Birthday Gift Card

Birthdays are a great reminder that life truly is special and must not be taken for granted. It is a great celebration for your triumphs over the hardships you have experienced and generally just a great way to have a get-together with your friends and family. It may just be an ordinary for some but for others it is another day of another year they have managed to survive despite difficult and tragic circumstances.

birthday gift card example

People look forward to celebrating their special time of the year. A person’s birthday only comes once a year and some prepare even years and months before their actual birth date to celebrate their natal day. Aside form it being a celebration of your birth day, it is also a great way to look back on the year that has passed and to reflect on your growth and progress as you age a year older. You may also see thank-you card examples.

Cool Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

There are a lot of cool and fun ways to celebrate your birthday. And to help you decide what to do, here is a list of a few ways to celebrate your birthday:

1. Tick off one item on your bucket list

As you may already have a bucket list you wish to complete before you reach a certain age, it is a great way to celebrate your birthday by doing one item on your bucket list. If the situations are revered, it is still a great way to celebrate someone else’s birthday by doing one things on their bucket list with them, if they want to. It can as ridiculous or as serious as it can be, so long as it can make the person celebrating the birthday happy, that’s all that matters. You may also see best greeting card designs & examples.

2. Have a scenic picnic

Picnics although considered as old school and outdated, is still a great thing to experience especially when with the people you value the most. You can just get in your car bring a few picnic mats, a few blankets and pillows, along with a picnic basket filled your favorite food and drink, and go to one of the most scenic places in your city or town. You can also bring art materials or other games you can play with the people you’re with and you all set. It’s inexpensive and romantic; you can watch the sunset, stargaze or watch the city lights. So long as you’re with the right person or people you want to celebrate your birthday with, it will always be a memorable experience. You may also like what to write in a thank-you card.

3. Family barbecue

As long as there’s food and booze, the party will surely be lit! Family barbecues are a great way to celebrate birthdays because that’s when the most talented cook of your family volunteers to cook and there’s great conversation all around. This can also be a great time to reunite with family members you have not seen in a while. And for sure there will be countless reminiscing of embarrassing and interesting family stories that will surely make everyone in the room laugh out loud. There’s no better way in celebrating a birthday if there’s unlimited food and tasty drinks, hilarious stories and all sorts of fun games especially with your family and close friends.

4. Organize a themed party

No matter how old you get, themed parties are always fun and exciting. If you haven’t had a themed party when you were young, there’s nothing wrong with having a themed party when you are on your 49th birthday. You can simple plan for a themed party on your birthday so you can challenge your friends and family to come up with wonderful or funny costumes. One of the most common themes are The Great Gatsby, 70 up to 90s theme, all white theme, and so much more.

5. Go on an extreme adventure

Once in your life it is definitely a must to go on extreme adventures and your birthday is a perfect day for it. You can go on a camping trip or skiing trip with your friends and family and try all the extreme sports you can while on camp. You can also go scuba diving, white water rafting, bunging jumping, skydiving, trekking and so many other extreme adventures. This way you can feel that exhilarating and exciting feeling an extreme adventure brings. You may also check out fall greeting card designs & examples.

Company Birthday Gift Card Example

Company Birthday Gift Card Example

Printable Birthday Gift Card Example

All Products Birthday Gift Card Example

Bar and Restaurant Birthday Gift Card Example

Bar and Restaurant Birthday Gift Card Example

6. Amusement park excursion

Another cool way to celebrate birthdays is to go on an amusement park excursion. There are a lot of things you can on an amusement park, you can go sight seeing, take lost of pictures with the view and mascots, and you can also ride all the rides available to park. You can feel young again and feel thrilled with all the rides in the park. One of the most popular amusement parks in the world is Disneyland, where aside form all the wonderful scenery and rides, there is also a grand parade of the Disney characters and a fireworks spectacular where you can feel amazed and starstruck. You may also see easter greeting card designs and examples.

7. Candlelit dinner

If you are one of those chill and romantic type of person, a candlelit dinner for you and your special someone is for you. If you wish to only spend your with your significant other or with only a handful of people, going fancy is not a bad thing to go for in a birthday celebration. You can tell your friends to dress up, you can also hire a personal driver and head on to a five-start restaurant and feel like a fancy person even juts for a day. You and your people can dine like kings and queens on your special day and since it is your day, you deserve it. You may also like thank you greeting cards.

8. Exclusively party in a bar or club

Oh to be young and alive! How exciting! If you are celebrating your 18th or 21st (depending on your states laws,) you can legally go into bars and clubs. You can dance all night together with your closest friends and drink all the booze that you can handle. Just remember that if drinking and crowded places are not for you, don’t force yourself to do such a thing. And if you decide to do so, remember to not drunk drive, call a taxi or any cab services and get home safely. Remember though that hangovers are the worst! You may also check out printable greeting cards.

9. Roller skating rinks or bowling alley birthday celebration

Roller skating will always be fun no matter how old you get. This will surely be a fun way to celebrate your birthday especially if you add a twist of having a costumed roller skating birthday party. Most aptly a 70s themed roller skating party, that was when roller skating was at its peak. See all your friends dress up as disco and hippy roller skating divas.Furthermore, celebrating your birthday through a friendly bowling competition is also a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Just bring in tasty pizza and some drinks and surely you’re up for a good night.

10. Visit and give back to charities

This may seem like an unordinary way to celebrate a birthday but it is always your birthday is always a good day to give back to the community especially to those in need. If you know you have gotten to a point in your life when you are already comfortable or even just making more than enough of what you need, it is always good to let other people experience your blessings, too.

You can visit an orphanage or a nursing home and give little gifts or bring food the people in the home can share. It will surely make you warm and fuzzy and will make you feel like you have done a lot of good deeds in your lifetime. You might be interested in examples of business card design.

Toy Shop Birthday Gift Card Example

Toy Shop Birthday Gift Card Example

Elegant Birthday Gift Card Example

Elegant Birthday Gift Card Example

Birthday Gift Card Example


Luxurious Birthday Gift Card Example

Luxurious Birthday Gift Card Example

Minimalist Birthday Gift Card Example

Minimalist Birthday Gift Card Example

Photography Studio Birthday Card Example

Photography Studio Birthday Card Example

Birthday Gift Card Example

Thoughtful Gifts to Give to Birthday Celebrants

Gifts that you should give people who celebrate their birthdays should be useful and practical. Here are a few thoughtful gifts you can give to birthday celebrants:

1. Gift Cards or Certificates

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates are practical gifts you can give to family and/or friends who are celebrating their birthday. These can be gift cards or certificates amounting to a certain price for groceries, salon treatments, discounts at certain stores, etc.

2. Inexpensive kitchen or home appliances

You can also give friends and family with inexpensive or discounted home and kitchen appliances that they can use for quite a long time. Not only will these gifts be used for a long time, it can also help the person in their day-to-day lives and will help them save some cash since you have already gifted them what they want. You may also see photo greeting card designs & examples.

3. Cute house decorations

Add something on the person’s collection or house decoration by gifting him/her cute little knick-knacks. Make the person’s home a cozier and more aesthetically pleasing giving them pleasantly looking ornaments and something the celebrant can remember you from. These can be scented candles, table centerpieces, plants and succulents, and so much more. You may also like examples of name card design.

4. Accessories

This can be different accessories – car accessories or fashion accessories.If the celebrant is a car-person, find inexpensive car accessories, and if the person is more keen in fashion, gift him/her with pretty little bling-blings. Whatever type you choose, make sure the celebrant can make good use of it all. You may also check out christmas cards examples.

5. Cash

Lastly, cash. This is the most practical and direct to the point gift you can give to a birthday celebrant. Or in  way, you can accompany the celebrant in shopping spree and pay for what he/she may want to buy.


The person celebrating the birthday will surely appreciate if you remember the things that he/she may have liked before the day of the celebration. However, no matter what you give as gift to a birthday celebrant, what matters most is it comes form the heart. You might be interested in handmade card designs and examples.

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