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If you’re going to create party invitations, then you can always look at the multiple Examples of Invitation Designs that you can find on the internet to give you a form of reference. However, you shouldn’t use them entirely as you want the invitations you make to feel more personal as well as making sure that the invitation matches the event you’re throwing.

If you were to throw a princess party, then naturally you’d want to make Princess Party Invitations. So let’s say that you’re going to celebrate your daughter’s sweet 16 and you want to invite her friends? This would mean that you’ll need to create sweet 16 invitations and this article will teach you how to do that.

Mary Sweet Sixteen Invitation Design

Sweet Sixteen Celebration Invitation

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Floral Invitation Card

Sweet 16 Invitation Design Template

What Is a Sweet 16?

Before you start making the invitations for the party, you need to know what a sweet 16 is first. This is basically a coming of age party celebrating a teenager’s 16th birthday. This is held for women as men have their own version of this party when they hit the age of 21. So think of this as similar to a quinceañera where there are a lot of festivities dedicated to the celebrant.  This event can be formal, casual, or semi-formal. It all depends on what you want to go with for the party. Remember that theme around this type of party is for a female turning to the age of 16, so you’d want to have decor, food, and activities that cater to what a 16-year-old girl would want.You may also see BBQ Invitations

1. How to Create Your Sweet 16 Party Invitations

While you could always look up Birthday Invitation Examples on the internet, you’ll want to make this yourself seeing as to how special the event is. So here are the steps that should help you create your very own sweet 16 party invitations:

2. Go With a Good Design

Remember that this is a type of party that’s meant for everyone to enjoy and has fun in celebrating someone’s 16th birthday, so naturally, you’d want the design to match that. So when you’re thinking about what images or background you want the invitations to have, try to go with something similar to creative invitations where you stray away from the standard party invitations to make yours feel more personalized. You can do something like having the shape of the invitation be circular rather than the standard rectangular shape, then you can add images of the celebrant as well as using a good font that matches with the party you’re throwing. The more in-sync the design is with the party’s theme, the more attractive your invitations will be.

Colorful Sweet Sixteen Invitation Template

Black & Silver Sweet 16 Invitation Template

Sweet Sixteen Invitation Illustration

3. Point Out the Date and Time of the Party

You’ll need to settle on the best date and time for the party before you think about editing the invitation card format for the sweet 16 party. You want to make sure that the date and time that you’re going to set is perfect for the party you’re going to hold, while at the same time convenient enough so that the people you’ve invited actually show up. So let’s say you’re planning on having your sweet 16 as a dinner party. The best kind of date you can put on the invitation should be one that’s around the weekend as that’s when a lot of people are usually free, and the time should be around early in the evening like 6 p.m to ensure that there’s more than enough time for other festivities besides eating.

4. Write Down the Location of the Party

You can’t exactly throw a party if you don’t even have a venue for it. So you’ll need to think about the best place that matches the kind of party you’re going throw. For example, if you’re going to throw a bridal shower, then the Printable Bridal Shower Invitations should contain an address for a location that’s perfect for one such as function room or even your very own home! Also, you have to be sure that you don’t miss out on any of the details when writing down the party’s address. That means everything from the name of the establishment to the name of the street. Because if you miss out on anything important, then there’s a very big chance that you’ll be facing a ton of invitees asking you where your party is being held via phone calls or text messages. So guarantee that you put all the information one needs to find your party within the invitation.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitation

Blue Glitter Sweet 16 Invitation

Modern Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation

Elegant Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation

Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation Template Design

Colorful Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Printable Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation with Floral Design

Tips for Making Well-Made Sweet 16 Invitations

Here are a couple of things that should help make your sweet 16 invitations look good to the eyes of your invitees:

1. Use the Right Font and Font Size

One good way to making your invitations attractive is through the use of the right font and font size. The more it’s able to blend in with the kind of party you’re going to throw, then the better the results in gaining the attention of your invitees. So let’s say that you’re planning on throwing a sweet 16 party that has a formal theme. You would want a font style that’s similar to Elegant Invitations as those can exude both beauty and formality. In terms of font size, just make sure that the font is big enough for your readers to get all the information they need, yet not too big to the point where it takes up too much of the invitation. Also, be careful of making the font size too small as you want these people to actually understand what it is you’ve written down on the invitation.

Check For Any Mistakes

The last thing that you want to have on your sweet 16 invitations are errors in grammar, spelling, or even information. You do not want to embarrass your child in front of her friends by handing them out invitations that contain even the simplest of mistakes. So what you’re going to have to do is to go through the invitations at least twice to spot any mistakes. Once you’ve found them, immediately fix them so that you don’t have to deal with problems such as the invitees not knowing when the party is going to be or sending them invitations where you mispelled your own daughter’s name.You may also see Printable Invitation Examples

If you would like to learn how to create other types of invitations, then you may always take a look at all of our Free Invitation Examples that you can purchase, download, and customize in whatever way that you like.

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