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Business cards are an extreme contradiction to today’s acceptance of virtual communication. In this digital world where business transactions can be performed online and basically everything can be done digitally, the business card has proven itself useful still.

In the professional arena, making a striking first impression is a MUST. It is vital that you create some sort of connection between you and your prospective clients and, to successfully do this, you CANNOT bring an entire copy of your portfolio to introduce yourself. So these bad boys are tasked in making sure that you and your business or product look good in the eyes of future costumers without the extra burden.

New Modern Business Card Example

new modern business card example1

What Are Business Cards?

Best business cards are little cards holding information about you and your business. They are usually exchanged by parties during introductions. These are an easy way of being remembered by colleagues or potential clients. By simply handing out this piece of paper with all of your necessary information on it, it has made communication details easier to recall. And, yes, we know your social media accounts all have your personal details but giving out these cards instead of swapping emails or LinkedIn accounts make the exchange so much more professional.

Simple Business Card Example

simple business card example

Unique Business Card Example

unique business card example

Why Do We Need Business Cards?

It seems as if, despite the emergence of various online communication medium, these unassuming little cards are the go-to of professionals, artists, and businesses. But what makes business cards truly indispensable?

1. They Provide Tangible Information.

Now, don’t get smart with me and reason that you can introduce yourself through an email that can be printed out thus rendering itself tangible, because you and I both know that there are very few things that can beat a personalized, printed card with your name on it. All of your necessary information packed up in one tiny place to be more accessible to a future client. Also, it gives your company that added perception of physicality, of realness. You may also see marketing business cards.

They give your business the sense of legitimacy. But most importantly, cards will help you avoid fumbling for pen and ink to write your information down for anyone asking. A business card will make you look professional and ready. Shake that hand, slap that card and say hello to your new client!

2. They Are More Personal.

Many would argue that technology has made luxury business cards unnecessary. Through smartphones and apps, exchanging information has never been easier. To end this argument, there are two things to bear in mind: First, technology has downsides. Internet outages and even dead batteries are always a possibility. There is also a chance that your client doesn’t have a smartphone. (Yes, it can happen.) Besides, the main goal of networking is to create connections.

Virtual communication is too impersonal, and it mars the true purpose of associating. Second, business cards have no downsides. There are absolutely zero chances of Internet outages or batteries running out. Most importantly, business cards maintain physical connections. You can think less about looking at smartphones, swapping emails and phone numbers, and focus more on maintaining eye contact and truly getting to know the person you are speaking with.

3. They Introduce You.

Simple business cards aren’t just white papers with your name on it. (That’s called a name tag.) These are more creative and more expressive. The way a business card is designed reflects the owner and his company. Aside from the information it holds about you, the very way that it is presented speaks for your business as well. A card also gives the air of professionalism. It shows that you know what you are doing, that you care enough for others to know about you and your business, and that you are here for the long haul.

4. They Sell You.

Why do you bother meeting other businessmen and going to events where they are all gathered? So you can sell yourself and your brand! Now, the good thing about a business card is it helps you do exactly that. When you’ve successfully given someone your card, they are already giving you the chance to market yourself to them. This is the cheapest form of advertising. We mean, how much does printing cost nowadays? Also, it has the hundred percent chance of being seen and read by clients. Not all forms of advertising give that assurance. You may also like real estate business card designs & examples.

Besides, these are portable. PORTABLE! You can bring them absolutely anywhere and in places where gadgets are not allowed like hospitals and airplane, these guys can do the work.

5. They Give You The Chance To Stand Out.

You are not the only one in your line of business. There are also countless competitors trying to catch the same prey you have your eyes on. The trick here is to be more alluring, to make sure to catch the attention and interest of your “victim.” Creating an engaging business card is a nondescript, yet effective, way to make sure your prospect will remember you. It will help your client keep your brand in the back of his mind for the time when he will need your service. If you and your creative business card has created an impression, assuredly, you will be on the top of your client’s list.

Simple Black Business Card Example

simple black business card example

Fashionable Modern Business Card Example

fashionable modern business card example

Business Card with Holder Example

business card with holder example

Glitter Business Card Example

glitter business card example

How To Engage Through Business Cards?

Since you are now convinced of the importance of business cards, let’s get you started on creating one. Now, there are no rules in creating business cards but there are ways to ensure that your card is not just another dull self-introduction. We’re supposed to engage clients, not bore them. So below are simple ways to make your everyday business card catchy. You may also see examples of bakery business cards.

1. Put A Face On It!

Most people don’t bother putting their picture in their business cards. Do not go down that road! Believe in the power of visual content. It has been proven that cards with images appear more interesting than those without. Also, this will enable your client or colleague to connect a face along with your company or brand, making your introduction more memorable. A picture or a logo will make you easier to remember. When the client comes home with 25 business cards, it will be easier to recall the people he can see a photo of.

2. Think Outside The Box.

If you have noticed, this is always, always a rule when you want to be distinct. Of course, how can you be different from all the other candidates if you are looking at the same four sides that they’ve all been staring at? Do something different with your card. Example, instead of using the common rectangular-shaped paper, why not get crazy and use a square? Or a card with less pointy sides, or no sides at all! Humor is never discouraged as well. But not too much that your business will not be taken seriously. You may also like business card logo design examples.

Just enough to amuse your client. Nothing like humor to attract anyone, right? Or instead of utilizing plain print, why don’t you try having your details embossed or monogrammed? This will make your card look more stylish and elegant. It will also add a twist to the ubiquitous business card that everybody seem to own nowadays. The trick is to not be scared to play with the unorthodox.

3. Keep It Simple.

In your desire to make your fashion business card really engaging, you may overdo it. Make sure you keep it modest and concise. Nothing too flashy but not missing your signature color or logo, either. Don’t overcrowd the surface of your card. Keep things crisp and professional but hard to miss. You don’t want to suffocate your card or its receiver with too much unnecessary information. Keep it subtle and succinct.

4. Make It Personal.

Your reason for giving out business cards is to be remembered; to make sure that your client has all your important information when he needs it. Now, it is important that your card expresses you and your company’s values. It should give the recipient a hint on what your company is all about. It is a way for people to get to know your business and how you run it. Most importantly, by giving your attractive business card a personal touch, it already holds the additional factor of being unique.

5. Engage Too!

Professional business cards can reflect its owner but it doesn’t speak entirely for him. It is up to you to make sure that you are remembered by everyone you’re talking to. The act of giving the card has as much impact as the card itself. Make sure you appear professional, approachable, and credible. Establish rapport with your client. This is something only you can do! The few minutes of conversation are critical.

In fact, they may be all the chance you can get. You have these precious minutes to create a lasting impression and to convince people that you are the man for the job. And a business card to top it off is only the icing on the cake. You have to do the baking yourself.

Wooden Business Card Holder Example

wooden business card holder example

Simple Minimalist Business Card Example

simple minimalist business card example

Modern Business Card Bundle Example

modern business card bundle example

Black and White Modern Business Card

black and white modern business card

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our modern business card examples. Don’t forget to purchase and use for your own corporate needs.

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