How to Report a Quality Issue

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

How to Report a Quality Issue

What Is an NCR?

An NCR or non-conformance report is a construction-related document that details the non-conformance information in a quality report inspection. The NCR is designed to keep track of deviations and work that fails to meet standards and specs. It facilitates decision making on how to address issues of non-conformity.

Why Is Issuing a Quality Report Important?

It does not matter how you prepare and plan the project, problems and risk are still inevitable. The quality issue report can find a way to solve that problem and reduce the risk and pain of correcting such problems. The quality issue report should, if successful, aim to increase the efficiency of the team and the quality of the project’s outcome.

How to Write a Quality Improvement Report

The quality improvement report is a kind of formal report used by an organization to document how they have identified and determined a problem and opportunity to manage quality. They also use this to measure and evaluate the problem and to implement a solution.

Here the steps in writing a quality improvement report.

  • Select the appropriate title. The title should clearly express the identified need for substantial improvement.
  • Create a project statement. It should be clearly understood what the issue is and what needs to be done to rectify it.
  • Verify project results. The substantiated results and methods to get there must be error-free in its report writing.
  • Provide the analysis methodology and findings. Make sure that the data is accurate and precise.
  • Summarize the improvement action plan. Provide specific timelines and other metrics employed toward the goal.
  • Provide charts, graphs, and other visual representation. This conveniently presents quantified results in the project report.
  • Enumerate the steps that have been taken to ensure quality. A executive summary of how you did it.
  • Summarize the implications the quality report will have on other working areas. What is the impact? Did you achieve what you set out to do?
  • Provide some reference. Include references or other sources that informed or affected your solution.
  • Write the abstract. Summarize the quality improvements report that will be easily absorbed by the readers.

When to Issue a Non-Conformance Report

The non-conformance report is very common in any construction industry and it issued by any of the supervising project team members. They regularly use it to track and keep a record of the work being performed that does not meet the established standards and specifications.

Here are some situations where the issuance of non-conformance report is required.

  • When the construction project is implemented and developed using non-approved systems, methods, and standards.
  • When it was not built according to the approved “Issued for Construction” drawings.
  • The construction project fails to meet the specified limits as established in the project specifications.
  • When the inspection report and testing of the construction project are not following the agreed-upon method.
  • When the design or the construction project is not accurate and does not represent actual field conditions or construction drawing specifications.
  • When the approved methods and procedures are not followed and quality errors have been identified by the project team.
  • When the result of the construction project testing shows that it does not meet the established and approved standards.
  • When a specific material used in the construction project has not been approved as an alternative.

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