36+ Flat Logo Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | Vector EPS

If you are a designer, you know how famous a flat design is these days. It is taking all over the internet by storm. Not just on the internet but also in the industries and organizations. You can find flat logo designs anywhere, from a corporate logo to websites down to letterheads.

But for newbies, flat logo design may be new to them since this type of design has been launch recently. Nevertheless, you still have to know what it is so that you would not get left behind. To clear this up, this article will be talking about flat logo designs and why should you use them.

Flat Company Logo Design

Construction Company Logo

construction company logo1

Fitness Company

fitness company

Travel Company

travel company

Wedding Logo Design

Wedding Photography Design

wedding photography1

Wedding Planner Logo

wedding planner logo

Flat Education Logo Design

Education Institute Logo

education institute logo

Computer Education

computer education1

Modern Education Logo

modern education logo

What Is a Flat Logo Design?

A flat logo design is a concept and style that renders everything in a two-dimensional way. This design lacks a “realism” or a three-dimensional concept. Making the  wedding logo design look as though it were flat. The shadows, texture, bevel, noise, gradients and all other embellishments that make up a three-dimensional design are removed in a flat design. Leaving it minimalist and simple.

Instead of those embellishments, a flat logo design uses a bright color, bold typography, simple shapes, and wording to make it extra appealing. This type of design is now used in all modern logo.

The Attributes of a Flat Logo Design

When designing a flat logo design, consider using these attributes.

  • Typography. In many flat design logo, the use of typography has been increasingly popular. They use different types of typography to make their logo design more direct ad simple.
  • Colors. A flat logo design uses different color palettes and the hues are generally more vibrant.
  • Shapes. Most common shapes used in a flat  vintage logo design are circle and rectangle. However, you can use different shapes with more geometric and clean style.
  • Text. The flat logo designs will look better and clean when the use text is kept to a minimum.

Flat Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant Business Logo

restaurant business logo1

Chinese Restaurant

chinese restaurant

Photography Logo Design

Professional Photography Logo

professional photography logo1

Flat Sports Logo Design

Sports Club Logo

sports club logo

Sports League

sports league

Sports Brand Logo

sports brand logo

Tips on Creating a Flat Logo Design

A flat logo design has been a trend in design for more than a year. That’s because a flat logo design possesses a minimalist design that attracts more designers to use it in a company logo or. With its simplicity, a flat logo design may not be hard to do. However, creating a flat logo design requires a set of skills, preferably in graphic designing for you to achieve a flat design.

You also need to understand the basics of flat logo designing and its essential. If you are a graphic designer that is still new to the concept of flat design, here are some few tips for you.

  • Keep it simple. Obviously, this is what makes a flat logo design. The absence of three-dimensional elements and effects, such as gradients, textures, highlights, overtones and shadows is what makes the logo flat. Simplicity gives the photography logo a neat and visually appealing design.
  • Give importance to color. This is one of the specific features of a flat logo design. The use bright, bold, vibrant, saturated colors are significant for flat logo design.
  • Consider using shapes. Shapes define a flat logo design. Using a nice shape to your flat design will make it more comprehensible and easy to perceive.
  • Choose the typography carefully. In designing a flat logo, there are many typefaces that you can use. However, you must be very careful in choosing because not all typefaces may be appropriate in your design.
  • Make it perfect. Although there are no such thing as perfect, the perfect in flat logo design means that a logo is crisp, accurate, and pixel-perfect. You can achieve it by creating a logo in a vector design.
  • Add some personality to your flat logo. Yes, there are templates out there but what you put in your flat logo design or how you design it is much more necessary.

Business Logo Design

Small Business Logo

small business logo

Real Estate Business

real estate business

Photography Business

photography business

Flat Medical Logo Design

Medical Store Logo

medical store logo

Medical Company

medical company

Flat Fitness Logo Design

Fitness Club Logo

fitness club logo

School Logo Design

Dance School Logo

dance school logo1

Driving School

driving school

Music School

music school logo design

Flat Corporate Logo Design

Corporate Company Design

corporate company design

Corporate Business Logo

corporate business logo

The Benefits of Using a Flat Logo Design

Here are the benefits of using a flat logo design.

  • Simple and quicker. With the simplicity of a flat logo design, the time it takes to create a logo with integrating background, complex design, animation and so on is eliminated when designing a flat logo. The time it takes to launch in different devices is also much quicker resulting in a faster load of web pages.
  • Attention-grabbing design. With a neat, crisp and visually appealing design, the modern logo design will stand out from the rest making it more effective to gain attraction.
  • Good for mobile responsiveness. Flat logo designs are more flexible when it comes to scalable mobile browsers. It can easily be resized to make it compatible with any UI designs and making it more efficient for mobile devices.
  • A flat logo design is more comprehensive. Simple flat logo designs convey a message more quickly that those logos that are created with detailed designs. It can be understood by everyone by just looking at it.
  • Flat logo design embraces minimalism. Many of the industries today prefers minimalist design. And by using a flat restaurant logo design you will get new clients that will guarantee you to make more money out of it.

Flat Fashion Logo Design

Fashion Brand Logo

fashion brand logo

Travel Logo Design

Travel Agency Logo

travel agency logo

Flat Music Logo Design

Music Company

music company

Salon Logo Design

Beauty Salon

beauty salon

Hair Salon Logo

hair salon logo1

Flat Brand Logo Design

Clothing Brand

clothing brand

Sport Brand

sport brand

Cosmetic Brand Logo

cosmetic brand logo

Flat Food Logo Design

Food Company Logo

food company logo

Food Truck

food truck

Food Business

food business

The Pros and Cons of Flat Logo Design

You might be tempting now to use flat design in creating a modern logo since it is a trend in design today. But you also have to look at where a flat logo design might be headed in the future. So, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of a flat logo design.


  • Flat logo design is compatible with a responsive design. A responsive design means that a website is compatible with any size of the screen or web browser. And a flat design works perfectly with a responsive design.
  • A flat logo design is flexible. The grids of a flat design can be shaped into many configurations plus it’s easy to scan and can be navigated quickly.
  • Clean and readable. Because of the simplicity of a flat design, company logo is clean and the text is easy to read making it more visually appealing.


  • A flat logo design may compromise its usability. Because of its characteristic which is to look flat, It is hard to tell what is or is not clickable on a website since the panel is mostly flat.
  • Lack of distinctiveness. Many flat logo designs are almost similar to one another. The uniqueness of each business logo is gone.

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