Pre Graduation Checklist

The happiest moment of a student’s life is when he or she walks up on that platform along with his or her classmates as they put on the tassel that is truly worth the hassle. You may also see to do checklist examples

Pre-Graduation Checklist

The worst is over. No more exams, no more pop quizzes, no more impossible group projects, no more lessons, no more annoying teachers. All that is in the past now. But that does not mean you are through, there is just one last thing that you would need to do before you put on your toga and hold your head up high: completing the graduation clearance. For students still in kindergarten and elementary, it would typically be the faculty of the institution who does the graduation clearance for them. But for students in high school or college, they would have to manage it on their own. Here are a few things that graduating high school and college students would need to do before saying “Bon Voyage” to the life they know:

1. Apply to Graduate

A month or two before your graduation rites, when you feel like that there are no more requirements left and all that you have to do is wrap up your thesis and nail a few more exams, you can start applying for your graduation. There are some schools that are conventional and would require the students to present themselves before the registrar in order to sign a certain form or it can be done electronically through an online database.

Please take note:

  • Don’t wait until you have received your grades or have defended your thesis before submitting your application!
  • Although late applications are accepted, the University would have to charge a certain fee for failure to comply with the original application for graduation dates. You may also see maintenance checklist examples & samples
  • You must reapply during the following semester if you do not complete your degree requirements by the end of the appropriate semester.  You may also like training checklist examples & samples

2. Clear Your Account

All graduation clearances would require the student to obtain certain signatures from various people from the University. Some schools would require at least 6 signatures from: the assessment section (the student must be able to settle his school and graduation fees before he or she graduates), the guidance counselor section (the student must have attended a career talk seminar and have completed his or her one-to-one interview with the guidance counselor), the librarian’s signature (the student must ensure that he or she settles all requirements with the library by returning all the borrowed books and paying any late fees in case the student failed to return the books on time), the department section (the student must make sure that every requirement that the student’s department asks of the student is submitted, the dean (getting the dean’s signature should only come after you have obtained the signature of your department head), and last but not the least, the registrar’s signature (this is the final signature you have to obtain once the other 5 have been cleared off). You may also check out quality checklist examples & samples

3. Check Your Approval Status

In your student database, an automatically generated email will be automatically sent to you that indicates your approval status. You may also see audit checklist examples & samples

4. Attend the Job Fair

Some universities give students the opportunities to bring the companies right to their doorstep to avoid the hassle of the waiting game. Job fairs normally hire students on the spot. So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity that the university offers its students as not every university does so. If the company you desire to be hired in is not found in the University Job Fair, then you would have to do so the conventional way. You may also like registry checklist examples & samples

5. Get Ready for Your Convocation Ceremony (Practice)

Of course, you would need to practice first before the day of your graduation. Some universities would require the students to practice a graduation song in order to mark the occasion and make it more celebratory. But most commonly, the university would make the students recite the university pledge or vow marking them to be graduates of that school, promising to adhere to all its principles and practices wherever they may be in any part of the world. It would normally take half a day or even a whole day if all the students from the different colleges or schools are graduating all at once. You may also check out wedding checklist examples & samples

6. Get Ready for Your Convocation Ceremony

Once you’re approved for graduation, it’s time to get ready for convocation!

  • Pick up your gown, guest tickets (4 max.), and marshaling card.
  • Go to the convocation dates & location page, to learn all the steps, from the date and time information to confirming attendance.
  • If you are not attending convocation, here’s how to pick up your diploma.

Then you know the rest: spending your vacation with your friends and family either locally or abroad, doing nothing but binge-watching Netflix ’till you need to get some rest and continue the next day, start working for a company moving your way up slowly and surely, get married, get a house and make a family, grow old and eventually die. Welcome to the circle of life! You may also see performance management checklist examples

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