Bridal Gift Card

Last Updated: March 6, 2024

Bridal Gift Card

One of the most special and honorable role a woman can have is to be a wife and a mother. It is safe to say that almost all women wants and dreams to be a wife someday. And if you have close friends and family members that are soon-to-be brides, what would be the most memorable gift you can give to them?

Bridal showers are one of the most surreal events you can have the privilege to attend. This is the last few moments you get to spend with the bride-to-be before her civil status is changed form single to married. And this will also probably be on of the last days the bride-to-be has to focus on herself and not on her soon-to-be family. Somehow, it can feel like everything will be the stay same, but you all know some things will for sure change. And that’s not bad, at all. Bridal showers are good events to help you cherish the present and create more wonderful memories as friends. You may also see Thank-you card examples.

Bridal Gift Card

Easy Themes for a Bridal Shower

Of course you want the perfect bridal shower everyone will remember, don’t fret. This guide is here to help you. Here are a few great examples on the themes you can organize for your bride-to-be bestie:

1.The Great Outdoors

If the bride to be is a fan of being of the great outdoors and pretty much likes being out in nature and going on adventures, it will also be a good theme for her bridal shower. The event can be held in an outdoor setting to really make that ‘outdoor’ vibes. You can incorporate nature through your decorations, giveaways and fun activities. You can also incorporate the theme in your food and beverages like serving thermoses of hot cocoa, smore’s and other camping snacks. You may also see birthday card designs & examples.

2. Master Chef Cook Off

She’s a master chef bride. She love to cook and makes the most delicious spaghetti alfredo. You can include a recipe card in the invitations so that the guests can fill it in with their own recipe before they leave. And since this theme is pretty much all about food, you can set a food station where the guests can make their own snacks. And to add a little twist, you can include a cute and fun game of cooking with limited ingredients and let the bride be the judge of who’s the better cook among all. You may also like greeting card designs & examples.

Hair Salon Bridal Gift Card Example

Hair Salon Bridal Gift Card Example

Classy Bridal Gift Card Example

3. Book Club Session

She’s the bride who has a book club she regularly attends to and the one you turn to when you need book recommendations. This bride will surely appreciate a bridal shower with a book club session theme where un guests bring in their favorite books, share some thoughts, have good discussions with a cup of tea in hand and recommend other books to everyone in attendance. There can be fun games with this, too, just like charades or heads up with various literature or even trivial questions. This may seem boring to some but for a book lover, this is paradise.

4. Movie Night

This is for the movie buff bride-to-be. Or juts anyone who particularly enjoys movies. You can go with a movie drive-in theme and have pillows and throws with a led projected to display movies on a wall. You can also decorate the venue with fairy or festival lights and maybe even use a movie ticket format for the general invitation. You can also have movie trivia and the likes for your games. And don’t forget the about the popcorn and other movie appropriate snacks and drinks to make the ambiance more like a movie theater or festival, for sure the movie buff bride will appreciate this theme.

5. Never Too Much Bling

For the bride who is an avid bling-bling and accessories collector. This bride has all things sparkly, bangly, golden and trendy – she’s for sure the girly girl of the group. You can go extra girly with this bride’s gem-themed bridal shower. This theme is very common, you can easily find diamond-shaped pinatas, sparkly rhinestone decors and shiny gem-like knick-knacks. You can also do an all-pink girly theme for this and hand out sweet party favors like candy necklace and Ring Pops. You may also check out fall greeting card designs & examples.

Discounted Bridal Gift Card Example

Discounted Bridal Gift Card Example

6. Artsy Craft-sy

If the bride if the queen of arts and crafts, a DIY themed bridal shower will surely get up on her feet. Search the internet for useful but fancy and stylish projects. In order to do this, you need to provide for materials for each project and urge everyone to create something fun together. Not only will the bride-to-be enjoy the shower with all the fun activities, the guests will for sure be entertained and will have a useful product as the end result. You may also see examples of creative greeting cards.

7. Handy Dandy

You know this bride-to-be is definitively a strong, independent woman and doesn’t need a man to fix broken things for her. This bride-to-be is someone who wields the hammer and fixes things for herself. Although she has a permanent day job, you are quite sure she can do quite well as contractor, too. On her bridal shower, you can incorporate a ‘building’ activity like building their own gingerbread houses or constructing towers and whatnot with paper-like materials as a fun activity for the event. You may also like photo greeting card designs & examples.

8. Game Night Rockstar

This boss lady sure knows how to dominate a game night. She knows her board games like the back of her hands form the classic Monopoly to newer ones like What Do You Meme? Aside from being good at all sorts of board games, she sure knows how to have a chill and fun night with her friends and family. For her bridal shower, you can have basically one big game night. You can all play in big groups and play Charades, Jenga or go for wedding-themed party games. You may also check out examples of business card design.

9. Wanderlust Extraordinaire

This bride-to-be is the frequent flier of the group. This girl is a certified expert flier but she’s on to her next biggest adventure which is marriage. You use a plane ticket as the invitation and decorate the venue with maps, attractive postcards and luggage tags. You can also incorporate food from the favorite places she has visited and do fun activities like a world quiz and the likes.

10. Workout Junkie

For this bride, working out is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. You can definitely see this bride five out of seven days in the gym and likes to keep an active lifestyle. You can organize your own 5k marathon or yoga session at a nearby studio as her bridal shower. Or you can have a huge Olympic-like game day with all of the brides friends and family for a fun and exciting shower. In addition, you can also serve healthy snacks and beverages that the bride will surely approve of. You might be interested in examples of name card design.

Accessories Bridal Gift Card Example

Accessories Bridal Gift Card Example

Photography Bundle Bridal Gift Card Example

Photography Bundle Bridal Gift Card Example

Editable Bridal Gift Card Example

Editable Bridal Gift Card Example

Luxurious Bridal Gift Card Example

Luxurious Bridal Gift Card Example

Basic Bridal Gift Card Example

Gifts to Give in a Bridal Shower

Your bestie is about to get married and your anxious on what the perfect gift for her and her husband will be. If the couple has no registry where you can choose what to gift the couple based on their already chosen items, you have to rely on your gut to pick out the best gift to give. To help you with that, here is a list of ten thoughtful gifts you can give your girlfriend on her bridal shower:

1. Wine Glasses

Cheers! Who does’t love to sip some wine after working all day? These wine glasses are the perfect bridal shower gift not only for the bride who loves her wine, but even for the bride who just loves a good sparkly set of attractive wine glasses.

2. Cheese and/or Chips Tray

And as the perfect pair for the wine, cheese! A cheese or chips tray will always come in handy especially if the couple likes having friends around and organize a game night in their new home.

3. French Press Coffee Maker

As the now famous quote goes, “But first, coffee!” The bride will surely appreciate a good ol’ french press tasty coffee make to satisfy her and husband’s coffee cravings anytime of the day.

4. Casserole Dish

Not only is this casserole dish cute with the colorful appearance, it is also very useful and practical. The couple can cook their favorite dishes in this be in in the oven, stove top or grill. This casserole dish is very versatile and functional, something the couple will surely appreciate. You may also check out handmade card designs and examples.

Photography Package Bridal Gift Card Example

Holiday Bridal Gift Card Example

Holiday Bridal Gift Card Example

Spa and Salon Bridal Gift Card Example

Spa and Salon Bridal Gift Card Example

Multipurpose Bridal Gift Card Example

Multipurpose Bridal Gift Card Example

5. Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

People may think it’s cringe-worthy, but having matching things with you significant other is extremely cute. Aside from it being super cute though, couple mugs for the husband and wife with engraved or printed Mr. and Mrs. into them will surely make the couple smile while having their morning tea or coffee. What more can the bride say? It’s cute and functional. It’s a win-win. You may also see music business card examples.

6. Breakfast Tray

These are for the days when both of the couple are too lazy to get out of bed or someone just wants to surprise the other with a awesome breakfast in bed. Gifting this to the bride-to-be during her bridal shower is thinking ahead and can help save the bride in buying one for herself.

7. Handcrafted Vases

Vases just add more character to a room, what more is it’s hand crafted. Vases are also good center pieces that can be focal point of a room. The couple can put pretty flower arrangements in your gifted handcrafted vases and make their house more homey. You may also like examples of christmas greeting cards.

8. Neutral or Minimalist Throw

Throws add a nice touch to the home especially in the living are where everyone can just relax and talk. And aside from aesthetically pleasing factor, it can add comfort to the people in the house, too, especially when the nights are more chilly than usual. You may also check out corporate greeting card examples.

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