Graduation Label

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Graduation Label

School is one of the first things that a child is introduced to. In it, a big part of his character is established. His classmates are one of the first people he will ever befriend and the initial, most vulnerable years of his life are spent in school.

The amount of time a person, a child, invests in an educational institution is unbelievable. Which is why graduations are such an important event. Whether it’s for middle school, high school, or college, this is a cause for celebration. It is a proof that the student has withstood all academic, social, and emotional challenges thrown at him. Graduation is a proof that a student can, and that a student did. You may also see label designs & examples.

Graduation Label Example

Graduation Label Example

What Are Graduation Labels?

It is needless to say that graduations are an important achievement for the student. But the family gains as much pride from it as the child. After all, who sent the child to school? Who went to all those school meetings, and soccer and band practices, and bake sales? Who stayed up late to help with the science project? And who bought school supplies every year? You may also like save the date label examples.

Point is, graduations are a family accomplishment. And graduation labels are the perfect, most stylish way to celebrate such an important day with all the important people in your life.

Floral Graduation Label Example

Floral Graduation Label Example

But What Exactly Are Graduation Labels?

Well, they are basically a traditional method of announcing someone’s graduation day. And by traditional, we mean with the use of paper. Most people nowadays probably would be fine announcing their accomplishments, big and small, on social media. And why shouldn’t they? It is the quickest method after all.

But where is the sincerity and elegance in doing something that doesn’t take much effort from you?

Graduation labels are also a way to maintain, or refresh, personal correspondence. They make announcing your big, academic achievement more personal and more unique. You may also check out bottle label designs and examples.

You are graduating! GRADUATING! Such an important moment in your life deserves to be celebrated the right way! And what’s a celebration without proper paper etiquette?

Here are also other reasons why you absolutely need to send out graduation labels:

1. You need to inform so many people

And sending an impersonal email or text is so lame. It just won’t do. And, yes, the people you talk to on a daily basis already knows about your graduation, but what about those you haven’t spoken to since last Christmas? What about that favorite cousin who lives in a different country?

Or a childhood best friend who moved to another town? Telling them about your accomplishment is not bragging, though you may be inclined to think so. On the contrary, it is a way for you to tell them that you care enough about them to share an important news to them; it is a way to let them know that, although you don’t talk often, you still think about them and they are still a part of your life. You may also see different types of warning labels.

2. Your parents will love the opportunity to brag.

Although you don’t want to brag, your parents do. Let’s all face it. They are more filled with graduation frenzy than you are. They are probably even happier than you about your graduation. They have probably picked an outfit for the program already. And, after all they have done for you, this is the least you can do in return. You may also like wine label designs and examples.

3. This is also an opportunity to network.

If you’re about to graduate from college, utilize this opportunity to make connections. Scour your parents’ contacts for close friends and tell them the news about your graduation. Who knows, you may find your next job by doing this.

4. You can’t invite everyone you know to your graduation ceremony

Because schools are always strict about this. To have a little control over the population of attendees, they usually allow only two to five visitors per student. To not offend anyone who absolutely want to come to your graduation program, you can send a graduation label instead!

5. This can spice up your graduation celebration invite.

If you’re planning on having a little get-together after your graduation ceremony, of course you will be sending out invitations too. Fortunately for you, graduation labels and invitations are like honey and tea! First, your recipient will read about your graduation on your graduation label, then they will read about your celebration of it! Easy peasy. You may also check out round logo design examples.

6. Graduation labels are a great memento.

There is a really big chance that the people closest to you will keep your graduation label, especially if you attach a photo of yourself along with it. It’s a memory of one of the biggest days of your life so of course they would want something to remember it by. Give them that chance by opting to send out graduation labels.

7. These are also a great way to express your gratitude.

You would never have graduated without anybody else’s support. In fact, you would never have survived completely alone. The amount of emotional guidance, social acceptance, and financial assistance you have received during your most helpless years from friends and families are things you can only hope to repay. So don’t be ungrateful and thank the people who gracefully guided you to your success. This is the least you can do. You might be interested in best company logo examples.

Cute Graduation Label Example

Cute Graduation Label Example

Funny Graduation Labels Example

Funny Graduation Labels Example

What Should You Write On Graduation Labels?

Since you are going to make a graduation label and not a full-fledged speech, be concise. Write only the most important details such as your name, your graduation year, your school, and your date of graduation. You can also include an anecdote or a cheesy quote if you want. You may also see examples of modern logo design.

A short, personal message is also a great way to go. You can express your gratitude in a one-liner. Jokes aren’t banned either. Give your graduation label more attitude by coating it with your own sense of humor.

You would also want your recipients to instantly read about the good news when they receive your graduation label on the mail, so make sure that all important details face front once your recipients open the envelope. You may also like abstract logo designs.

Keep it short yet enough to convey your message. Make your recipients feel as if you’re really happy about graduating by incorporating the right elements in your graduation label. Playing with fonts, colors, and background can really give you the mood you are looking for.

Navy Themed Graduation Label Example

Navy Themed Graduation Label Example

Graduation Photo Personalized Label

Graduation Photo Personalized Label

Who Should Receive Your Graduation Labels?

You may find this a little tricky because graduation labels are a little more exclusive so here is a list of the people you should send your graduation label to:

1. Parents and family members.

Yes, they already know about your graduation but they would still love a copy of your graduation label. Let your mom paste it on her scrapbook.

2. Extended family.

Of course you have to send a graduation label to your aunts and uncles, and cousins, and grandparents. These people, although you don’t see them often, are one of the most important people in your life so it’s only right that you let them in on the news as well! Also, as aforementioned, your graduation is a family accomplishment so don’t count out immediate relatives from your list of recipients. You may also see examples of business logos.

3. Classmates.

Although you are not the only one graduating from your class, you may be one of the few who will be sending out graduation labels. (Another good thing about these fancy things is that they make you unique.) So include your classmates in your list of recipients as well. What’s better than a scrapbook? Graduation labels! You may also like examples of restaurant logo.

4. Friends.

Of course your social group does not only include your classmates, you also have people from your community or church that you want to share the good news with! Then include them in your list!

5. Tutors and Teachers.

These people probably know about your graduation but tell them about it anyway! It can be a way of expressing your gratitude because these people are the ones who truly helped you academically. Without their knowledge, patience and encouragements, where would you be? Think about your favorite teachers and send them a graduation label! You may also check out flat logo designs & examples.

6. Yourself.

With a long list of people to thank, don’t forget to include yourself. You are your greatest support after all, and this is your accomplishment as much as it is you family’s so revel in it! Take that graduation label and congratulate yourself. You’ve done it.

Adorable Graduation Label Example

Adorable Graduation Label Example

Tips in Designing a Graduation Label

Graduation labels are actually really simple. You don’t need to major in design to create one. But if you really don’t know where to start, here are a few tips:

1. Choose a paper.

Nothing expensive or too fancy. Just choose whatever will work for you! Also, experiment with the shape. No need to go for the recurrent triangle or square. Nobody said circles aren’t great, or that a pentagon won’t work for you. You may also see examples of corporate logos.

2. Choose a size.

Your paper should be big enough to fit all important details, but not too big that there will be too much blank space. Pick a size that will be handy.

3. Choose an image.

An image of yourself smiling is a great way to greet the recipients of your graduation label. But if you find that too gaudy or you’re just not fond of cameras, a good old graphic illustration can be as creative!

4. Choose a color

Choose a color that will really make the graduation label more you. Are you fond of pink? Then throw your favorite shade in there? Or are you a fan of the classic black and white? Let people know that you took the time to design your graduation label yourself by picking colors people can connect to you. You may also like examples of 3d logo designs.


Graduations are important because of two things: first, because you worked so hard to have the right to celebrate it and, second, because you have people to celebrate it with. During every milestone, you will discover that the latter will always hold more importance. So celebrate this day with the people who matter because they can make even the littlest accomplishments grand. You may also see examples of the best logo designs.

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