you can have a combination of all of these:

  • Host a mixology party. What is better than having a professional mixologist to be at your beck and call? You can hire one who can craft drinks for your guests based on their favorite ingredients. Spell O-M-G with me. Your party will easily be the year’s best. You may also see funny birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • You can go for a more classy affair. If you are feeling like celebrating your birthday with suits, stilettos, and jazz in the background, this party idea is perfect for you.
  • Dig into cheese and wine. Make your dream of discovering the perfect pairings of cheddar and cabernet a reality by making this the central theme of your party.
  • Go wine tasting. Give your taste buds a feast, and wake the connoisseur slumbering inside you by visiting a local vineyard a visit. Even better, you can go on a trip to a wine country for the ultimate experience. You may also like children birthday invitation designs and examples.

3. Have a Themed Party

Nobody is ever too old to organize a themed party. Don’t ever let anyone convince you to the contrary. Here are great party ideas you can choose to organize for your guests:

  • Throw a Great Gatsby-themed party. If you want to travel to a different era, this one is the most obvious inspiration for your party. It’s time to take those flapper dresses out and learn how to do the Charleston with this theme. You can also pick any decade you want if the 1920s isn’t good enough for you. You may also see baby birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Have a margherita and margarita party. Make your party a definite adults-only celebration by making margaritas the main ingredient of all of your dishes. You can make homemade margherita pizzas and blend margaritas together. You may also like adult birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Pick a sport as the central entertainment. If you want to celebrate your birthday by playing your favorite sport, you can always choose to hold a party at a bowling alley, or at a beach volleyball court. You can rock climb, or even learn how to trapeze. So many interesting choices for you. You may also check out happy birthday invitation designs and examples.

Carnival-Themed Birthday Invitation Ticket

Airplane Birthday Invitation Ticket

4. Have a Pool Party

One of the great things about having a pool party is that everyone will surely have fun. They don’t even have to be great swimmers to enjoy. Here are some things you can do during a pool party:

  • Organize a Coachella-themed celebration. Flower-crown making stations, inflatable floats, flash tattoos, and an amazing playlist are what you need for a great party.
  • Throw a barbecue. One of the best things that you can offer to your party guests are beer, burgers, and hot dogs. (Of course, this is just the main course. You can also prepare other dishes.) With food nobody can say no to, a pool your guests can dip into anytime they want, your celebration will be plain amazing. You may also see double birthday party invitation designs and examples.
  • Have a luau. If you can’t go to Hawaii, why not take Hawaii to you? Homemade flower leis, cocktails with pineapples, and a tiki bar, no one will ever dare to think that they are just in your backyard pool.

5. Something More Unique

If none of the classic birthday party choices listed above has interested you, here is a list of more non-conventional, yet just as enjoyable, activities you can do in celebration of your special day.

  • Host a film screening. This one is basically just a gigantic movie marathon. You can rent out your local movie theater and ask them to play your favorite movies. Your dishes can include mainly of popcorn, candy, slushies, and other snacks. If renting out an entire Cineplex is too extravagant for you, you can always choose to celebrate at your place. This way, the celebration will be more intimate, giving you more chance to bond with your guests over quality films. You may also like under the sea birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Have a star-gazing party. The city can be a little too much sometimes. Of course, it’s great. It’s civilization, after all. But, sometimes, grabbing a couple of tents, heading out to the mountains or to a secluded beach to just enjoy nature and the night sky with a couple of good people is exactly what you need. This can be the escape you’ve been dying to have. You may also check out first birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Throw a massive picnic. This is a more relaxed, more informal setting that can give you and your guests the chance to bond in a setting where all of you can be comfortable. Who needs high heels and suits if you can wear shorts and slippers? You can grab a bunch of blankets and a couple of your favorite people. You guys can head out to a park, pack some snacks and lunch for the escapade, listen to some good music, and just enjoy the sunshine. (Please don’t do this on a rainy day.) You might be interested in quinceanera birthday invitation designs and examples.

Soccer-Themed Birthday Invitation Ticket

Animated Character Birthday Invitation Ticket

Birthday Preparation Checklist

Whatever theme you’ve chosen from the list, it’s always better to be well-prepared even for just a night in. But if you’re planning on a bigger party with many guests, this checklist is an absolute necessity for you.

1. Four Weeks before the Party

No, four weeks is not too early for planning. There are many things that can go wrong, and many things that are out of your control. If you’ve already planned ahead, at least, when they come, you will only need to make a few changes. The more prepared you are, the better. You may also see cool 21st birthday invitation designs and examples.

  • Decide what kind of party you want. Do you want a small and intimate dinner with a few of your favorite people? Or do you want a gigantic celebration with all of your friends from high school, college, and work? Where will the celebration be? In your house? In a club? In a good restaurant?
  • Decide who to invite. A birthday party is a personal affair. Only invite the people you really want to celebrate your day with. Guests are, after all, the reason why a party turns out great, and why it doesn’t. You may also like princess birthday invitation designs & examples.
  • Prepare an entertainment. This factor must be highly dependent on the size of the crowd you’re planning to invite and the setting of your celebration. Choose an activity that you and your guests will all enjoy.
  • Pick a date. It’s fine if you don’t want to celebrate your birthday on the day itself. You can simply schedule it on a day you’re comfortable with. It would also be best to contact your important guests ahead and ask them about when they are available to be sure that they can actually show up on your celebration.

2. Two Weeks before the Party

Your celebration is getting closer, which means you only have a very limited time to prepare everything. At this stage, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Send out invitations. Assuming that, by this time, you already know who to invite, you can start sending out invitations to your celebration. Your invitations should match the theme or the central activity you have chosen to prepare for your guests. We’ve posted several birthday invitation tickets along with this article to make this part of your birthday planning easier.
  • Make a schedule of activities for the party. To avoid having your guests just standing around doing nothing, make sure you occupy their time with interesting games and activities to make the most out of the couple of hours they’ve chosen to spend on you. You may also see prince birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Make a master list of supplies you’ll need. To make sure that you don’t forget to prepare anything, make sure you list down all that you need, such as game essentials, music, portable tables, tablecloths and utensils, and even sports equipment. You may also like boys birthday invitation designs & examples.

Thomas the Train Invitation Birthday Ticket

Circus-Themed Birthday Invitation Ticket

3. A Week before the Party

Your preparations are yet to be over, dear celebrant. By this time, you should already have the following ticked off your to-do list:

  • Plan the menu. Start thinking about the dishes that you will prepare that will match the theme of your party.
  • Make a grocery list. To make your grocery shopping more efficient later on, keep a list of the ingredients you need to get to make the dishes you’ve planned on preparing. You may also see whimsical birthday invitation designs and examples.
  • Clean the house thoroughly. Or, more accurately, clean the event venue thoroughly. If you are planning on inviting some friends over to your place, make sure that it’s actually presentable enough to have humans inside it. You may also like mermaid birthday invitation designs and examples.

4. Three Days Before

The official countdown begins. It’s three days before your birthday celebration, and there are a couple of things you still have to do:

  • Go grocery shopping. It’s time to put that grocery list to use. Buy all of the ingredients you need for the food.
  • Prepare the cameras. Your birthday celebration deserves to be documented. Make sure you’ve stocked up on video and digital cameras, extra films, and memory cards.
  • Decorate. It’s better to have the place ready for the celebration so that you’ll have less to do on the day itself. For an outdoor event, just prepare the decorations so that you’ll just have to hang them on the day. You may also check out printable birthday invitation designs & examples.

Ask friends and family to help you out on the preparations. This is not a one-man job after all. Also, make sure you never forget to enjoy the day itself. It’s your birthday. All this fuss is about you.

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