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In the absence of parents, children need to be cared for by someone who is experienced in babysitting. Neighbors can help too but, it is wiser to choose nannies who know the duties and responsibilities of being a babysitter. Your child’s safety should not be compromised.

Never settle for a babysitter who does not understand the basics of taking care of a child as nannies do. Being a nanny entails keeping your child safe and in good health, doing basic housekeeping such as cleaning up after your child’s mess, engaging the child in different activities both indoor and outdoor, feeding during mealtimes, and keeping a strict bedtime. You may also see childcare flyers.

Babysitting is never an easy task. It requires effort and time and a lot of patience. Parents, as well as entities offering babysitting services understand this well. In order for their business and services catered to reach the target audience, effective promotional and advertising materials should be readily available, such as in the case of flyers. You may also see open house flyers.

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Responsibilities You Don’t Leave to the Babysitter

It is a common misconception that babysitters are also the ones who will do household chores as well as reprimand and teach the children lessons. Contrary to popular belief, those are not duties and obligations of a babysitter. As a child care provider, one must know the scope of his responsibility. As for the parents who will be hiring, they must also know the basic duties of a babysitter. A clear delineation must be set regarding the role of a babysitter as opposed to that of the parents. You may also see church flyers.

Here are several responsibilities that parents must not leave to the babysitter:

Homework and Projects of Your Child

Your kids’ homework and projects must not be done by the nanny. The nanny can instruct and assist the child, but it is not the nanny’s job to complete the homework. The child should be responsible in finishing the task on his own and within the set time frame. This is also an exercise on how well they understand the lessons in school and see how well do they know how to follow instructions in their projects. You may also see advertising flyers.

Party Planning for the Kids

Planning a kid’s party, a birthday party for example, is never simple. You have many things to worry about such as preference regarding the food to prepare, cake design, number of kids attending, decorations, host, and loot bags, among others. You may also see marketing flyers.

Parents tend to delegate these duties to the nanny because they can get so caught up with their work but this should not be the case. Allowing the nanny to juggle party planning as well as taking care of the child might become too overwhelming to the point that one responsibility may not be given as much attention as the other. This may result in poor planning or, much worse, poor babysitting. You may also invitation flyers.

Dealing with the Children’s School

A responsibility that the parents must never entrust to the nanny are matters regarding school. Parents should not let the nanny act as a liaison. If the child is having problems in school, the person the school representative must talk to ideally is one of the parents. Should the nanny forget to relay any important matters to the parents and immediate action was not taken, the school might think that the child’s family does not care enough to address the issue. While there may be sufficient funds to finance the kid’s activities, the parents’ presence in school is equally important. You may also see fitness flyers.

Letting your nanny attend parent-teacher conferences is also a big no. The parents must allocate time for these serious matters as these are among the duties and responsibilities of being a parent. They must know the boundary between their job and the task of the nanny. You may also see event flyers.

Food Choices

The parents should be responsible in picking the right food for their children. They must know which food supplies the vitamins and nutrients their children need. They should also be aware of their allergies. This information must be relayed to the nanny and should be strictly followed and enforced. The nanny must not spoil your child by giving whatever they demand just because they won’t stop throwing tantrums. This is also a way to discipline the child and teach him to eat what his body needs, not what he wants. You may also see party flyers.

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Responsibilities You Don’t Leave to the Babysitter (continuation)

Teaching School Lessons

The nanny is not there to be a personal tutor for the child; hence it is not their primary duty to teach the kids. They may have the capacity to teach and help the child in their school lessons, but that doesn’t mean that they are solely responsible for those matters. This may also depend on the kid’s age. Some kids, especially those that are still in kindergarten or preschool, need extra teaching especially when the parents are not around. As the kid grows, the parents should be the ones to check whether the kids are on track with their schooling. You may also see charity flyers.

It is much more satisfying that you are present in your child’s journey to success. It is not only about being able to teach your child his lessons in school, but rather, being able to accord them the time and attention they are entitled to. The bond that you will form from the time that you get to share together, regardless of the activity, is priceless.You may also see gym flyers.

Teaching Life Lessons

Teaching your kids life lessons is not the obligation of the nanny. Parents are must take the helm when imparting lessons and virtues to their children. Being the child’s parent also entails a sense of responsibility to instill values, ethics, and the difference between right or wrong. You may also see travel flyers.

The parent must be keen regarding this matter and should openly tell the nanny not to overrule their decisions as parents of the child. This rule must be set straight by the parents prior to hiring the nanny in order to avoid future conflicts.

Punishment for the Kids

Parents must make it clear to the children that they are the sole disciplinarians in the house – a role that the babysitter must clearly understand. For any cases of misbehavior, the nanny may call the child’s attention but should not accord them the punishment they see fit unless given consent by the parents themselves. Nannies may also report to the parents at the end of the day and allow them to discipline the child their way. You may also see fundraiser flyers.

While this eliminates cases where nannies forget their place and resort to drastic measures without consent and knowledge, the parents should still keep an eye over the nannies and make sure that the safety of their kids is not compromised. You may also see business flyers.

Pampering the Pets

Most families have pets at home. More often than not, when a nanny is babysitting a child who has a pet, a dog for instance, he/she may end up taking care both of them. Apart from the basic needs such as feeding, nannies may feel like it is also their responsibility to look after the pet as they look after the child, but that should not be the case. Medication, vet appointments, grooming should be taken care of the owners unless previously agreed on. You may also see restaurant flyers.

Brief Recap

Having to juggle a career and taking care of the child round the clock may be difficult for some parents. This is where babysitting service providers take center stage. They are responsible for take care of your children while you are away for the greater part of the day.

While there are a great number of tasks that are delegated to the babysitter, there are certain responsibilities that only the parents should take charge of. These responsibilities include school activities, party planning, meal planning, disciplining, and imparting values to the kids, taking care of the pets, household chores, and many others.

Ultimately, for babysitting service providers, a flyer is sure to help in promoting their services offered. It is our hope that you find the most suitable flyer for your business in the examples above.

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